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No More Dell HDD MP3 Players

Monday 6 February 2006 @ 3:31 pm

Dell hdd mp3 player

It’s sad to know that Dell is going to stop producing its harddisk based portable mp3 players. However, Dell Ditty, a flash memory based mp3 player with 512mb capacity, will be remain in production.

In fact, Dell quietly discontinue all high end Dell DJ series in late December and early January without doing much announcement regarding this incident.

“We saw an opportunity to streamline and consolidate our portfolio,” Dell spokesman Liem Nguyen said. “We made a decision to transition from the hard-drive products to flash players at the beginning of this year.”

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No More Dell HDD MP3 Players

I See Google Everywhere !!

Monday 9 January 2006 @ 12:18 pm

All sorts of news about Google Pack started to circulate in all major news centers in the past few days. Basically it’s a package consists of freeware and paid software range from unique software developed by Google like Google Earth, to common software such as AntiVirus, Spyware Remover and Web Browser. Google Pack comes in handy and will probably be the first set of software you would like to install after a fresh reformat of Windows OS. Anyway, the only one thing I think Google Pack is lacking is a freeware Firewall.

After getting to know about Google Pack, another news from Google surprised the world by announcing the introduction of Google Video Store that will enable users to buy or rent video content provided by independent producers and film makers. In fact, Google Video service has been accepting uploads of video clips since April 2005. Now it has been expended to accept independent content producers and enable users to download it for a fee. For the time being, contents from CBS (e.g. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Survivor and The Amazing Race) and the National Basketball Association (NBA), plus music videos from Sony BMG will be offered.

Motorola knows the power of Google is getting bigger in any industry they involved, hence announced a partnership with Google on Jan 5th, 2006, which will put a dedicated Google button on selected Motorola mobile handsets in order to enable users to search via Google at any time. Motorola has come out the world first iTunes enabled mobile phone last year, now the first “G-button” Motorola handsets are expected to be released early in 2006.

I’m waiting for Victoria Secret to come out a thong with Google button on it and call it G-String. Mean while, I see Google everywhere. Can anyone tell me is Google going to take over the web? :)

SanDisk 6GB mp3 Player

Sunday 8 January 2006 @ 11:01 pm

Can’t get enough mp3 in your 4GB iPod nano?

Well, SanDisk has just introduced two lines of portable mp3 players (code named Sansa, not Santa though :) ) feature large colour display and up to 6GB flash storage, both target different groups of customers. Sansa c100 series is targeting budget buyers whereas high-end Sansa e200 series will be catering buyers who are looking for top-of-the-line mp3 players with huge capacity and large colour screen.

Sansa c100
Sansa c100

Sansa c100 series comes with basic features such as a merely adequate 1.2-inch color screen, FM radio and vioce recording (Of course it has mp3 playing functionality as well). Model c140 features 1GB of storage and c150 offers 2GB. The recommended retail price for c140 and c150 is USD$119.99 and USD$169.99 respectively.
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SanDisk 6GB mp3 Player

ASUS Launches Lamborghini Laptop Series

Saturday 7 January 2006 @ 11:12 pm

After a seeing the announcement of a partnership between Intel and Lamborghini in combining computer technology into on a number of projects automobile few months ago. Asus, one of the large computer components maker and the Italian deluxe sports car maker, Lamborghini, have announced a comprehensive partnership which enables Asus to produce Lamborghini Laptop Series that uses Lamborghini designs.


Without a doubt, this partnership is a marketing strategy to respond to the popular Acer’s Ferrari Laptop Series. None of the specification of the laptop series was disclosed, but noticing the Intel-Lamborghini partnership has ben taken place last year, the next generation Intel Centrino Duo technology is highly possible to be integrated.

Lamborghini Laptop Series will be shipped in April, 2006 and it will be mass produced unlike the Lamborghini automobile, which has limited unit of stocks. According to Asus, the Lamborghini Notebook Series is available in both yellow and black.

Latest iTunes Phone – Motorola ROKR E2

Thursday 5 January 2006 @ 1:34 am


Click To Enlarge

It’s been a while since Motorola launched its iTunes mobile phone in September last year, now Motorola has just come out a newer iTunes phone model called ROKR E2.

Let’s see some of the additional features as compared to the first Motorola iTunes phone, Motorola ROKR E1. The storage for ROKR E2 can be expandable up to 2GB using an optional SD Card memory, unlike only 0.5GB (512 MB) for the old one. With a storage of 2GB, it’s approximately 500 songs can be stored. This new model comes with a built-in FM radio too. The 240 x 320 TFT display of ROKR E2 is slightly bigger with diagonally 2 inches wide at 262k colors. To my surprise, the new ROKR E2 has Opera web browser installed as well. One more obvious enhancement will be Motorola’s SCREEN3 technology solution featuring zero-click access to medias such as news, sports and entertainment information, etc. Anyway, this feature is dependent on the capabilities and settings of the service provider’s network.
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Latest iTunes Phone – Motorola ROKR E2

Germ Free Motorola i870 Phone

Wednesday 9 November 2005 @ 3:00 pm

Last week, Motorola announced the launch of Motorola i870, a new mobile phone with antimicrobial coating. This is no doubt the first mobile phone to have such feature. The antimicrobial coating incorporates the protective AgION antimicrobial technology and will prevent growth of microbes such as molds and bacteria on the casing of the cell phone.

Motorola i870

Main features of Motorola i870 are :-

  • Non-toxic antimicrobial coating
  • A Camcorder and 1.3 Megapixel Camera
    Capture pictures and record up to a one-hour session of video.
  • Music Player
    Play MP3 audio files from memory card or phone memory.
  • Removable microSD TransFlash memory card
    Save media files like pictures, music and videos up to 512MB.
  • Wide Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (WiDEN)
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
  • Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC)
    Two-way radio talk groups for up to 20 people. This feature depends on network and subscription availability.
  • MOTOtalk
    An all-digital off-network walkie-talkie service that works between compatible phones in up to a six-mile range under optimal conditions.

The i870 is available at the retail price of USD$299.99. So, now you can bring your Motorola i870 into toilet without a fear of getting germs or bacteria growing on your mobile phone surface. :D

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