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Firefox 1.0.6 Is Coming Our Way Next Week

Tuesday 19 July 2005 @ 1:05 pm

Just days after the latest release of Firefox 1.0.5, Mozilla Foundation is going to release Firefox 1.0.6 as early as next week. This is due to the API changes in 1.0.5 unintentionally broke some extensions, which have caused some incompatibility between the browser and web-based applications. That’s why some of your old extensions cannot be used in the new Firefox 1.0.5. A test builds of Firefox 1.0.6 has already been released for developers to test.

“It’s a very small percentage of Firefox users that are affected by this directly, but there is a growing number of people building applications, content and extensions that rely on the [browser] platform,” Mozilla’s director of engineering, Chris Hofmann said.

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Firefox 1.0.6 Is Coming Our Way Next Week

Firefox Increased Market Share

Saturday 16 July 2005 @ 12:43 pm

It’s like a twin happiness to seeing news regarding the released of new version of Firefox 1.0.5 and the increase its market share to 8.71%.

Quoted:, an Aliso Viejo, California, maker of applications for monitoring and measuring Web site usage, said this week, Firefox increased its market share to 8.71%, up from 8% in May 2005, while IE’s share shrank to 86.56% from 87.23%.

According to, since the beginning of 2005, Firefox has increased its market share every month between 0.5 percent and 1 percent, mostly at the expense of IE. Besides, as Firefox approaches the 10% market share milestone, it is expected to gain “significant traction” once its acceptance grows among corporations.
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Firefox Increased Market Share

Firefox 1.0.5 Released !!

Wednesday 13 July 2005 @ 12:54 pm

Hey guys,

The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday, July 12, 2005, released Firefox 1.0.5, the latest version of Firefox browser with several vulnerabilities fixed. This should be another boost to Mozilla Foundation as Firefox, a better alternative browser to Internet Explorer, has already surpassed 70 million download mark, in less than 3 months after going past 50 million mark !!! Come join the 70 million safely protected web surfer now, by clicking Download Firefox !!

“This is a collection of security bug fixes and stability improvements,” said Chris Hofmann, Mozilla’s director of engineering. “We’re also trying to anticipate some potential security problems with this update by patching vulnerabilities that alone aren’t that significant, but might be used together to create an exploit. Most of them involve quite a bit of user interaction.”

Another great news is similar updates for Thunderbird and Firefox 1.1, codenamed Deer Park will be available very soon too !! Firefox 1.1 will be the first version of the open-source browser to offer an internal software update mechanism that doesn’t require a complete download and re-install to upgrade the code.

Download Firefox 1.0.5 now : Download Firefox

I’m now sailing using Firefox 1.0.5 !! :)

Programmers For Browsers Wanted

Wednesday 8 June 2005 @ 2:28 pm

IE Blog just announced some job vacancies in Microsoft as Programming Writer for Internet Explorer (IE). This is their newest open position is for a Programming Writer position for work on the SDK documentation for IE7.

At the same time, Mozilla is also hiring Software Engineering for the famous Firefox browser as well. This might be the step to cover the lost of a few key developers in Mozilla who have already joined Google in the past 6 months. At first, Ben Goodger & Darin Fisher in January, 2005. Then we saw Brian Ryner joined Google in March, 2005.

Looks like, more and more web browser developers are needed for each browser company to sustain their competitiveness. So, anyone interested in joining one of them. :)

p/s: Quite surprisingly, I saw a Get Firefox! link in the IE Blog. LoL =))

Another Firefox Boost

Saturday 14 May 2005 @ 3:10 pm

IBM Corporation is going to endorse Firefox as the alternative to Internet Explorer for its massive employee base according to source.

I’m so glad finally I saw a big company is willing to give a better browser a try.

IBM said it had formally endorsed the use of the Mozilla Foundation’s Latest News about Mozilla Foundation browser, which had already found its way onto the desktops of some 10 percent of IBM’s 300,000-strong user base.

IBM is taking a very good step, which will make the software available for download from internal servers starting next week, hence, eliminating the need for users to go online to download it themselves. Besides, Their technical support department will start offering help desk support for the browser software. I believe this will be a massive boost for Firefox in gaining more market share, while the next version of Internet Explorer (IE 7.0) will only be available later this year.


New Version Released : Firefox 1.0.4 & WordPress 1.5.1

Thursday 12 May 2005 @ 12:46 pm

Hey guys,

There are two important upgrade if you are using Firefox and WordPress.

Get Firefox!

The latest Firefox 1.0.4 is released just few days after two critical JavaScript flaws discovered. This new version will have the patch for the flaws found.

Whereas WordPress 1.5.1 is the latest version after WordPress has gone publish with their enhanced WordPress 1.5. This release has a ton of bug fixes, enhancements, and an important security fix found by Thomas Waldegger. For instruction to upgrade to WordPress 1.5.1, please refer to this link.

You can download them directly following the links below:-

Firefox 1.0.4

WordPress 1.5.1

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