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eBay’s PayPal Acquires VeriSign Unit

Tuesday 11 October 2005 @ 4:26 pm

Well, in less than 1 month after eBay confirmed the acquisition of Skype, eBay announced on Monday, 10 October, 2005, that its PayPal is going to acquire VeriSign’s payment processing business for USD$370 million. This acquisition will form a strong alliance between the famous e-commerce payment service and the payment security company.

So, who will benefit from this acquisition? Of course, for sure we as buyer or seller on the Internet will be benefited. As a quick response to Google’s plan to launch similar electronic payment service, PayPal has done a good job to consolidate its status as the largest online payments company.
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eBay’s PayPal Acquires VeriSign Unit

AMD Subpoenas More Intel Customers

Friday 7 October 2005 @ 7:14 pm

After more than 3 months, we might have already forgotten about the antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) against Intel. Anyway, there is something new going on.

We have seen a few companies have been subpoenaed 3 months back. This week, AMD served subpoenas on a few more Intel customers to help in the investigation. AMD clarified that they are not going to sue any of these subpoenaed companies and see those third party companies as victims of Intel’s misconduct.
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AMD Subpoenas More Intel Customers

Thanks To Google For Making Opera Free

Thursday 29 September 2005 @ 4:25 am

Now almost all of us know ad-free Opera Browser is free for download. In case you don’t, go read the post via the link.

After the stunning announcement, Opera reached 1 Million downloads in 2 days !! The record doubles the previous highest download in April when Opera Software released Opera 8. Opera was even curious enough to track who were the downloaders too, who else? Internet Explorer users, they were.

According to server logs, a majority of downloads came from Internet Explorer users.

A rough figure shows the annual income from selling Opera is around USD$3.9 Million. So, you might wonder, why all of a sudden Opera Software had such a thought of turning one of their money-making products into a freeware? Well, there is definitely a story behind it.
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Thanks To Google For Making Opera Free

Cheap Domain Strikes AGAIN !! Now USD$2.99/year !!

Tuesday 27 September 2005 @ 3:21 pm

In less than a month Yahoo first introduced the insane USD$1.99/year domain name registration, today I saw a similar crazy deal from Yahoo again !!

Listen up guys, Yahoo is now offering USD$2.99/year for any new domain name registration !! However, one yahoo member can only purchase maximum one domain name. Unless you have more than one yahoo account. :D

This offer is valid until September 28, 2005 at 11:59PM PST, which is September 29, 2005 at 02:59AM 02:59PM local time. Perhaps I calculated it correctly.

By the way, GoDaddy’s USD$1.99/year offer is still valid until September 30, 2005. Do check it out too.

Baidu Got Sued !!

Saturday 17 September 2005 @ 4:13 am

Chinese Search Engine has gone public in Nasdaq stock market last month and even caused a big impact of the first day listing. But things didn’t go their way recently as they have been sued by four largest record companies including Universal Music Group, EMI Group Plc, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group Corp. The charge is of course about copyright infringement of mp3 songs.

If you have ever used Baidu to search for any mp3 songs before, you might have the same thought as mine, that songs listed in Baidu’s search result might have already infringed the copyright of the song. I had this doubt since the first day using the service, and now Baidu seems to get themselve into trouble.

Somehow, Baidu claims that they are just providing the search results that contain link to the source of illegal mp3 download sites. In fact, they do not offer any illegal mp3 download directly. I believe should Baidu to win this lawsuit, they might a better reason to defend themselve.

GoDaddy $1.99 Domain Name

Friday 16 September 2005 @ 10:45 pm

GoDaddy $1.99 Domain
After just a 2 weeks yahoo insanely offered domain names at $1.99. GoDaddy now offers USD$1.99 for a domain name too. This special offer expires on September 30, 2005.

You may get a new domain name, transfer or renew a currently using domain at only USD$1.99. However, this offer from GoDaddy unlike Yahoo’s, it requires you to at least purchase a non-domain service from GoDaddy, then only you are entitled for the special discounted price. In other words, you may enjoy getting a domain at USD$1.99 with a purchase of SSL certificate or a web hosting service from GoDaddy.

Enjoy the low price, everyone. :)

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