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Review: WebHostingRating Directory

Wednesday 30 June 2010 @ 2:18 am

Searching for a web host to host websites could be a time consuming and tedious work for many website administrators. Therefore an independent web hosting directory would be a useful tool when it comes to making comparison between different web hosts and also reading about the reviews written by the existing customers.

WebHostingRating is an independent cheap web hosting directory featuring easy-to-use comparison tool and unedited customer ratings for many popular web hosts in major web hosting categories, such as Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Collocation Hosting. Niche web hosting categories catering for Content Management System (CMS) is also available, namely vBulletin Hosting, phpBB Hosting, MODx Hosting, b2evolution Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting and WordPress Hosting. Searching for web host can be done effortlessly using the Search Host Catalog feature by selecting the web host location, hosting type and your budget.

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Review: WebHostingRating Directory

Ovi Maps: Penang (A UNESCO World Heritage) Road Trip Made Easy

Sunday 18 April 2010 @ 6:58 pm

I’ve been using Ovi Maps on my Nokia N97 since 2009 when I went to Taiwan in August last year. The turn by turn navigation was not free that time but I won a 1 year license through a Nokia contest. Since then I fell in love with Ovi Maps. Recently the turn by turn navigation has gone free for life, which is definitely a good news to all Ovi Maps compatible Nokia phone users. On top of that, Ovi Maps can also be used in offline mode so that no data charges will be incurred!

I’ve made a video of how to plan a road trip using Ovi Maps to some of the interesting places in Georgetown, Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Ovi Maps: Penang (A UNESCO World Heritage) Road Trip Made Easy

Top 10 Facebook/Twitter Client, Widget & Web Apps For Nokia N900

Saturday 10 April 2010 @ 4:57 pm

Now I’ve been using this new Nokia N900 for about 2 weeks. Since we all can’t live without social networking these days, installing Facebook and Twitter client is one of the first few things I did.

Below are some Facebook and Twitter clients (widgets & web apps too) I would like to share with you all :-

Facebook Widgets

Facebook For Nokia

N900 has a Facebook Widget installation shortcut available out of the box. What you need to do is just go to More and double click it or download it directly from Ovi Store, then install it.

Facebook Widget on Nokia N900

You may add this Facebook Widget to the homescreen to instantly display your friends’ status updates. Well, it’s only a widget and not practically a client, so there’s nothing much you can do with it. The status updates will slide up by itself and you can’t even scroll it manually. By tapping the widget, a new web browser window will open loading with

Anyhow, the benefit of installing Facebook For Nokia widget is to enable the Share via Service option in the Camera, Photo, and Media Player applications to allow you share photos and videos in Facebook directly from N900.

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Top 10 Facebook/Twitter Client, Widget & Web Apps For Nokia N900

Energizer XPAL Power XP2000 Review

Tuesday 22 December 2009 @ 1:19 pm

When I was in KL for PayPal Power Up party 2 weeks ago, I went to Low Yat Plaza and bought myself a Energizer XPAL Power XP2000. It’s a compact rechargeable backup battery for mobile devices, such as mp3 player, mobile phone, digital camera, PSP or even bluetooth headset.

Energizer XPAL Power XP2000
Energizer XPAL Power XP2000

I like the idea of having multiple tips provided free in the package as I’m now having one backup battery solution for all my mobile devices. No more frustration whenever my mobile phone or camera is running out of battery power.

XP2000 has a battery capacity of 2000mAh, so it’s the right model for me because my Nokia N97 is having a 1500mAh battery, which usually will last me 3-4 days for normal usage without recharging it. When I’m on the go I use the mobile phone very often, to online, check emails, view maps on GPS, listen to songs/radio, taking photos, etc. The battery drains pretty fast especially when I’m using its A-GPS, 3G or Wi-Fi, so I can’t really enjoy taking photos with flash or listening to songs as I always have to worry how long the battery will last. In order not to limit myself in this use-this-or-that situation due to the battery constraint I suppose XPAL Power backup battery is the best solution.

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Energizer XPAL Power XP2000 Review

Interviewed By Malay Mail Newspaper

Friday 30 May 2008 @ 9:04 pm

About 2 weeks ago, I received a surprise email from the consultant of Malay Mail Newspaper, asking for my consent to get featured on their BlogSpot section. They have been featuring a number of famous bloggers in Malaysia for the past weeks and finally my interview was published 2 days ago on Wednesday, May 28, 2008. I only received the snapshot of article today, hence, this late post.

Malay Mail BlogSpot Interview
Click for larger view.

Well, I don’t have much to add to the interview published right now but I’m really happy for the Interview as I’m not forgotten even though I was away from this blog for so long. Below are some links related to the memories I mentioned in the interview :-

This interview marks my return to blogging after 5 months of long break, which I dearly regretted as mentioned in the interview. I owe so much to the users of my WordPress Theme – Adsminded and the blog readers too for the lack of blog update. A major update of Adsminded will be released in June and I will set up a forum dedicated for it as well.

You will definitely see me posting again very soon, till then see ya!

Email Newsletter For Bloggers

Saturday 24 February 2007 @ 3:28 pm

One of the hardest job bloggers are facing nowadays is to retain the readership of their blogs. Some readers read our blog entries by directly dropping by our blogs, some read them via RSS syndicates. Well, coming over to our blogs or read the blog posts via RSS may be a hassle to the blog readers, now we have another option – by emailing them the latest post using blog email! So, why wait for the readers to come while we can go to them?

Zookoda provides free email marketing application designed specifically for bloggers, where we can send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of our latest blog posts directly into our blog readers’ email inbox. No, this is not like email spamming! Your blog readers have the full right to subscribe/unsubscribe themselves to/from the mailing list.

By using the free email newsletter service by Zookoda, you can design your own eye-catching newletters to match your blog design. Besides, you are able to track the visitor habits and whether emails are successfully sent. Each email is tracked during delivery, providing you with open, bounce and click through information in a real time reporting system.

In fact, Zookoda email newsletter service does not only limit to bloggers, you can still use the service if you are a service provider too. Well, since it’s free, why not try it out!

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