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FasterFox – Tweak Your Firefox To Be Faster

Friday 21 October 2005 @ 3:06 pm

FasterfoxOkay, we know Firefox just surpassed the 100 Million Downloads and still celebrating. This means the number of Firefox users is increasing rapidly. For sure, among all Firefox users, there will be some who don’t satisfy with the browser speed in rendering (displaying) the webpage. Not to mention, Firefox competitor, Opera claims to have faster page displaying speed compared to Firefox.

Hence, Mozilla Development Community of Mozilla Corp. has taken care of the needs from need-for-speed people by introducing a performance and network tweaks plugin for Firefox, named Fasterfox.
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FasterFox – Tweak Your Firefox To Be Faster

Review : Online Image Optimizer For You

Thursday 20 October 2005 @ 4:10 am

Upon a request of a friend, here is a review of an online image optimizer named Website Compression 1.0. It allows you to compress the images on your website on the fly through a web browser.

One of the reasons visitors go away from your website is the long loading time caused by huge images on the website. So, how to retain your visitors by making you website loads faster? The answer is to use an online image optimizer which helps you to reduce the image file size significantly, while not sacrificing the quality on the image. For webmasters or website owners, this piece of script would be a well worth investment in optimizing your website.

Website Optimizer

Website Compression 1.0 supports image compression up to 10 levels of quality according to the vividness of the image you desire. You may view page loading times with advance reports for before and after compression via Website Compression 1.0 too. It give you an idea how faster you may optimize the loading time.

Website Compression 1.0 supports compression of jpg, bmp and gif image file including animated gif on your entire website. After login to the script, you may compress images on multiple websites with the press of a button. The compression is so effective in term of reducing the image file size without compromising the image quality. To normal human eyes, the optimized images hardly look any different, the only noticeable difference is the loading speed of your website become faster.
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Review : Online Image Optimizer For You

Samsung 3GB Mobile Phone

Tuesday 18 October 2005 @ 11:16 pm

Apple iPod has two models with different capacity available for sale now. The 2GB model can store up to 500 mp3 songs, whereas the 4GB one can store up to 1000. For me, 2GB capacity is just nice.

Samsung SPH-V7900

Well, while I am thinking 2GB might be too much to store all my mp3 in a portable device, Samsung announced the launch of 3GB mobile phone, with model name SPH-V7900. SPH-V7900 is the world’s second mobile phone embedded with a hard disk following the introduction of Samsung SPH-V5400, 1.5GB mobile phone in September 2005.

As you can easily calculated, SPH-V7900 can hold up to 700 mp3 songs at 4MB each or 2-3 full length movies at 1.1-1.5GB each. Besides, you will be able to store up to 2,400 contact details too. While double up the capacity from the previous model, Samsung SPH-V7900 does not sacrifice the talk time, which allows you to talk up to 4.5 hours or standby for 200 hours. Since the phone is using hard disk, i am expecting the battery will be draining faster than usual mobile phone.
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Samsung 3GB Mobile Phone

Creation Of Big Company Names

Monday 17 October 2005 @ 5:35 pm

Have you ever wonder of how those big companies come out with the idea of how to name their companies? Like me, probably you might think some of the big names are just a common word that we speak everyday like Yahoo!, or the company just simply comes up with such a name.

Well, this page gives you a better idea of knowing how the big names are created. I am not too sure about the validity of the creation of the names, but I felt it is something really interesting to share with you all. Of course, if you know the original idea of naming those names listed, feel free to tell us in the comment area. :)

I will just list down some of the famous ones :-

  • Yahoo!
    It’s actually an acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. See the name history. Before this, I thought it is just a simple word “Yahoo”.
  • Sun Microsystems
    Now only I know it means the acronym for Stanford University Network.
  • Microsoft
    Originally called Micro-Soft, which is the suppose to be a short form of MICROcomputer SOFTware. The ‘-‘ was then removed.
  • Intel
    I thought it means Intelligence, but in fact it is the acronym of INTegrated ELectronics.
  • Hotmail
    Named as such was not because the email is hot, but because Hotmail includes the letters “html”, which is the most widely used programming language on the Internet. Initially, HoTMaiL was the way how it is written.
  • Cisco
    Actually it’s the abbreviation of San Francisco, and the company logo is the image of Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Before knowing the real reason, I thought the logo is some form of signal wave. :D
  • Apple Computers
    Apple is the favourite fruit of founder Steve Jobs. LoL … This is classic !

Furong Jie Jie’s First Movie

Sunday 16 October 2005 @ 3:15 am

Not sure have your ever heard of one of the most famous bloggers in China, Furong Jie Jie? Well, she is damn “hot” in China, I tell you. :D

Furong Jie Jie

Anyway, I heard of her name quite some time ago when KennySia wrote a reply to Furong Jie Jie. Then yesterday, I get to see her casting in her first film. However, I seriously have no idea what the story is trying to tell. Anyone, please tell me what do you think about the clip. :)


Saturday 15 October 2005 @ 2:16 am

We have YaGoohoo!gle, we have BaiGoo, so what’s next?


Since YaGoohoo!gle is already down for months, we now have an alternative, Gahoo!Yoogle ! Just the letter ‘G’ and ‘Y’ placed different from the original search engines.

To my surprise, Gahoo!Yoogle actually has a PageRank of 5, while BaiGoo has only PageRank 1. Guess must have lots of people linking to the page.

Why no one play with the name of other search engines, like MSN, Alexa, Lycos, etc? :-?

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