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Google Print

Monday 30 May 2005 @ 10:46 pm

Yet another Google service. :)

Google Print

When we do a search for a book in Google Print, whose content contains a match for your search terms, Google will link to it in your search results. You can view the entirety of public domain books or, for books under copyright, just a few pages or in some cases, only the title’s bibliographic data and brief snippets.

I’ve just tried it out, searching for “DaVinci Code”, and it came out relevent books such as “de-Coding Da Vinci: The Facts Behind the Fiction of the Da Vinci Code”. Amazingly, it allowed me to read from Page 60 (not sure why from page60 :-? ), I was able to flip back and forth.

According to Google, there are 2 sources for the book content:-

Google is really doing a great favour to all book lovers, we can now view the book before buying it.
It’s no boubt a win-win strategy for both consumers and publishers.

Woman Sues Yahoo! Over Nude Photos

Monday 30 May 2005 @ 5:49 pm

In less than one month time, Yahoo! has been sued twice for pornographic issues. Early this month, Yahoo! got sued over Candyman child porn site, now a woman named Cecilia Barnes, 48, sued Yahoo Inc. for USD$3 million, alleging Yahoo failed to fulfill a promise to remove nude pictures of her from the profile in one of the Yahoo services.

Cecilia Barnes claims an ex-boyfriend began posting unauthorized personal profiles of her containing the photos in December last year. The profiles included her e-mail address and work phone number. She sent Yahoo a letter in January 2005, saying she did not create the profiles and wanted them removed. Additional attempts to get Yahoo to remove them in February and March did not get a response. So, as a result, she filed the lawsuit.

“Due to these profiles and online chats, unknown men would arrive without warning at plaintiff’s work expecting to engage in sexual relations with her,” the lawsuit claims.


3 million?? Anyone wants to earn 3 million, send me your nude pics, I’ll upload to Yahoo right away. :D

New Blog Design (Again) :-)

Monday 30 May 2005 @ 4:16 pm

Ok guys,

I’ve been using the default Kubrick theme (with some modifications :D ) since day 1. So, I think it’s time for me to change a new blog layout.

I chosen this theme because of a few reasons:-

  • It is neat and nice.
  • It has dymanic width.
    Everyone might have different screen resolutions, so a dynamic one suits all.
  • I like it. :)

Don’t worry, I’ll stick with this theme as long as I can.

Enjoy, everyone.

Say No to SpywareNo !!

Monday 30 May 2005 @ 12:45 am

We often talk about protecting our PC from spyware by using spyware remover or anti-spyware application, but now we have more to worry as security experts has found spyware in a spyware-removal tool – SpywareNo. It is actually being used to persuade unsuspecting Internet users to download spyware programs and Trojans.

SpywareNo, is installed on Internet users’ computers without warning, can be difficult to remove and may be accompanied by malicious programs that hijack victims’ Web browsers, according to interviews with spyware experts.

The company behind SpywareNo claims that it is the victim of unscrupulous online advertisers who bundle the product with noxious wares.

“We use affiliated advertisers to [market SpywareNo]. It is a shame that some of our advertisers do not respect the law, but unfortunately we are unable to check them all at the initial stage,” wrote a person claiming to be Jessica Simmons, SpywareNo’s public relations manager

But at least one spyware expert says the new application is just the latest example of so-called “rogue anti-spyware” programs that exploit user naiveté and frustration with spyware. Furthermore, this piece of “anti-spyware” is nasty !!

“The program installed by stealth. … The icon just appeared in my task tray and asked me to run it to make sure I was protected. I did not do so and just shut the program down,”

My advice is to stick with AdAware and Spybot S&D, two most trustable spyware removal tools on the net.


Highest Number Of Visitor In May

Sunday 29 May 2005 @ 6:52 pm

Friday, May 27, 2005, recorded the highest number of visitor a day in this month : 668 visitors in a day !!

May27 Statistic

Though this is just a 2 months old blog, the rapidly increasing number of visitor is surely the driving force that motivates me to do better in the following months.

Perhaps my aim to reach another milestone, 1000 visitors a day, by August is not very far away.

Anyway, thank you for your support. :)

Back To 2 Columns

Sunday 29 May 2005 @ 6:20 pm

After almost a month using 3 columns blog layout, I decided to switch back to 2 columns. As Danny said, reader might be overwhelmed with all the contents at the top there. So, for the sake of everyone’s eyes, this blog is back to 2 columns.

Transformation of this blog:-

2 columns > 3 columns > 2 columns

Hope you all like the current layout.

As usual, feel free to drop me any comment regarding the blog layout too. :)

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