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WordPress Available

Friday 20 May 2005 @ 10:13 am

Just after 10 days of new WordPress 1.5.1 been released, here comes WordPress


Improvements including the following:-

[General] RSS feed problem
[Optimization] ‘publish’ and ‘editpost’ have different flow in wp-admin/post.php
[General] quicktag “ins” and “del” format datetime attribute incorrectly
[Template] SQL Error with list_cats
[Administration] Broken page navigation links
[Administration] “nextpage” navigation on permalinks with no trailing slash fails
[Optimization] Feeds return 304 when no new posts have been made
[Administration] Call to undefined function: get_bloginfo function

You all can freely download it here.
As well as, take a look of more than 170 bugs been fixed since WordPress 1.5.1.

Guide to upgrade is over here.

Enjoy. :)

IE Tab Browsing Confirmed !

Wednesday 18 May 2005 @ 1:25 am

IEBlog confirmed on May 16, 2005, that the next version of Windows web browser, Internet Explorer 7.0, which is code-named “Rincon“, has tabs.

They also admitted they should have integrated tab browsing feature earlier. :p

Some people have asked why we didn’t put tabs in IE sooner. Initially, we had some concerns around complexity and consistency… will it confuse users more than it benefits them? Is it confusing if IE has tabs, but other core parts of the Windows experience, like Windows Media Player or the shell, don’t have tabs? I think we made the wrong decision here initially, and we’re making the right one now.

Well, who doesn’t make mistake? As long as we learn from it and do the right thing next time. :)

Really looking forward to a better IE to be released end of this year, hopefully.

MSN Searches Desktop Too

Tuesday 17 May 2005 @ 9:29 pm

Microsoft Corp. has already moved its full version of MSN desktop search application out of beta version on May 16, 2005. Microsoft is now emphasizing its ties with the Windows operating system. The old name of MSN desktop search – MSN Search Toolbar – will be renamed to Windows Desktop Search.

MSN Search

Product unit manager for MSN Search, Dane Glasgow, revealed the MSN toolbar will be building tabbed browsing into the Internet Explorer browser.

MSN is announcing plans to release an automatic update to its new toolbar suite within the next few months that adds the ability to open tabs of multiple Web pages inside one browser window and to create routines where multiple sites are opened at once.

Windows Desktop Search appears to be part of Microsoft’s broader desktop search development for Windows, including the next version of Windows, Longhorn release, though company executives have said that MSN’s version of desktop search won’t be directly bundled into Windows.

As for MSN’s new desktop search application, it will be available as a free download in the United States for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


A “Thinner” Version Of Windows XP

Monday 16 May 2005 @ 12:37 am

Microsoft is going to release a stripped-down version of Windows XP, Code-named ‘Eiger‘. This Windows is designed for business users who want more security and manageability on older PCs.

Eiger, a stripped-down version of Windows XP Professional, is designed for customers who want more security and manageability, but who aren’t ready or able to upgrade to Windows XP, according to Microsoft officials. It is not a thin client in the traditional sense. Instead, Microsoft will offer it as an interim, “bridge” solution for enterprise users who ultimately plan to move to XP or Longhorn, officials said.

Actually, the specification of this verwion of Windows XP has already been published since April by Steven Bink, a Microsoft certified systems engineer based in Amsterdam.

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A “Thinner” Version Of Windows XP

Another Firefox Boost

Saturday 14 May 2005 @ 3:10 pm

IBM Corporation is going to endorse Firefox as the alternative to Internet Explorer for its massive employee base according to source.

I’m so glad finally I saw a big company is willing to give a better browser a try.

IBM said it had formally endorsed the use of the Mozilla Foundation’s Latest News about Mozilla Foundation browser, which had already found its way onto the desktops of some 10 percent of IBM’s 300,000-strong user base.

IBM is taking a very good step, which will make the software available for download from internal servers starting next week, hence, eliminating the need for users to go online to download it themselves. Besides, Their technical support department will start offering help desk support for the browser software. I believe this will be a massive boost for Firefox in gaining more market share, while the next version of Internet Explorer (IE 7.0) will only be available later this year.


A Glance On Windows Mobile 5.0

Friday 13 May 2005 @ 3:31 pm

As mentioned is the previous post about Windows Mobile 5.0 upgrade on Dell X50, we know very soon Microsoft will release their next Operating System for handheld devices. This handheld devices OS evolution started out as “Pocket PC 2000” evolved into “Pocket PC 2002,” then “Windows Mobile 2003,” and more recently “Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.”

Windows Mobile 5.0

Now let’s have a glance on the screen shots of what basically do we have in Windows Mobile 5.0.

Smartphone User Interface:

Smart Phone UI

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A Glance On Windows Mobile 5.0

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