Google Talk Themes

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I didn’t know the Google Talk Themes I have created would receive such a good respond from all over the world. Anyway, thank you for your support.

Since I posted all 6 themes in different posts in the past few days, I thought might as well do a compilation of all themes here. On top of that, as promised I will show a simple tutorial of changing the colour of Google Talk.

Google Talk Themes

Here goes the tutorial :-

  • 1. You will need a Resource Editor/Viewer. Download anyone according to your preference.
  • 2. Open the original googletalk.exe, which usually resides in C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk folder.
  • 3. Duplicate the original googletalk.exe, just in case you might screw up editing the file.
  • 4. Open the duplicated copy of googletalk.exe using the Resource Editor.
  • 5. Expand the Bitmap tree and save bitmaps 139, 5001-5104, and 6007 (these are the files you need to edit the colour).
  • 6. Edit these bitmaps files, different bitmaps represent different portion of Google Talk’s interface.
  • 7. After editing to your desired colour, replace the original bitmaps with the edited ones.
  • 8. Save it and enjoy. :)

If you find this tutorial useful, please feel free to link back. Thanks.

Please be aware that you might breach the TOS of Google Talk and you are editing the file at your own risk. I am/will not be liable for any wrong doing related to this tutorial.

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