Golden Egg In Angry Birds Seasons: A Secret Samsung Galaxy S II Level

Sunday 9 October 2011 @ 11:46 pm

There’s a golden egg in Angry Birds Seasons to unlock a secret Samsung Galaxy S II level. This special level was dedicated to only Samsung Galaxy S II user but I think it’s now available to Galaxy S users too as I managed to unlocked it on my Galaxy S. You may want to check it on your mobile if you have Angry Birds Seasons installed.

Angry Birds Seasons Golden Egg: Secret Samasung galaxy S II Level
Playing secret Samsung Galaxy S II level on my Samsung Galaxy S

This secret level has a totally different gravity pull than other Angry Birds level. It’s a different playing experience altogether. Below are the steps to unlocked this Golden Egg :-

  • 1. Go into Summer Pignic episode in Angry Birds Seasons.
  • 2. Play Level 3.
  • 3. Shoot the white bird to the left, drop its explosive egg at the edge of the platform.
  • 4. If the egg hits the edge of the platform, a golden egg is found.
  • 5. Enjoy playing the secret Samsung Galaxy S II level. :)

Check my video tutorial to see how it is done.

This secret level was used in the recent Asian Angry Birds Challenge. Details of the competition will be coming up in the next post. :)

“I Love Samsung Galaxy S II” Campaign – Submit Video

Tuesday 4 October 2011 @ 10:43 am

After browsing through the videos submitted in the Samsung Galaxy S II microsite, I particularly like this video even though it may look a little silly. Watch it you’ll get what I mean. Haha.

Well, if I was the guy I’ll take both the cash and the phone but I guess the video has its hidden message to tell. Anyway, if you have a cool idea of showing your live to your Samsung Galaxy S II, feel free to take a short video and submit it to the microsite too.

I Love Samsung Galaxy S II Campaign Submit Video

Samsung Galaxy S : Homescreen & Applications Page In Landscape Mode

Friday 24 September 2010 @ 8:03 pm

I just found a bug in Samsung Galaxy S that will show the homescreen and applications page in landscape mode.

Samsung Galaxy S : Homescreen & Applications Page In Landscape Mode

By default, both the homescreen and application page are in portrait mode and we are not able to tilt the screen into landscapre mode by rotating the phone. After my discovery of this landscape mode in both views I think Samsung fixed the UI (User Interface) on purpose which I find no apparent reason of doing so.

Below is the video I took to show you how the homescreen and applications page look in landscape mode :-

I would love to have the ability to change the orientation by tilting the phone, hopefully we’ll see this landscape mode in Froyo (Android 2.2).

Samsung Galaxy S 3D Racing Game – Asphalt 5

Friday 30 July 2010 @ 2:07 pm

I was totally addicted to this 3D racing game, Asphalt 5, and was playing it everyday on my Samsung Galaxy S since last week.

Asphalt 5 Splash Screen
Asphalt 5 Splash Screen

The full version of Asphalt 5 is available for download in Samsung Apps at no charge. I thank Samsung for giving it free to all the users of Samsung Galaxy S. Anyway, this 3D racing game is priced at US$4.99 and is available at the developer’s site,

The game basically offers you 4 racing modes :-

  • Quick race – Pick a racing venue and practice. No monetary reward in this mode.
  • Career – Complete a race to advance to a higher level. You’ll win some money in each level to buy cars and accessories. New cars and girls will be unlocked in different levels as well.
  • Multiplayer – Race with other player(s) of Asphalt 5 via WiFi connection.
  • WCG2010 – Race with other players of Asphalt 5 online over the Internet. Live result is available at

Continue Reading »
Samsung Galaxy S 3D Racing Game – Asphalt 5

Maxis10 – Samsung Galaxy S Reviews Wrapping Up

Saturday 17 July 2010 @ 9:11 pm

The 2-week Maxis10 review programme of Samsung Galaxy S is coming to an end tomorrow, so I’m wrapping up all the reviews that I’ve done so far. You may find all interesting reviews from the reviewers using the hashtag #Maxis10 in Twitter.

Each of us in this review programme have covered different aspects of Samsung Galaxy S in our reviews, below are mine :-

One thing I want to stress is that no phone is perfect, but there will be a phone that is perfect for you.

Samsung Galaxy S does have its strengths and weaknesses but it successfully amazed me in many ways. To wrap up my Samsung Galaxy S review series, the impressed me decided to do a quick and simple survey to gather opinions and first impression on Samsung Galaxy S from random individuals in a shopping mall after I show them the phone and let them play with it for a while. Below is the video :-

If you are interested in getting the phone, go to the nearest Maxis Center and check out the phone. They are having a promotion right now offering you the phone at only RM1,699 under 1 year contract. The normal price without contract is RM2,599.

Now good luck to all fellow Maxis10 reviewers.

Maxis10 – Samsung Galaxy S Reception Test

Saturday 17 July 2010 @ 3:56 pm

Phone signal lost is a very hot topic these days after iPhone 4 was tested to have such problem due to its antenna design.

As we known that the antenna of Samsung Galaxy S is located at the bottom of the phone, below the battery. So, we might have a concern that the phone may suffer the same significant signal lost as the iPhone 4.

Therefore, I did a simple reception test on Samsung Galaxy S and below is the video :-

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