Apple iPad + Maxis Wireless Broadband = Save RM170 Instantly!

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Update (19/3/11) : After the iPad 2 was announced, the price of iPad is now dropped to RM1,199 (16GB WiFi) and RM1,599 (16GB WiFi+3G) but you can still enjoy the saving using the method below. The saving will be RM120 (RM1,599-RM1,199-RM280). :)

Yesterday I wrote a post about a Maxis Wireless Broadband special promotion for Maxis existing customer, which can save you RM20 a month.

Now I want to share with you a way to save RM170 instantly if you are getting an Apple iPad and looking for a data package. This is not a trick or using any special coupon, it’s just getting the right combination of the product and service. :)

As we all know, Apple iPad is available in 2 versions : WiFi or WiFi+3G.
The 16GB models are selling at RM1,549 and RM1,999 respectively, that’s a RM450 difference in price.

Apple iPad WiFi & WiFi+3G Price Difference

The main difference between the 2 versions is that the WiFi+3G version has 3G wireless capability which allows you to connect to any 3G data network just like how your mobile phone is working. Whereas the WiFi version only allows you to connect to WiFi network, which means the mobility is quite limited.

However, there’s a way for you to enjoy the mobility of a WiFi+3G version using only an Apple iPad WiFi version, what you need is just a WiFi Modem.

Here is how you do it :-

Let’s do a price comparison!

Apple iPad WiFi & WiFi+3G Comparison

The pros are :-

  • 1. Save RM170 instantly!
  • 2. You get to enjoy the same mobility like the WiFi+3G version at a cheaper price.
  • 3. The WiFi Modem will be yours to keep even if you terminate the contract later.
  • 4. The WiFi Modem can be used on any other occasions and it’s not limited to only use on an Apple iPad.

The only downside is that you’ll need to carry the WiFi Modem together with the Apple iPad. I personally don’t think this is a problem because it’s so light and small, it easily fits in your pocket.

So, Apple iPad + Maxis Wireless Broadband FTW! :)

Apple iPad 16GB (3G+WiFi) & Maxis WiFi Modem

Maxis10 – Apple iPad & Maxis Wifi Modem (E5832) Review Series

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  • Lmf2323

    So, that modem need battery is it ?? Or adapter all the time ????

  • Anonymous

    It uses a 1500mAh rechargeable battery, no adapter. The modem can be charged via USB port.

  • Anonymous

    The modem uses a 1500mAh battery, no adapter is required. It can be charged via USB port.

  • mas

    hi there, may i know which ipad model have to be used with this modem? wifi only or with 3g? need jailbreaking? can it be used with ipad2 as well? thanks

  • Anonymous

    Hi mas, this model is 16G 3G+WiFi. Anyway, you can use any model of iPad or iPad 2 with this modem. No jailbreaking is needed. Connecting to Maxis Wireless Modem is like connecting to any other WiFi networks. :)

  • Jack208

    hi, can I ask a question? the maxis mifi requires a sim card which I suppose they provide to you as part of the Maxis iPad Plan? If this is the case and say you also own an iPad 3G, do you need a 2nd SIM card for the ipad itself (that’s when using the 3Gfrom iPad without the mifi)? 

  • Anonymous

     Yes, Maxis will provide you a sim card for the MiFi as part of the iPad plan.

    No, you don’t need a second SIM card for the iPad and that’s the beauty of this method as you can save more. You can switch the iPad into airplane mode because 3G is no needed anymore.

  • dension targetseo

    This is a fabulous news, the price is reduced so much that most of us can afford this. won’t let away this chance to go away from my hand.

    ipod in car

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