Free 50GB Online Storage For iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod) Users!

Friday 14 October 2011 @ 2:56 pm

Online storage service provider is giving away a whopping 50GB free online storage to all iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch) users if you log in to your account or register for a new account directly from their iOS app. This is latest promotion which starts from today and lasts for 50 days until 2nd December, 2011. Free 50GB For iOS Users

Free 50GB for iOS
Free 50GB Online Storage For iOS Users. (Click to enlarge)

It’s easy to get this free 50GB online storage, just follow these steps :-

  • 1. Visit the app store, search for “” and download/update the latest Box app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • 2. Log in to your account or register for a new account directly from the app
  • 3. Enjoy the free 50GB online storage on your device. :)

This special offer is valid for anyone using a Personal account on an iOS device. Your account will have an increased file size upload limit of 100MB instead of the usual 25MB too!

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Free 50GB Online Storage For iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod) Users!

Golden Egg In Angry Birds Seasons: A Secret Samsung Galaxy S II Level

Sunday 9 October 2011 @ 11:46 pm

There’s a golden egg in Angry Birds Seasons to unlock a secret Samsung Galaxy S II level. This special level was dedicated to only Samsung Galaxy S II user but I think it’s now available to Galaxy S users too as I managed to unlocked it on my Galaxy S. You may want to check it on your mobile if you have Angry Birds Seasons installed.

Angry Birds Seasons Golden Egg: Secret Samasung galaxy S II Level
Playing secret Samsung Galaxy S II level on my Samsung Galaxy S

This secret level has a totally different gravity pull than other Angry Birds level. It’s a different playing experience altogether. Below are the steps to unlocked this Golden Egg :-

  • 1. Go into Summer Pignic episode in Angry Birds Seasons.
  • 2. Play Level 3.
  • 3. Shoot the white bird to the left, drop its explosive egg at the edge of the platform.
  • 4. If the egg hits the edge of the platform, a golden egg is found.
  • 5. Enjoy playing the secret Samsung Galaxy S II level. :)

Check my video tutorial to see how it is done.

This secret level was used in the recent Asian Angry Birds Challenge. Details of the competition will be coming up in the next post. :)

My Trip To Angry Birds Headquarters In Helsinki

Thursday 6 October 2011 @ 8:55 pm

Two weeks ago I was in Helsinki, Finland, as one of the finalists for Asian Angry Birds Challenge organized by Finnish Airlines Finnair and Rovio’s Angry Birds. Asian Angry Birds Challenge is a campaign to promote Finnair’s new route to Singapore and in conjunction with Angry Birds’s business strategy to focus in Asian markets. Anyway, I’ll leave the details and what was happening during the contest in the upcoming post because this post is all about Angry Birds! :D

A day before the Asian Angry Birds Challenge contest, we were invited to have an exclusive tour to Angry Birds Headquarters located in Espoo during the 2-day stay in Helsinki.

Angry Birds Headquarters

In this Angry Birds Headquarters tour, I got to meet some developers behind the famous Angry Birds game, hear the latest Angry Birds news and get the some insider information of Angry Birds future plans.

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My Trip To Angry Birds Headquarters In Helsinki

Steve Jobs Has Passed Away (1955-2011)

Thursday 6 October 2011 @ 3:52 pm

Steve Jobs (1955-2011)Apple co-founder and two-time CEO Steve Jobs has just passed away a few hours ago today at the age of 56. I just feel like writing a blog post as a memorandum.

I admire and respect him as an entrepreneur who believe in things he was doing and was so passionate in doing them. He has walked into many people’s life and changed the way we live. Without him, the mobile device industry won’t be the same today. It’s no doubt Steve Jobs is a legend and what he has left is a legacy.

May you rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You’ll be dearly missed. :(

Nokia N9 Coming To Nokia Stores In Malaysia On 7 October 2011

Wednesday 5 October 2011 @ 10:18 pm

The long anticipated Nokia N9 will be hitting the shelves at Nokia stores in Malaysia on this coming Friday (7th October 2011).

The Nokia N9 is available in three colors: black, cyan and magenta, with 2 storage options of 16GB and 64GB. The Nokia N9 16GB will be retailing at (RRP) MYR1799 (US$563 or EUR424) and 64GB at (RRP) MYR2088 (US$654 or EUR492).

Nokia N9 available in 3 colours, Black, Cyan & Magenta

While you are waiting for the arrival of the latest Nokia smartphone, feel free to check out the main features of Nokia N9, 3D gaming experience on Nokia N9 and a detailed preview of Nokia N9 to know more about the device.

By the way, there’s one thing not many people know about Nokia N9 is that Nokia N9 is the world’s first smartphone with Dolby Digital Plus decoding and Dolby Headphone post-processing technology, so you get a surround sound experience with any set of headphones or speakers.

So head over to any Nokia Store nearby to enjoy the smooth swiping experience this Friday and you might even win yourself a brand new Nokia N9 if you are visiting selected Nokia Store in Kuala Lumpur!

Visit the official Nokia N9 product page for more information.

Angry Birds For Symbian^3 Is Free Now!

Wednesday 5 October 2011 @ 2:15 pm

Good news to all Angry Birds lovers and Nokia Symbian^3 phone users, Angry Birds game for Symbian^3 has gone free! Quickly head over to Nokia Store to download Angry Birds v1.6.3 for free now! It’s a full version with 255 levels for you to play.

Angry Birds For Symbian^3

The application size is about 15MB so a WiFi connection is recommended for downloading. :)

Hope you enjoy the game!


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