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Slight Adjustment On Google Page Rank

Saturday 10 September 2005 @ 11:29 am

Not sure, if anyone of you noticed there was a slight adjustment on Google Page Rank.

Basically, Google Page Rank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. The higher it is, the more important/famous the webpage is. Page Rank can be applied not only to the homepage of each website, it is meaningful to a particular webpage as well.

Yesterday (or the day before), Google made a slight adjustable to some of the websites, after confirming with a few bloggers. However, my Page Rank is still at PR4, nothing much has changed. Some of my blogging buddies have gone up at most one level.

How about yours?

There are various online tools to check Page Rank, this is one of those. :)

Google Talk Themes Compilation & Tutorial

Friday 2 September 2005 @ 11:59 am

Page For Google Talk Themes
I have created a new page solely for all 6 Google Talk Themes that I made in the past few days. Do check out the link at the side bar on your right.

I didn’t know the Google Talk Themes I have created would receive such a good respond from all over the world. Anyway, thank you for your support. I have written a short tutorial guiding you to create your own Google Talk Theme as well. Hope you like it. :)

Since I posted all 6 themes in different posts in the past few days, I thought might as well do a compilation of all themes here. On top of that, as promised I will show a simple tutorial of changing the colour of Google Talk.

Google Talk Themes

Here goes the tutorial :-

  • 1. You will need a Resource Editor/Viewer. Download anyone according to your preference.
  • 2. Open the original googletalk.exe, which usually resides in C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk folder.
  • 3. Duplicate the original googletalk.exe, just in case you might screw up editing the file.
  • 4. Open the duplicated copy of googletalk.exe using the Resource Editor.
  • 5. Expand the Bitmap tree and save bitmaps 139, 5001-5104, and 6007 (these are the files you need to edit the colour).
  • 6. Edit these bitmaps files, different bitmaps represent different portion of Google Talk’s interface.
  • 7. After editing to your desired colour, replace the original bitmaps with the edited ones.
  • 8. Save it and enjoy. :)

If you find this tutorial useful, please feel free to link back. Thanks.

{tags}Google Talk, Google Talk Theme, GTalk, GTalk Theme, Google Talk Skin, GTalk Skin{/tags}

Please be aware that you might breach the TOS of Google Talk and you are editing the file at your own risk. I am/will not be liable for any wrong doing related to this tutorial.

My 1st Bloggers Gathering

Friday 26 August 2005 @ 3:37 am

Last Sunday, 21 August, 2005, I was the last to attend the Penang bloggers gathering, now I am again the last to post about the gathering. :”> Sorry guys for sharing the experience late, I was really a bit busy throughout the whole week.

It was my 1st bloggers gathering as I’ve only been blogging since 4 months ago. Thank RealityReallyBites for taking the initiative to hold this gathering. I am so glad to meet all of them, including Peter, Frostier, RealityReallyBites, KS Tang, Lilian, her toddler, n305er, kenny, Lucia, Jeremy, Yvy, Ong, Witty, Cmos and Kiasi. I even got to know Frostier and me were actually in the same batch in our Diploma.

Anyway, some bloggers who attended the gathering have already posted their own write-ups regarding this gathering, some with pictures too.

Here is the list of the write-ups I have read:-

Since almost everyone put up some pictures, I decided to show some undisclosed scenes captured during the gathering.

I was late, so i took a snap shot of everybody including myself while I was waiting for my Caramel Frappuccino® Blended Coffee.

Everyone is in the picture.

Continue Reading »
My 1st Bloggers Gathering

I Got Fan Sign Too. :-)

Thursday 25 August 2005 @ 5:44 pm

Pretty Penny has done me a nice fan sign. Truly appreciate it. :)

My Fan Sign

The return is something not really fair as she requested a body fan sign from me. :p I have to fulfill this special request because I have seen her special fan sign before. :D

Anyway, if anyone of you would like to create a fan sign for me, it is most welcome. I will create the same fan sign back for you as well. :)

More News In My Blog

Saturday 13 August 2005 @ 3:33 am

More News Feeds
Just 2 days ago, I mentioned I found a service that can generate RSS feeds into short articles using JavaScript. Then ShaolinTiger shared his idea of using PHP to perform the same trick. So, I decided to try it out, and as you can notice I’ve just integrated a few more news feed from different sources into my blog (in the sidebar on your right :) ).

I will still blog for the latest tech news as usual, but now you are able to read more than that, including the following :-

  • Technology News
    Feeds of the latest gadget information/news from Engadget, Gizmodo & Wired News.
  • General News
    Feeds from Google Top News, Yahoo Top News & Reuters.
  • Corporate News
    Latest blog entries from various corporate blogs such as Google Blog, Yahoo Search Blog & Internet Explorer (IE) Blog from Microsoft.

I’ll add in more news sources from time to time to enrich my blog and wish to provide you all a one stop place for latest tech news. :) If you think any great site’s feed should be added here, please feel free to drop me a line or two, I’ll sure take a look at it.

I’m Back !!

Sunday 26 June 2005 @ 11:28 pm

Hi guys,

I’m back !!

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to shorten my 3 days trip to 2.

Anyway, it was a great trip to Genting. Enjoyed the theme park facilities so much like the breathtaking Solero SpaceShot, roller coaster and the new Flying Coaster. I didn’t gamble, just sat outside Starbucks enjoying the freezing breeze with a venti size cream based Caramel Frappuccino in my hand.

Missed my PC so much. Anyway, I’m back in action. :)

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