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Virtual Browser

Saturday 28 October 2006 @ 3:20 am

Internet Service Provider (ISP) blocks your favourite websites, like what Streamyx is doing to us ??

For people who doesn’t know how to use proxy server, here is something helpful !!

Virtualbrowser is a web proxy-like script programmed in PHP designed to bypass firewalls, school/country blockers, and other proxy restrictions through a web interface.

It acts like a simple online web browser where you can enter the URL of the website and bypass all the restrictions. Besides You also have options of disabling Javascript, accepting cookies, showing images, removing meta tags, etc.

The server that Virtualbrowser runs on simply acts as a medium that retrives resources for you. The only IP address shown will be Virtualbrowser server’s IP address. So basically, it is indirect browsing, keeping your information from reaching the destination website.

Enjoy. :)

Tuesday 24 October 2006 @ 12:51 pm

My first reaction when I first saw this URL was a laugh.

First, we saw YaGoohoogle, but unfortunately the site is already down for months.


Since, is getting famous these days. Now, there is another YaGoohoogle wanna-be, named !! It is pretty obvious that this website is trying to imitate what YaGoohoogle was doing and give you search results from both Google and Baidu displayed side by side.

Anyway, YaGoohoogle has already been taken down, I am curious to see how long will BaiGoo be serving us. :p

Windows Vista Review

Monday 23 October 2006 @ 11:21 am

Well, I do not have the forthcoming Windows, Windows Vista (previously named Longhorn), to try out, but is kind enough to do a review of the new version of Windows. Just in case you are curious about it, this review at least gives you the first impression on Windows Vista.

The following are the things the review covers : –

  • Booting process – you know, right from the black colour screen before Windows is actually loaded.
  • Graphics Device Interface – How Windows Vista create graphics on display.
  • Virtual Folders – One of the hottest features we have been waiting to have a look.
  • The Desktop – The first glimpse of the new Windows OS.
  • Start Menu – The famous “Start” button that you are so familiar with.
  • Windows Explorer – Not Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer is explorer that showing you your files directory tree and folder contents.
  • Internet Explorer – The beta version of Internet Explorer 7 has been embedded into Windows Vista Beta 1.

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Windows Vista Review

64bit WEP Cracked In 10 Minutes

Thursday 19 October 2006 @ 5:11 am

Some guys demonstrated how to crack a wireless network securing with 64bit WEP security in less than 10 minutes. They were using Whoppix 2.7 as the OS.

From the process of cracking, I don’t think it’s hard to learn. Just follow the steps and use some 3rd party WEP cracking applications.

So, my advice to those who is buying any wireless router, it’s better to go for wireless router with WPA security. :)


Thursday 12 October 2006 @ 2:04 pm

Most of the Apple products are labelled with an”i” in front of the product names, like iMac, iPod etc. There are products modified from Apple products too, like what we have seen some iMac turned into aquariums.

So, I wouldn’t be surprise when I found this iToilet mod. :D


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Google Bought YouTube For USD$1.65Billion

Tuesday 10 October 2006 @ 7:35 pm

Well, I might be a few hours late to blog about this news, but it’s still worth writing. Google has finally ended the speculation of acquiring, which already been raised over and over again for the past few months.

Seeing youtube is already serving more than 100 million videos everyday, Google decided to be the leader of online video hosting service in a quick way – by acquiring for USD$1.65 Billion! In other words, in this purchase Google has beaten the potential buyers included Yahoo and Microsoft Corp. and media giants News Corp., owner of, and MTV owner Viacom Inc.

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Google Bought YouTube For USD$1.65Billion

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