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Motorola RAZRWIRE Arrives In Singapore

Thursday 6 October 2005 @ 3:53 pm

Well, at the moment Motorola iTunes Phone, Motorola ROKR, is rather a hotter product been discussed recently, but here I would like to share with the local readers that Motorola RAZRWIRE has already arrived in Singapore.


In fact, Motorola RAZRWIRE was already in the US market since early August, 2005. Motorola RAZRWIRE is the product developed by Motorola in conjunction with Oakley, Inc, one of the market leaders in premium sunglasses and apparel. RAZRWIRE is the world’s first eyewear combines patented Oakley optics with Motorola wireless Bluetooth technology. It provides the hands-free link to your mobile phone.
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Motorola RAZRWIRE Arrives In Singapore

Weekly Highlights [Sep 26, 2005 – Oct 2, 2005]

Thursday 6 October 2005 @ 1:57 pm

First of all, my apologies for couldn’t get the weekly highlight for last week posted on Monday as usual. It was a busy week last week, with a few assignments and stuffs on hand to work on. However, I still managed to keep the pace of writing at least one post a day. One thing I am so glad to see is in the whole month of September, I managed to keep 100% record of posting at least one post a day. That’s one of the targets I set for myself.

Anyway, here goes the weekly highlight :-

Last Monday, when I was playing with the with the Google AdSense feature in, the connection made when I was refreshing the site triggered me to write a post about Google applies Urchin on

I saw one of the Google free service, Google Web Accelerator, reopen for download, then I quickly blogged about it. Unfortunately this service again stopped taking new users after just around 6 hours since reopening. Besides, another breaking news of the day was the offer of cheap USD$2.99/year domain name by Yahoo!.

I shared with you guys a really brilliant flash website, which truly amazed me with the fast loading speed and nice design.

I never thought Google was the one behind for making Opera web browser a freeware, before I read a source suggesting Google handed a kind of compensation deals to Opera Software, in order to be the main built-in search engine for the web browser.

Last week, Nokia released one of its music phones, Nokia 3250, which allows you to twist the rotatable bottom of the phone 270-degree (-90 and +180 degrees) to switch between functionalities.

I saw an interesting PC modding, which has the concept of “think out of the box” that exposes all its components instead on putting them into a casing.

You won’t believe a car can fly by itself, until you see SkyCar. :)

Astonishing Nokia Concept Phones

Wednesday 5 October 2005 @ 2:31 pm

I unintentionally reached the Nokia Concept Lounge while I was browsing Club Nokia just now. Nokia Concept Lounge is an interactive flash website, something similar to the brilliant flash website that I have shared last week.

Nokia Concept Lounge

The Nokia Concept Lounge is sharing Nokia’s visions in designing its future phone models, showing some concept phones of Nokia as well as encouraging visitors to submit their brilliant ideas to Nokia. Up to 5 winners with the most innovative ideas may walk away with a Nokia 7710. Well, if you are a Club Nokia member like me, you stand a chance to win an extra prize : Nokia Digital Pen.

Basically, besides the freedom of walking around in the flash presentation, there are 4 major sections :-

  • Nokia’s Visions – The section where you submit and view ideas
  • Future Concepts – Ideas from the Nokia Designing Team
  • Future Testers – Where you get to try out the winning ideas.
  • Design Awards – The Nokia Benellux Open Design Awards for students.

Well, before you start playing with the flash webpage, let me show you some of the nice designs of Nokia concept phones.
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Astonishing Nokia Concept Phones

Google Confirms San Francisco Free WiFi Service

Wednesday 5 October 2005 @ 12:15 pm

In August, a breaking news spreaded out regarding the city of San Francisco of the United State will become a wide scale free WiFi zone that covers the entire city. Then exactly 1 month later, I talked about the the free secure VPN service for broadband offered by Google, which I thought very much related to the news above.

Today, I come across an article reveals that Google has already confirmed the plan to provide free WiFi service to the entire San Francisco city.

The company today filed documents in response to San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s request for information for the city wide network.

This news spreaded rapidly after the confirmation from Google officials, who also revealed that San Francisco people will enjoy a free 300Kbps (kilobits per second), always on connection anywhere in the city. The speed is not very promising, but it is totally FREE. Anyway, this speed reminds me of my first broadband experience when I was surfing the Internet at the speed of 384Kbps 2 years back.
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Google Confirms San Francisco Free WiFi Service

Ask Jeeves To Help In Wedding Proposal

Tuesday 4 October 2005 @ 1:53 pm

Well, there we have the first ever wedding proposal via search engine. Maybe some of us here might not familiar with Ask Jeeves search engine. In fact, Ask Jeeves is one of the famous search engine we can use on the Internet along with Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine.

So, due to the popularity of Ask Jeeves, the guy from Search Engine Roundtable, Barry, come out an idea of proposing to his girlfriend, Yisha Tversky, by asking a favor from Ask Jeeves team to display a picture of themselves with a red bold font phrase saying, “Yisha, Will You Marry Me? — Love Barry“.

So, he asked his girlfriend to search for her full name on his office while kneeling behind her with a ring and flowers. Guess what? Of course the wedding proposal was a successful one !!
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Ask Jeeves To Help In Wedding Proposal

Why Use Windows Vista?

Monday 3 October 2005 @ 11:47 pm

Many Windows users are waiting for the forthcoming version of Windows, Windows Vista, to be launched, while many still skeptical to the upgrade. Before this, I have shared a review of Windows Vista and also some screen shots too.

If you are still having any doubt about the next Windows, Microsoft specially prepared a dedicated page on their website that gives you the confidence to upgrade. Let’s have a look of what Microsoft says about Windows Vista.

Well, I only list some highlighted features as follows:-

  • Parental Controls – Parental control features that helps in monitoring and controlling children’s computer usage.
  • Fast On and Off – This is what I like the most, according to Microsoft, Windows Vista starts or turns off within only 2 – 3 seconds !!
  • Diagnostics – While the current hardware/software diagnostics feature in current/previous Windows is not very satisfying, I really hope this improved version can perform better.
  • New look and feel – Well, as usual, a new version of Windows will definitely have a new look and feel. This time, Windows Vista will have transparent application interface as been speculating so far.
  • Media Center – Easy-to-use Media Center menu system and remote control of entertainment files such as movies, songs and pictures.

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