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Thursday 12 October 2006 @ 2:04 pm

Most of the Apple products are labelled with an”i” in front of the product names, like iMac, iPod etc. There are products modified from Apple products too, like what we have seen some iMac turned into aquariums.

So, I wouldn’t be surprise when I found this iToilet mod. :D


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Google Maps Advertisement?

Thursday 1 December 2005 @ 10:38 pm

Alright, I found a funny Google Maps advertisement via Google Video while I was browsing around just now. Hope you like it.

Google Maps Ad

Somehow, I think this is not an official Google Maps advertisement but I am not too sure. Anyway, check it out and tell me do you think this is for real? :D

Microsoft Teaches You How To Uninstall Linux

Wednesday 3 August 2005 @ 1:23 pm

LoL …. Saw something really funny in Microsoft website. It amused me. :))

There is an article posted in the Help & Support Center of Microsoft website. It is posted long time ago and the last review was on March 14, 2002. The article is about “How to Remove Linux and Install Windows XP” !!

This article explains how to remove the Linux operating system from your computer and install Windows XP. This article assumes that Linux is already installed on your computer’s hard disk, that Linux native and Linux swap partitions are in use (which are incompatible with Windows XP), and that there is no free space left on the hard disk.

After looking at it, some thoughts came into my mind. Who will actually uninstall a Linux then install a Microsoft Windows? Most of the Linux users will not turn back to Windows after switching, right? Besides, if one knows how to use Linux, it’s almost certain he/she knows how to uninstall it and install a less complicated OS, isn’t it? :D

Anyway, maybe the article might help someone who accidentally install Linux and wish to switch back to Windows.
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Microsoft Teaches You How To Uninstall Linux

Google Moon

Thursday 21 July 2005 @ 3:20 pm

Ok guys, let’s make it Google Map’s Week (i’ve just blogged more than 4 articles about Google Map this week !!) Anyway, by using Google Map, we have seen Jesus Face on the Earth surface and Hitler’s base :D , we can even view them on your mobile phone, so what’s next?

Now we can view the moon surface !!!

In fact, Google Moon is an extension of Google Map and Google Earth that, courtesy of NASA imagery that enables us to surf the Moon’s surface and check out the exact spots that the Apollo astronauts made their landings.
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Google Moon

Now Google Map Found Hitler’s Base

Thursday 21 July 2005 @ 11:29 am

Oh man, this whole week I have been talking about Google Map, Google Map and Google Map …

Few days ago, we have seen a picture suggested Google Map found Jesus’s face, now there is a funny one found on the satellite imaging service (again !!) pictures a building in San Diego called “The Seals Lair” is in the shape of one of the most bastardized symbols ever: the swastika, the symbol of Nazi Icon. LoL :D

Come, have a look !!
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Now Google Map Found Hitler’s Base

Google Is Gonna Take Over The Web

Tuesday 5 July 2005 @ 1:51 pm

Well, I’m a fan of Google.

Here is a flash clip showing how Google is gonna tale over the Internet in coming years. :D

How you enjoy the clip. :)

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