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MSN Messenger 7.5 BETA

Tuesday 16 August 2005 @ 1:13 pm

Last week, Yahoo has launched its latest version of Instant Messenger (IM), Yahoo Messenger 7. So to stay in competition, Microsoft is planning a worldwide public BETA for MSN Messenger 7.5 with MSN Messenger Technical Preview and mainly focused on the Vodafone integration.

“MSN Messenger Technical Preview is a pre-release version of the MSN Messenger client that will be offered in the near future. We are giving our customers the chance to take a sneak peek at the new and exciting functionality of being able to have Messenger conversations with users on Vodafone mobiles. Please note, you are using the MSN Messenger Technical preview at your own risk.”

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MSN Messenger 7.5 BETA

Upgrade To WordPress 1.5.2

Monday 15 August 2005 @ 11:42 pm

The latest version of WordPress 1.5.2 is already released. According to the roadmap, there are a total of 10 bugfixes and enhanced features since Bugfixes including one of the critical flaws, if PHP Directive of register_globals is turned ON.

Steps for fresh installation or upgrade from old version can be found in the WordPress Codex.

Enjoy using WordPress. :)

Weekly Highlights [Aug 8, 2005 – Aug 14, 2005]

Monday 15 August 2005 @ 10:00 pm

News Feeds
Last week I was not very productive, just wrote 10 articles in total. A few projects and coursework assignments in hand, they have taken quite a lot of my time last week. Just a blink of eyes, it’s already the second week of August and somehow I feel like didn’t do anything really meaningful in the past two weeks. Anyway, I’ve created a new one stop news infohub which allows you to read all kinds of latest news from varies sources. So, on top of the news or information I posted, you are now able to read more news without going to different websites. :)

Ok, here comes the weekly summary :-

Motorola has launched of Moto Q, which they claim is the world’s thinnest and lightest handset with a qwerty keypad, with only 11.5mm thick thin. On the same day,, a famous china based search engine has made a big impact on the US stock market, by surging a spectacular 354%, on the open day.

The provider of the famous Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Foundation will become a Corporation very soon. We have heard of the first virus threat for Windows Vista one week ago. In fact, it won’t be the first virus because the new command shell, codenamed Monad, which got exploited by the virus writer will not be part of the next Windows Vista release.

China based company is launching a TV show specially made for mobile phone. This TV show will be a total of 25-minutes series, comprising five 5-minutes episodes.

I’ve come across a free service which generate RSS feeds into JavaScript (might be useful to blog owner or website designer), so that you can integrate the feeds into webpages. I’ve created my own JavaScript codes using the free service for my blog, in case you wanna read some latest IT news straight from your website, just copy & paste the codes into your webpage. :) Computer peripheral maker, IKEY, has introduced its AquaPointâ„¢ optical, waterproof mouse, which is named DT-OM.

A very good news for Yahoo Messenger users on last Friday, as Yahoo has just launched its latest version of Yahoo Instant Messenger (IM), Yahoo Messenger 7. It features Voice over IP (VoIP), which enables you to make PC-to-PC calls around the world, just like Skype.

After half a day of working on integrating News Feeds from various sources, finally I’ve managed to cover more news in my blog. On top of the news I blog, there are three other category of latest news from different sources, including Technology News, General News and Corporate News.

A new world record for PC processor overclocking has been set by a Japanese overclocker named Memesana, who has managed to overclock Intel Pentium 4 670 microprocessor to 7.1335 GHz !!!

New Overclocking World Record : 7.1335 GHz !!

Sunday 14 August 2005 @ 5:26 am

Guys, how fast is your PC processor is running? 2.4GHz? 3.8GHz? or 4Ghz after you overclocked it?

You will get shocked when you know the current world record of computer processor overclocking is 7.1335 GHz !!! It’s almost double the speed of the fastest processor available in the market now.

This new record was set by a Japanese overclocker named Memesana, who has managed to overclock Intel Pentium 4 670 microprocessor to that extreme speed and even run certain benchmarks on the system by using liquid nitrogen for cooling purposes.

OC Over 7Ghz

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New Overclocking World Record : 7.1335 GHz !!

More News In My Blog

Saturday 13 August 2005 @ 3:33 am

More News Feeds
Just 2 days ago, I mentioned I found a service that can generate RSS feeds into short articles using JavaScript. Then ShaolinTiger shared his idea of using PHP to perform the same trick. So, I decided to try it out, and as you can notice I’ve just integrated a few more news feed from different sources into my blog (in the sidebar on your right :) ).

I will still blog for the latest tech news as usual, but now you are able to read more than that, including the following :-

  • Technology News
    Feeds of the latest gadget information/news from Engadget, Gizmodo & Wired News.
  • General News
    Feeds from Google Top News, Yahoo Top News & Reuters.
  • Corporate News
    Latest blog entries from various corporate blogs such as Google Blog, Yahoo Search Blog & Internet Explorer (IE) Blog from Microsoft.

I’ll add in more news sources from time to time to enrich my blog and wish to provide you all a one stop place for latest tech news. :) If you think any great site’s feed should be added here, please feel free to drop me a line or two, I’ll sure take a look at it.

Yahoo Messenger 7 Launched

Friday 12 August 2005 @ 3:31 pm

Yahoo has just launched its latest version of Instant Messenger (IM), Yahoo Messenger 7.
New features that it has including Voice over IP (VoIP), which enables you to make PC-to-PC calls around the world. What you need is only a microphone and speaker/headphone. With this feature, you are able to receive voicemail when you are offline or away. You can record call history for each and every call too. Besides, you are able to select your desired ringing tone as well.

It’s time to get a pair of headphone and microphone, if you still don’t have one. I suppose this new feature inevitably poses threat to another free VoIP service provider, Skype. Meanwhile, MSN Messenger will need to catch up again. :p
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Yahoo Messenger 7 Launched

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