What? Intel Pentium D Is Actually Two Pentium 4 !!

Monday 22 August 2005 @ 4:11 am

Ok guys, this is definitely a stunning news for anyone using Intel Pentium D processor (actually it is as stunning for everyone else :p ) !!

Intel Corp. recently revealed that its Intel Pentium D processor is actually 2 Intel Pentium 4 cores on the same package !! This announcement was made by Jonathan Douglas, a principal engineer in Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group (responsible for making chips for office desktops and servers) at the conference at Stanford University.

“Intel was unable to design a new memory bus in time for the dual-core chip, so it kept the same bus structure that older Pentium 4 chips used”

“We’re putting two cores in one package; it’s like trying to fit into the pair of pants you saved from college” =))

In fact, Pentium D’s bus could support two separate single-core processors, but it was far less efficient than either the dual-independent buses that will appear on the Paxville processors (Intel forthcoming server chip) or the integrated memory controller used on AMD‘s chips (a true Direct Connect Architecture !!).

The design creates some problems, since dual-core processors must have some logic that coordinates the actions of both cores, and those transistors must go somewhere in an already small package.

Douglas then admitted it was a rush in releasing Smithfield (processor core of Pentium D) because Intel completed the Smithfield processor core in only nine months, which is an extremely short development time for a major processor design.

One reason for Intel’s aggressive schedule for developing Smithfield was the company’s need to respond to AMD’s actions, Douglas said, without mentioning AMD by name. “We needed a competitive response. We were behind”

You were? I think you are, isn’t it? :)

In fact, a few weeks before the release of Intel Pentium D Dual Core processor which is using Smithfield core back in April 2005, one of my Intel Friends argued with me that Intel will be the first to launch Dual Core processor. He even shared some links with me regarding the release. LoL… Yes, no doubt Intel launched it a few days before AMD released theirs, but look at what a crap they have put in to Pentium D Dual Core processor !! Combine 2 old cores and come out with a new name? [-(

I am actually wondering, since we still don’t see any dual core Pentium M processors available for laptops, why not putting 2 Pentium M processors and come out with a new name, in order to become the first dual core mobile processor?

Anyway, Intel is working on designing an improved server version of Smithfield, known as Paxville, and there are some improvements in this core. So, let’s see how Paxville performs as it will be released later this year.

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