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Short Review Of Latest Firefox 1.5

Wednesday 30 November 2005 @ 12:44 pm

We have been waiting for this moment to come anxiously since the last Release Candidate version of Firefox (Firefox 1.5RC3) on November 17, 2005. Now the final version of Firefox 1.5 is available. Previously, we can reach the download page of Firefox from either or, but now all these websites will be directed to the main page of, which is the developer of the famous Firefox.

Since quite a number of bloggers have already talked about the release of Firefox 1.5 in PPS by providing the download link and some introduction of the new features, I will skip those parts as you can read it from the link.

I, Myself just downloaded Firefox 1.5 and started playing with it to see what are the new features and stuffs. I found out most of the themes are not compatible with this latest version. Out of 8 themes I have, only 2 have the latest compatible version, they are Noia 2.0 (eXtreme) and Aquatint. Anyway, you still can download whichever compatible themes that suit you from the themes page.
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Short Review Of Latest Firefox 1.5

Yahooligans! The Web Guide For Kids

Tuesday 29 November 2005 @ 9:29 pm

Yahooligans! is a great portal for kids. It features comprehensive safe surfing, games, homework help, and many kid friendly activities.


Basically, Yahooligans! is a “kids-friendly” searchable directory of Internet sites for kids. Each site has been carefully checked by experienced educators to ensure the content and links are appropriate for kids aged 7-12. All selected websites listed in the directory are handpicked by Yahooligans!’s specially trained editors, not from some filtering process, so they are safe for kids to browse. In addition to this directory, yahoo also has a number of fun features, including Yahooligans! Games, Sports and News pages, Movies, Animals, and lots more.

All in all, Yahooligans! is a cool web-surfing tool of choice for kids. So, parents like 5xmom, Double Happiness, Willwolf, and even Rojaks Daily should now direct their children to Yahooligans! instead of some other polluted search engines. LoL… :D – One-Stop Interesting News Center

Monday 28 November 2005 @ 11:47 pm
So, what actually is is a website combines all three famous feed aggregators, Digg, slashdot, and in one place. You can now browse all interesting news from IT related news to leisure stuffs from those three websites under one roof.

So, for frequent visitors of those three websites, definitely gives you a nice one-stop browsing experience.

By the way, is not built using the famous language PHP, but utilizing another web development framework called TurboGears, which using Python as the core programming language. Pretty interesting.

AMD To Have Own Chipset Soon

Sunday 27 November 2005 @ 10:55 pm

So far, microprocessor manufacturer, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), does not have its own motherboard chipset unlike their bitter rival, Intel, do. However, soon AMD will introduce its own special chipset for entertainment-oriented PCs.

AMD is planning to come up with a new brand for its digital media platforms in 2006 utilizing their own chipset. Currently AMD is still relying on third party chipset manufacturer such as VIA Technology. The coming chipset will be labeled a brand new name too which remains unknown at the moment. Well, this new brand is likely to compete against Intel’s Viiv which also targeting entertainment-oriented PCs.

While Intel’s Viiv based PC is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2006, the development time line for the new brand of AMD is still unclear to the public. Hopefully, sooner or later we will see some AMD brand motherboards available in the market.

Is Your Blog Good Or Evil?

Thursday 24 November 2005 @ 4:44 pm

After a long 10 days apart from my blog, I miss blogging so much. My apologies for lacking of updates for the past 1 week or so, due to the exam papers and some personal stuffs that I should have completed a few months ago yet kept postponing them. Anyway, I am now back with some cool IT news and info coming your way!

I am 42% Evil 58% Good

Here is the first thing I wanted to share last week but had no time to blog about it. It’s actually a website that analyzes how good or evil is your site, regardless blog or normal website. The analysis done in the website, named as The Gematriculator, is backed by the methods of Gematria developed by Mr. Ivan Panin, a Russian mathematical genius who was born in 1855. Don’t ask me how it works, to me, mathematical equations are unexplainable. :p

Basically, Gematria is searching for different patterns through the text, such as the amount of words beginning with a vowel. It analyzes whether the amount of these matches is divisible by a certain number, etc etc.

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Is Your Blog Good Or Evil?

Yahoo in 1996 & Google in 1998

Sunday 13 November 2005 @ 1:42 pm

Suanie posted an entry about some sweet memories in the 90s. It reminded me that I was still a teenager that time who only used PC for games and entertainment.

For some of you who were web surfers back in 1990s, might still remember how the old Yahoo! and Google looked like. Just to bring back the old memory of these 2 search engine giant, here I present you Yahoo! in 1996 and Google in 1998. For those who have not seen the old version of Yahoo! and Google, enjoy too. :)

Well, back in 1996, Yahoo! was still a web directory itself comprised of around 370,000 sites. That time, Yahoo! was more or less a place served as Yellow pages and to search for latest news. For your information, this is the 2-year-old Yahoo! as Yahoo! was created in April 1994.
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Yahoo in 1996 & Google in 1998

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