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Microsoft-free ??

Saturday 14 May 2005 @ 3:52 pm

Well, this is not about telling you how to get free Microsoft products, but to share with you why, how and the tradeoffs to be Microsoft-free these days.

From the article written in ExtremeTech, it covers 4 parts, which are :-

Part 1 – Why switch to Linux?

Part 2 – Linux home file server and basic client PC

Part 3 – Gaming PC

Part 4 – Build Your Own Linux Home Theater PC

By the way, I’m still a windows user. Thought of getting into Linux world long time ago, but just don’t have much time to try it out. :-< Anyway, hope you guys enjoy those interesting articles.

Chelsea Crowned Champion !!

Sunday 1 May 2005 @ 2:42 pm

Ok, usually I don’t write about sports here, but I just can’t stop myself to express my happiness to Chelsea achievements so far.

Chelsea FC
Chelsea Football Club, the club that i supported since I was 15 years old, when Gianfranco Zola (My all time favourite football player !) joined the Stamford Bridge club from Lazio. His skills attracted me to love Chelsea FC since then.

Today, Chelsea have been crowned champion of English Premier League after securing the last 2 points they needed so badly after waiting for 50 years since they last won as a champion back in 1955. There are still 3 matches to go for the season 04/05, but they have enough points to drop to emerge as the champion at the end of this season eventually. In other words, they have 88 points already in their pocket now, even the closest rival, Arsenal, can win all their 4 matches remaining, the most they can earn is only 86 points in total, so mathematically, Chelsea is the Champion Of English Premier League Season 04/05 !!

Champion League
Chelsea have already won the Carling Cup and the English Premier League in this season. Their current aim will be winning the Champion League because this is the most prestigious tournament among European football clubs. They are now inches away from winning the Champion League, as they already in the semi-final second leg. I wouldn’t say they will certainly win the second leg, but a score line of atleast 1-1 will be good enough to send them to Istanbul for the Final !!

So, 2 down, 1 to go, chelsea will be the treble champion eventually !!
Go Chelsea, go !!

GMail will reach 3 Gig on Jan 1st, 06

Wednesday 6 April 2005 @ 3:22 am

According to the source, GMail space is increasing in the pace of 24,912 seconds for 1 Meg.

So, i did a calculation myself as well.

Target Milestone = 2075MB
The Space When I Wrote This = 2061.55 MB (at 3.00am, April 6th, 05)
Difference = 2075 – 2061.55 = 13.45 MB

Time Needed To Reach 2075MB
= 24,912 sec x 13.45 MB
= 335066.4 sec
= 93 hrs (335066.4/3600)
= 3.87 days (So, it’s around 3 days and 21 hrs)

So, we in Malaysia will have 2075 MB of GMail space on Sunday, April 10th 2005, 00:00:00 (GMT+8).

As compared to what original author have said, we will get 2075MB on on Saturday, April 9th 2005, 16:00:00 (GMT). It’s absolutely true, because Malaysia is in GMT+8, so we have to add 8 hrs.

All in all, if the concept of 1 Meg needs 24,912 seconds to grow, then it’s no doubt, on Sunday, January 1st 2006, 17:00:00 (GMT+8), we all here wil have 3Gig GMail space !!

Note: This calculation makes sense, if and only if, we need 24,912 seconds to have 1 more Meg of GMail space. :)

悼思张国荣 (Leslie Cheung Memorial)

Friday 1 April 2005 @ 1:31 am

Leslie Cheung
张国荣 (September 12, 1956 – April 1, 2003)

转眼间, 哥哥离我们远去已两年了。除了惋惜, 还是惋惜。有时想,是不是传奇都是不告而别?无论如何,张国荣的歌声从没在我脑海里淡去。一言难尽,我想千言亦如是。只希望,哥哥在天国也过得一样快乐。有缘再见,永远的明星!





Yet another “Don’t Use IE” article

Wednesday 30 March 2005 @ 1:58 pm

No IE !!Well, i hate to write my first article here in a negative way. I was left no choice but to share my views regarding Internet Explorer (IE).

Yesterday my friend told me that this blog was not accessable in his office. He scared me definitely because if no one can access this blog, what’s the point of me setting up my blog. Soon he figured out his IE was crached due to unknown reason (hope it was not because of my blog B-) ). Everytime before i make my post public I tested my blog using 3 web browsers, which are Firefox, Opera & IE. In other words, i’ll make sure every one is able to view this blog perfectly regardless of your web browser.

I always encourage my friends, relatives, colleagues, teammates, classmates, etc etc to use other browsers instead of IE. I’m already fed up of listing all the bad points of using IE, so i’ll not touch it here indepth. Instead i’ll tell you some major drawbacks of using IE.

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Yet another “Don’t Use IE” article

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