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Weekly Highlights [July 3, 2005 – July 10, 2005]

Tuesday 12 July 2005 @ 6:00 pm

Due to the pace of posting at least one breaking news a day, I think it’s better to summarize all articles into weekly highlights just in case you missed any news in the week. :) So, start from this week, I’ll gather all posts from Monday to Sunday and create a weekly highlights.

Let’s have a look of what I’ve written for a week ago.

I posted a link to a Sign Board Creator, which is quite useful when you need to express some feeling to someone or want to have your own sign board in the middle of the street. :D I’ve posted the latest Motorola Linux Phone – E895 too. It’s the first mid range linux phone from Motorola.

One of the business breaking news among big companies in computing world was the news of IBM Wins USD$850 Million From Microsoft. IBM won the huge amount of money as the settlement to the federal government’s antitrust case against Microsoft in the 1990s.

On Tuesday, news about a critical bug was found in Internet Explorer (IE) was posted. The bug might crash the browser, in turn, could possibly be used to let an attacker run unauthorized software on the IE user’s computer system. So, in order to relax IE users, I posted a link of how Google Is Gonna Take Over The Web afterwards. :D Then, I blogged about the news of PalmSource is going to use Linux as their platform soon.

As the AMD sued Intel case goes, I posted an update to the case titled AMD Allowed To See Third-Party Documents. It’s about AMD has won a motion to serve document preservation subpoenas against computer makers, retailers, distributors and small system builders almost immediately after filing the motion Friday, July 1, 2005. Upon the request of Kahsoon, I created a small tutorial about Adding Post Count To Each Article In WordPress.

I’m sure some of you would like to know how Google is working on their daily operations, so Google Factory Tour is posted for the sake of all of Google fans including me. :) Go watch the video clip, it’s really very informative !! Well, as a temporary workaround for the IE bug, which I posted on Tuesday, Microsoft has come out a temporary solution on Microsoft’s Download Center.

On Friday, I was not in blogging mood due to the arrival of my idol Eason Chan to Penang !! I was singing his new songs the whole afternoon and preparing myself to go for his mini concert in the evening. Anyway, I did blog too, I blogged about 2005 World’s Smallest Hard Disk Drive, which manufactured by Imation.

I posted a fascinating breaking news, which was about Google Toolbar For FireFox. This toolbar is the first official Google toolbar and have two features which I love the most, PageRank and Translation. Soon after installing it, I love the Spell-Check feature, especially when I’m blogging. :D Then I posted a research result regarding “50% Chance PC Get Infected In 12 Minutes“. Besides, article titled IBM Released Dual Core Processor was published too.

Lastly, I blogged about how Yahoo trying to match Google SMS service, by rolling out its Web search using text messaging, a service that lets users in the United States tap the Internet media through mobile devices.

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