5 Unique Things You Can Do Using (Only) Nokia N900

It’s been 2 months since I started using Nokia N900. I’ve been telling my friends who are interested in this device that N900 is actually like a hidden treasure, the more you explore the more you’ll discover its capabilities.

Below are some unique functions that I found in Nokia N900 :-

1. Heavy Multitasking

It’s not normal multitasking like open up 5-10 applications at once. Nokia N900 is able to run up to (if not more) 32 applications, all at the same time. This is the video that I’ve seen the most number of applications open on N900 :-

Need more processing power?

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Universal Mobile Phones Compatible With Different Operating Systems

Countless smartphones have been released by major phone manufacturers in the past few years, such as Nokia, Apple, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Palm, etc. Each of these phones runs on its own operating system (OS) and we still do not see a universal mobile phone that is compatible with different operating systems in the market.

Phone hackers had proven that it’s indeed possible to run different operating systems on the same phone. Some recent examples are :-

Nokia N900 (default OS is Maemo 5) running on Android

iPhone 3G (default OS is iPhone 3.0) running on Android

Of course, before running a different OS on a phone there are many considerations such as hardware driver compatibility, etc. However, I believe the hardware-OS compatibility issue can be solved between the OS developer and phone manufacturer. Hopefully, we’ll soon see the first universal mobile phone that we can install different OS on it, just like how we are doing on our PC.