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Tips To Search Special Search Items

Sunday 26 February 2006 @ 3:18 am

Well, usually we use major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask Jeeves to search whatever we need on the Internet. What if we are looking for something special and can’t manage to find via these search engines?

I came across at least 3 search engines which respectively target different niche search items, one is specialized as Photo Search Engine, another is Programming Code Search Engine and another is Mobile Content Search Engine by Nokia.

RiyaLet me start with the first one of a kind search engine, Riya – The Next Generation Photo Search Engine. Well, of course I know Google has its images search feature as well but Riya uses proprietary face and text recognition which can intelligently recognize each and every instance of that person or place in the photo.

Riya’s bag of tricks is pretty big–besides looking at facial features, it also examines people’s clothing to help recognize individuals in multiple pictures. It does subtle analysis of the timestamps on photos to help it make further intelligent guesses about who’s who. And it also does optical recognition of signs and other text in pictures (if you’re wearing a nametag, it may be able to read it).

Wanna try it out now? Take a tour at Riya’s website now.
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Tips To Search Special Search Items

Google Store – Buy Google Related Products

Saturday 25 February 2006 @ 4:38 pm

Oppss… Another Google related news, can’t help it.

Google StoreGoogle Store is not a new site operated by Google because I have seen it back in 2004. Google Store ( used to be located at and the homepage with a map of the world is a new addition to the website.

Google Store Map
Where is the U.K.?

Something bizarre is that the map on the homepage doesn’t not show some countries including the advanced U.K., Madagascar, Iceland, Greenland, Cuba, etc. Even the victim of tsunami, Sri Lanka, also missing from the map. The map designer might need to take a geographic class and remedy it. :p

Anyway, some Google related products are available in Google Store including accessories, fun stuffs, kids wear, office accessories, wearables, software and even server hardware. Only software is free in Google Store and those software can be downloaded from Google Pack as well.
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Google Store – Buy Google Related Products

Google Pages – Create Webpage Online

Friday 24 February 2006 @ 8:56 pm

Google Page Creator
As the title suggests, this is yet another Google related post. I think Netizen like me just can’t stay on the Internet without Google.

Well, Google has just launched another (yup, again!) free online service called Google Page. Google Page allows you to easily create webpages in just minutes. I believe it will be very helpful to non-techie website owner because it requires no technical knowledge at all.

Too bad I didn’t register myself to Google Page last night when I knew about it, now Google will take your email address and notify you when the service is open again. Anyway, the following are some features of Google Page :-

  • Edit webpages and see the result instantly (what you you see is what you’ll get)
  • Edit from within your web browser (no other software is required)
  • You end product will go live on own site provided by Google (at

Doesn’t this cool service look interesting? Certainly it is!
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Google Pages – Create Webpage Online

Ghostzilla Invisible Browser – Surf Invisibly

Thursday 23 February 2006 @ 3:51 pm

I know most of you are employees and you might have difficulties surfing the Internet during working hours especially your monitor is highly visible from any angle of the office. Now, you don’t have to worry too much your boss will see you surfing if you surf using Ghostzilla -The Invisible Browser.

Ghostzilla is basically a web browser just like Firefox but it does a little more than a browser. It blends nicely in any application such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Word, etc. Not to mention, it’s open source as well.

Even though websites might not display in the best way under Ghostzilla, it does a great job for you to hide from your boss or entertain yourself in the boring meeting, isn’t it? Well, of course Ghostzilla is not for you to surf illegal websites but will only help pretending you are actually working while surfing. Surfing illegal websites can be tracked by the server of your company anyway.

The website even provides you the manual and guides of how to use Ghostzilla. So, use it wisely and good luck.

Save GTalk Chat History

Tuesday 7 February 2006 @ 11:40 pm

Both MSN and Yahoo Messenger have its archive features so that we are able to save all chatting sessions for future reference or something. Initially Google’s GTalk didn’t have such archiving feature when it first launched, but the feature was just added into the instant messenger recently.

Surprisingly, not even Official Google Blog or GTalk Blog mentioned about this newly added feature. This only official article mentioned about new archiving feature can be found in GMail FAQ page.

GTalk Archive Setting

To use this archiving feature, you will need to enable it from GMail settings as shown in the figure above. If you feel keeping track of all your chat sessions in Google server, you can always turn the feature off at any later time.
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Save GTalk Chat History

No More Dell HDD MP3 Players

Monday 6 February 2006 @ 3:31 pm

Dell hdd mp3 player

It’s sad to know that Dell is going to stop producing its harddisk based portable mp3 players. However, Dell Ditty, a flash memory based mp3 player with 512mb capacity, will be remain in production.

In fact, Dell quietly discontinue all high end Dell DJ series in late December and early January without doing much announcement regarding this incident.

“We saw an opportunity to streamline and consolidate our portfolio,” Dell spokesman Liem Nguyen said. “We made a decision to transition from the hard-drive products to flash players at the beginning of this year.”

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No More Dell HDD MP3 Players

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