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Back To Google PageRank 5

Thursday 1 April 2010 @ 8:48 am

It’s been a long time since this blog got its Google PageRank 5. It should be around 2 years back if my memory serves me right.

Google PageRank 5

In fact, I realized the recent update of Google PageRank about two weeks ago and was quite happy with it. I have not been sold text links anymore since the last PageRank (PR) drop, so I suppose this is the reward from Google to me for doing so.

Google PR of a website goes up and down depending on how Google judges it, therefore I’m not so particular with it. Nevertheless, it does have a significant effect to how the website is ranking in the Google search result.

This is how Wikipedia explains about Google PageRank :-

Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet; this PageRank denotes a site’s importance in the eyes of Google. The PageRank is derived from a theoretical probability value on a logarithmic scale like the Richter Scale.

I usually use this PageRank Checker to double check the PR in addition to the PR showing on my Google toolbar. This PageRank Checker will query more than 20 Google servers across the world in order to show more accurate result.

By the way, I’ll be posting some reviews of Nokia N900 and two WordPress related books that has been long overdue. So, stay tuned! :)

WordPress 2.7 Upgrade And Some Updates

Friday 12 December 2008 @ 2:01 am

WordPressI’m now writing in WordPress 2.7 (codenamed Coltrane). Yes, it’s another round of upgrade just 2 weeks after the previous version WordPress 2.6.5 was released.

WordPress 2.7

This version is a major upgrade with various changes and enhancements feature and security wise.
So, it’s recommended to upgrade to the latest WordPress 2.7.
Since it is a major upgrade, you’ll need to do database backup before upgrading because it involves database upgrade as well.

Below are some improvements that I really like :-

  • Keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation
  • Sticky Posts! (now we don’t need a plugin to make sticky post. Yeay!)
  • Dashboard interface rearranging (arrange the Administration Panel as you like)
  • One-click plugin installs
  • Reply to comments from admin
  • WordPress Upgrader!* (download, install, and upgrade all inside the Administration Panel)

*Not all web hosts support this feature.

I’ve checked WordPress Upgrader on our server at IXIY Hosting, it’s running perfectly. So now we can upgrade our blogs with just 1 click! Check out the screen capture I took.

WordPress 2.7 Automatic Upgrade

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WordPress 2.7 Upgrade And Some Updates

Interviewed By Malay Mail Newspaper

Friday 30 May 2008 @ 9:04 pm

About 2 weeks ago, I received a surprise email from the consultant of Malay Mail Newspaper, asking for my consent to get featured on their BlogSpot section. They have been featuring a number of famous bloggers in Malaysia for the past weeks and finally my interview was published 2 days ago on Wednesday, May 28, 2008. I only received the snapshot of article today, hence, this late post.

Malay Mail BlogSpot Interview
Click for larger view.

Well, I don’t have much to add to the interview published right now but I’m really happy for the Interview as I’m not forgotten even though I was away from this blog for so long. Below are some links related to the memories I mentioned in the interview :-

This interview marks my return to blogging after 5 months of long break, which I dearly regretted as mentioned in the interview. I owe so much to the users of my WordPress Theme – Adsminded and the blog readers too for the lack of blog update. A major update of Adsminded will be released in June and I will set up a forum dedicated for it as well.

You will definitely see me posting again very soon, till then see ya!

Spam Commentssssss

Tuesday 10 April 2007 @ 2:16 pm

After another hectic week with server outage issues, death of desktop’s motherboard and some offline activities, I’m finally back to blogging again.

Every time when I come back blogging, the first thing I need to deal with is the spam comments. This is the biggest trouble I need to face because usually the number of the spam comments is huge! Last week it marked the most spam comments I’ve received so far, just take a look for yourself :-

spam comments

Minus some less than 30 comments that still under moderation, the rest are just simply spam comments. Can you imagine that?
Anyway, I did glance through all the comments in case I miss any valuable one before deleting the junk.

Talking about spam filter for WordPress, I’ve tried Bad Behaviour and Spam Karma. Both of them didn’t really give good results.
I will have to try Askimet soon.

Anyone has an effective spam filter to recommend? I need it badly!

#2 Most Influential Blog In Malaysia?

Tuesday 6 February 2007 @ 4:58 pm

Hi all,

I’m again sorry for the lack of update. :p

Now I’m back (again!) to blogging because I was a bit amazed this morning been told that this blog is labeled #2 most influential blog in Malaysia.

influential malaysian blogs

Basically, the way Gaman ranked the blogs is based on Technorati ranking. This blog is ranked 604 in Technorati at the moment. Therefore, after reading his post I don’t feel surprise this blog ranked so high in Gaman’s chart as long as only Technorati ranking is taken into account.

Is my blog influential? I suppose many of you doubt about it, me too. Anyway, this is Gaman’s chart and he has his own explanation to how he defines “influential”. Anyway, one thing I’m sure is that this chart will be a good foundation for any future research on Malaysian blogs.

Now I seem to have motivation to blog more often, since I’m so “influential“. Haha…

This post is also a friendly plug in a way to appreciate the effort and time Gaman (owner of has put in to compile the list of the top 50. Kudos to him!

{tags}malaysian bloggers, malaysian blogs{/tags}

I’m Back And Theme Changed !

Monday 10 July 2006 @ 6:47 pm

Hi all,

It’s been more than 1 month I didn’t blog at all, sorry for the lack of update.
Final year thesis and World Cup took up most of my time last month. Thank God it’s all over!

As you noticed, I’ve just changed the theme of this blog to my own WordPress theme, AdsMinded, the theme for contextual advertisement (such as AdSense) publishers.

Due to reason my blog is slightly modded, I’m afraid the new theme would give you broken link or any sort of problem.
Please kindly drop me a comment here if you find any. Thanks a lot!

I’m now officially back to the blogsphere again. Besides, I’m thinking of covering more topics such as earning money on the Internet and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the future. Stay tuned!

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