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Sunday 26 February 2006 @ 3:18 am

Well, usually we use major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask Jeeves to search whatever we need on the Internet. What if we are looking for something special and can’t manage to find via these search engines?

I came across at least 3 search engines which respectively target different niche search items, one is specialized as Photo Search Engine, another is Programming Code Search Engine and another is Mobile Content Search Engine by Nokia.

RiyaLet me start with the first one of a kind search engine, Riya – The Next Generation Photo Search Engine. Well, of course I know Google has its images search feature as well but Riya uses proprietary face and text recognition which can intelligently recognize each and every instance of that person or place in the photo.

Riya’s bag of tricks is pretty big–besides looking at facial features, it also examines people’s clothing to help recognize individuals in multiple pictures. It does subtle analysis of the timestamps on photos to help it make further intelligent guesses about who’s who. And it also does optical recognition of signs and other text in pictures (if you’re wearing a nametag, it may be able to read it).

Wanna try it out now? Take a tour at Riya’s website now.

KrugleNext, let’s look at the Programming Code Search Engine, Krugle (sounds like Google to me). For your information, WiredNews even called it as “Google For Coders”. :) Krugle is a special search engine for application developers or so called programmers. Basically, it helps developers to find source code and technical information.

Krugle, which launches officially in March 2006, indexes programming code and documentation from open-source repositories like SourceForge and includes corporate sites for programmers like the Sun Developer Network. The index will cover around 100 million pages of what company founder Ken Krugler terms the “technical web” — high-quality technical pages for professional programmers.

I love open source applications and for sure I love Krugle as well. It will definitely help to increase coders’ productivity and perhaps fix bugs in open source application. Apart from Krugle, similar source code search engine are Koders and CodeFetch.

Nokia Mobile SearchThe last search engine I would like to introduce is Nokia Mobile Content Search Engine. I think this is not really something a search engine but it certainly helps in searching mobile content here instead of trying your luck in major search engines.

Nokia Mobile Search is a free application running on certain compatibled Nokia mobile phones (Nokia 6630, 6680, and 6681). This search application enables you to search for local services, websites, images and mobile contents. You can search for contacts of local services like restaurants and shops using the advanced mapping technology on your mobile phone. Besides, you are able to look for mobile contents such as wallpapers, ringtones, etc. For further information about this search application, fell free to visit its FAQ page.

Information is every where on the Internet, so search smartly.

By the way, search before asking anything if possible. Personally, I always have hard time to answer question like “How to open pdf file?”. :p

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