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Google Music Search

Monday 16 January 2006 @ 11:59 pm

To avoid repeating what other tech blogs have blogged, I have taken a glance on PPS and made sure no one blogged about this in the past 6 hours (at least in PPS). I know it’s a bit boring when everyone is repeating the same tech news.

Mumbling aside, Google has just quietly launched its free Music Search service. This is another new search function after the introduction of Google Video Search which is now turning into a Video Store that enables users to buy or rent videos.

Google Music Search

Unlike Baidu (China-based search engine, which is very famous of its music search) , Google Music Store is not providing any music download. I have done a search of one of my idols, Carlos Santana, the search result was broken down into three parts :-

  • Artists – Information about the artist itself.
  • Albums – Albums that the artist released.
  • Songs – Songs by the artist.

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Google Music Search

WinXP “Minimum” System Requirements

Sunday 15 January 2006 @ 10:53 pm

Well, I guess most of us are using Windows XP as the operating system for your PC. According to Microsoft website, the official minimum requirements for Windows XP Home edition and Professional edition are CPU with 233MHz and 64MB memory.

Have you ever wonder how low can the CPU speed and memory to be enough to run a Windows XP? I just come across a webpage demonstrating a Minimal-Requirement-Test (Please excuse the author for the language, I think English is not his/her native language) to see how low the computer system specification can be to support Windows XP. By the way, just in case you don’t know, the minimum memory requirement for the forthcoming Windows OS, Windows Vista, is 512MB memory.

WinXP 20MHz

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WinXP “Minimum” System Requirements

Intel P4 Processor Blown Up

Thursday 12 January 2006 @ 11:53 pm

While enjoy watching some cool Ronaldinho tricks at Google Video, another video clip titled Exploding Overclocking Extreme Intel P4 Vaporizing caught my eyes.

P4 Blown Up

This 1 min 43 sec long Belgium video (it was uploaded from a Belgium website) demonstrating how a Intel Pentium 4 processor get blown up after removing the heatsink. The consequence of taking away the heatsink is strange in this case because in most case the processor will only be overheated.

I would say blown up is an exceptional case even if overheating, enjoy the video! :)

WD World’s Only See-Through hdd

Tuesday 10 January 2006 @ 9:37 pm

So far, all the harddisks in our computers are sealed with solid metal. So we can’t really see what are the major components inside unless we break it. I was lucky to know what is actually inside a harddisk because I used to be a technician in Komag while waiting for my SPM result and I was in the production floor. Komag is one of the major suppliers of harddisk platter (the disk) in the world to all harddisk manufacturers, such as Western Digital, Seagate, etc.

WD Raptor X

If you have not seen what’s inside a haddisk, now you have the chance to take a glance of the major components, at least from the top view. Western Digital Corp. (WD) has just introduced the world’s only harddisk with a see-through lens on top of the harddisk, labeled WD Raptor X. Now you are able to see the moving parts via the lens which the read and write action of the drive’s head and disk assembly can be viewed while the drive delivers data. Basically, you will see the movement of read/write head and the platter spinning when the harddisk is running.

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WD World’s Only See-Through hdd

I See Google Everywhere !!

Monday 9 January 2006 @ 12:18 pm

All sorts of news about Google Pack started to circulate in all major news centers in the past few days. Basically it’s a package consists of freeware and paid software range from unique software developed by Google like Google Earth, to common software such as AntiVirus, Spyware Remover and Web Browser. Google Pack comes in handy and will probably be the first set of software you would like to install after a fresh reformat of Windows OS. Anyway, the only one thing I think Google Pack is lacking is a freeware Firewall.

After getting to know about Google Pack, another news from Google surprised the world by announcing the introduction of Google Video Store that will enable users to buy or rent video content provided by independent producers and film makers. In fact, Google Video service has been accepting uploads of video clips since April 2005. Now it has been expended to accept independent content producers and enable users to download it for a fee. For the time being, contents from CBS (e.g. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Survivor and The Amazing Race) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), plus music videos from Sony BMG will be offered.

Motorola knows the power of Google is getting bigger in any industry they involved, hence announced a partnership with Google on Jan 5th, 2006, which will put a dedicated Google button on selected Motorola mobile handsets in order to enable users to search via Google at any time. Motorola has come out the world first iTunes enabled mobile phone last year, now the first “G-button” Motorola handsets are expected to be released early in 2006.

I’m waiting for Victoria Secret to come out a thong with Google button on it and call it G-String. Mean while, I see Google everywhere. Can anyone tell me is Google going to take over the web? :)

SanDisk 6GB mp3 Player

Sunday 8 January 2006 @ 11:01 pm

Can’t get enough mp3 in your 4GB iPod nano?

Well, SanDisk has just introduced two lines of portable mp3 players (code named Sansa, not Santa though :) ) feature large colour display and up to 6GB flash storage, both target different groups of customers. Sansa c100 series is targeting budget buyers whereas high-end Sansa e200 series will be catering buyers who are looking for top-of-the-line mp3 players with huge capacity and large colour screen.

Sansa c100
Sansa c100

Sansa c100 series comes with basic features such as a merely adequate 1.2-inch color screen, FM radio and vioce recording (Of course it has mp3 playing functionality as well). Model c140 features 1GB of storage and c150 offers 2GB. The recommended retail price for c140 and c150 is USD$119.99 and USD$169.99 respectively.
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SanDisk 6GB mp3 Player

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