Google Pagerank Update In April 09

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Google Pagerank UpdateIt seems that the second Google Pagerank Update happened just right after April Fool day. Some of my websites including this one still remain the same Pagerank but there are some increment in others, which can be considered as good news.

How’s your website? Hope you have good news too.
You may use this Pagerank Checker to check the latest Pagerank.
You can even show off your Pagerank on your website using the Pagerank button created by the website.


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  • Yes,

    I saw that yesterday night google update my website

    Actually this update are cool…. and happiest.

    THanks !!

  • Definitely some sites updating ours has gone up for once instead of down!

  • Adi

    I just given PR2 in the last update
    But now when I check it on some PR checker site it shows 0
    Anybody knows what’s going on??

  • ok, this is so bizarre. i got so much undeserved page rank, it BLOWs my mind. i got a PR 5 on a site that i have like no links to and no content. WTF? is this some belated april fools joke?

  • Güzel thanks :)

  • Does anyone know… is PageRank more important than Alexa ranking?

  • @Horizon: In my opinion, both are same important. Page rank is important in the eyes of Google & webmasters as it shows that how important of your blog/websites among others. Alexa ranking is important as well as it indicates the popularity of your blog/website because if your website can generate lots of visitors, your alexa ranking will be higher and most advertisement companies love high alexa ranking websites.

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