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“I Love Samsung Galaxy S II” Campaign – Play Now

Wednesday 28 September 2011 @ 10:38 am

Have you visited the “I Love Samsung Galaxy S II” Campaign microsite developed by Samsung dedicated to Samsung Galaxy S II owners yet?

"I Love Samsung Galaxy S II" Campaign - Play Now

One of the cool feature in the microsite is in the Play Now page as indicated as number 1 in the above picture. There’s a text box at the bottom left (indicated as number 2) for you to key-in any word you like to get the talents to act the words in the video. Just click the Play button, the video will start playing.

Well, if you get bored after playing for a while, feel free to browse the videos submitted by Samsung Galaxy S II users too.

“I Love Samsung Galaxy S II” Campaign

Monday 26 September 2011 @ 12:38 am

I’ve been eying on Samsung Galaxy S II since its launch in Malaysia in June 2011. It’s the superior hardware in Samsung Galaxy S II that attracts me compared to my Samsung Galaxy S which I’ve been using since end of last year. Besides, I’ve heard many good feedback from the current owners of Samsung Galaxy S II too.

"I Love Samsung Galaxy S II" Campaign

If you are already a Samsung Galaxy S II user and is proud of the phone, here’s a site for you to express how in love you are with Samsung Galaxy S II. It a microsite developed by Samsung dedicated to Samsung Galaxy S II owners to submit short videos showing their love for the phone.

Please feel free to watch all the videos submitted by the users and submit yours as well. Who knows your video could be used for Samsung’s next campaign! :)

Nokia N9 Coming To Malaysia In Early October 2011

Saturday 17 September 2011 @ 1:43 pm

I just attended the media launch of Nokia N9 in Malaysia on 13th September and below are some important announcements made during the events :-

  • Nokia N9 will be available in Malaysia in early October 2011
  • Available in 3 colours : Black, Cyan & Magenta
  • 2 storage options : 16GB or 64GB
  • Prices : 16GB (RM1799) ; 64GB (RM2088)
  • DiGi & Celcom will offer the Nokia N9 with attractive data plans
Nokia N9 available in 3 colours, Black, Cyan & Magenta

Check out the demonstration video of Nokia N9 below by Anthony Wilson, Nokia Head of Marketing Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei, during the event. He gave an introduction to all main features of Nokia N9, hope you enjoy the 10 minutes video.

Playing 3D Racing Game (Need For Speed – Shift) On Nokia N9

Saturday 17 September 2011 @ 2:27 am

I managed to record a video of me playing Need For Speed – Shift (a 3D Racing Game) on Nokia N9 during its media launch in Malaysia early this week on 13th September.

Below is the video I took :-

Nokia N9 is known to be good in multitasking, which simply means you can run several applications simultaneously. As you can clearly see at 3.06, the game is still running when I swipe from the corner of the phone. Besides, I completed the entire game while there are 7 other applications running in the background at the same time.

Asian Angry Birds Challenge

Sunday 11 September 2011 @ 8:11 pm

Hi my blog readers,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I need a little from you today.

I’m now taking part of this Asian Angry Birds Challenge and need some “like” on my entry. The entire “liking” process will take maximum 3 seconds and you don’t need to join any group or fan page to click the “like”, so no worries. :)

Asian Angry Birds Challenge

Hope you don’t mind to help go to this link then click the “like” button at the bottom of the page.

Please Click Here

Thank you so much for clicking the “Like” and I really appreciate your help.

Nokia N9 Will Be Available In Malaysia From Mid-September

Saturday 10 September 2011 @ 2:12 pm

I received an invitation to the media launch of the most anticipated first MeeGo phone from Nokia, Nokia N9. The media launch date is 13th September 2011, therefore I think the official launch date in Malaysia won’t be too far away.

Nokia N9 Will Be Available Soon In Malaysia

If you are interested in Nokia N9 and want to know more about this latest smartphone running MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan OS, check out my special preview of Nokia N9 post.

Will update the information of the retail pricing and packages from local telcos (Maxis, DiGi & Celcom) next week. So stay tuned. :)

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