Nokia N8 : Connect to Sony NEX3 dSLR Camera Using USB On-The-Go

I’ve always been looking for a way to connect a phone and a camera without the need of a PC for instant sharing and backup. Finally, I found my answer 2 days ago when I had a crazy thought to connect my Nokia N8 to Sony NEX3 dSLR camera using USB On-The-Go.

Nokia N8 : Connect To Sony NEX3 dSLR Camera Using USB OnTheGo

Nokia N8 has a cool feature called USB On-The-Go, which enables the user to connect the phone to USB storage devices such as thumb drive, mobile phone, etc. So, I thought why not try to connect the N8 to my camera and see if they recognize each other. To my surprise, both devices connected without a problem and the N8 was able to read all files in the camera.

I love to travel and one of the problems I always have while traveling is to worry that my camera will run out of storage space. With the USB On-The-Go feature of Nokia N8, I don’t have to worry about this problem anymore because I can now backup my photos from Sony NEX3 to the phone’s 16GB storage (expandable to 48GB) without the need of a PC or laptop.

On top of that, I can instantly share any photo in my camera across the Internet via Twitter, Flickr or Facebook directly from the storage of the camera as well! How often after you snapped an amazing picture with your digital camera but found out that you can’t tweet it from the digital camera? Now you can, using Nokia N8!

Watch the video below to see it in action :-

You like this cool feature of Nokia N8 too?

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  2. Ethan, very cool indeed. :D

    CLF, I’m so glad I found this trick. Now I don’t need to bring my heavy laptop around while traveling.

    Pixelpipe, hey I would like take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a user friendly service!

  3. Anshum, I’m sorry to hear that. At least we now know connecting N8 to camera is possible and hopefully Nokia will add support to more devices in the upcoming firmware update for N8.

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