5 Unique Things You Can Do Using (Only) Nokia N900

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It’s been 2 months since I started using Nokia N900. I’ve been telling my friends who are interested in this device that N900 is actually like a hidden treasure, the more you explore the more you’ll discover its capabilities.

Below are some unique functions that I found in Nokia N900 :-

1. Heavy Multitasking

It’s not normal multitasking like open up 5-10 applications at once. Nokia N900 is able to run up to (if not more) 32 applications, all at the same time. This is the video that I’ve seen the most number of applications open on N900 :-

Need more processing power?

2. Skype Video Call & Facebook Chat directly from the Contacts

With the latest firmware upgrade PR1.2, you are now able to make Skype Video Calls directly from the Contacts, without the need of any third party application. Besides, Facebook Chat is integrated into the Contacts as well.

I was already in love with the integration of Skype into the Contacts before firmware PR1.2 upgrade because I use SkypeOut (Skype mobile/landlines calling) service quite often when I’m overseas. I’m even more ecstatic to learn that I can now make Skype Video Calls directly from my N900’s Contact after the firmware upgrade.

3. Manual Focus During Video Recording

I used to hate shooting videos using my phone because most of the time it will be out of focus when I move too near to the object. Now I have no such frustration using my N900 after installing a cool application called lfocus. This application can be found in Extra repository.

The control of focus and LEDs of N900 camera can be done during the video recording from the touchscreen, or use the keyboard toggle buttons. The application is a simple tweak but proved to be very useful and I believe this is a unique function that most, if not all, other smartphones are lacking.

4. Streaming Online Music To Your Car Stereo

Streaming online music is easy using N900, just access online radio sites such as Pandora or Last.fm using the native web browser. You can even stream live music via 3G connection, over to the car FM stereo by using the built-in FM transmitter in N900. This is definitely a good news to people who are bored with the local radio stations and wish to listen to your own choice of music when you are on the move.

N900 FM Transmitter

To stream online music to your car stereo :-

  • 1. Access to online radio site using N900 web browser via 3G connection.
  • 2. Switch on the FM Transmitter.
  • 3. Enjoy the live stream online music in your car.

5. Run A Netbook OS

N900 On MeeGo

N900 supports the next generation Netbook OS MeeGo, even though Nokia announced there will be no official MeeGo release for N900. In fact, MeeGo 1.0 for N900 is already available for download and there are 3 known methods to install the OS :-

N900 is powerful enough to run a Netbook OS, in fact it has being used for platform development and testing purposes by MeeGo projects.

Please fee free to share if you find other useful usages of your N900. :)

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