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Nokia Music Phone – Nokia 3250

Friday 30 September 2005 @ 2:24 pm

Early this month, Motorola launched the world’s first iTunes phone, Motorola RORK. This week, Nokia announced its music phone, Nokia 3250.

Nokia 3250

Nokia 3250 is not an iTunes phone, but it is a Series 60 Symbian smartphone which designed for music lovers. It has a rotatable bottom section with a 2-megapixel camera attached. You can do a 270-degree rotation (-90 and +180 degrees) to switch the functionality from mobile phone, camera and music player. With just a twist, it becomes a mp3 music player that is able to play up to 750 songs, with an expandable microSD memory up to 1GB. However, there will be only 10 MB internal memory plus 128 MB microSD card come along with the phone.

Have a glance on its main features :-

  • Innovative twist-on design
  • Built-in music player, and dedicated music keys
  • Memory expandable up to 1 GB
  • 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom
  • 262K color display
  • Mobile Blogging !!

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Nokia Music Phone – Nokia 3250

Thanks To Google For Making Opera Free

Thursday 29 September 2005 @ 4:25 am

Now almost all of us know ad-free Opera Browser is free for download. In case you don’t, go read the post via the link.

After the stunning announcement, Opera reached 1 Million downloads in 2 days !! The record doubles the previous highest download in April when Opera Software released Opera 8. Opera was even curious enough to track who were the downloaders too, who else? Internet Explorer users, they were.

According to server logs, a majority of downloads came from Internet Explorer users.

A rough figure shows the annual income from selling Opera is around USD$3.9 Million. So, you might wonder, why all of a sudden Opera Software had such a thought of turning one of their money-making products into a freeware? Well, there is definitely a story behind it.
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Thanks To Google For Making Opera Free

A Brilliant Flash Website

Wednesday 28 September 2005 @ 11:25 am

I just came across a website which I think it is by far the most creatively designed website I have ever browsed.

While people are complaining the use of flash media by Macromedia in a website is resource intensive, serving no purpose, lame and stupid, this website utilizes flash media to the maximum yet I don’t feel any lag while browsing.

Leo Burnett

By the way, before entering the website, please make sure you have a flash player installed. Okay, here goes :

Leo Burnett : Big Idea come out of Big Pencils

Leo Burnett is an Agency company that helps companies in brand building through various marketing strategies including designing posters, holding advertising campaigns, etc. The above website is a subsidiary of the Main Website where all the portfolio of its creative works are shown. I love creative ads !!
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A Brilliant Flash Website

Cheap Domain Strikes AGAIN !! Now USD$2.99/year !!

Tuesday 27 September 2005 @ 3:21 pm

In less than a month Yahoo first introduced the insane USD$1.99/year domain name registration, today I saw a similar crazy deal from Yahoo again !!

Listen up guys, Yahoo is now offering USD$2.99/year for any new domain name registration !! However, one yahoo member can only purchase maximum one domain name. Unless you have more than one yahoo account. :D

This offer is valid until September 28, 2005 at 11:59PM PST, which is September 29, 2005 at 02:59AM 02:59PM local time. Perhaps I calculated it correctly.

By the way, GoDaddy’s USD$1.99/year offer is still valid until September 30, 2005. Do check it out too.

Google Web Accelerator Re-open For Download

Tuesday 27 September 2005 @ 11:43 am

Web Accelerator
I have just mentioned one of the Google free service, Google Web Accelerator, in the comment of previous post. Coincidentally, Google Web Accelerator has silently re-open for download after more than 4 month of shutting down the download link due to the reach of their maximum capacity of users.

As I have mentioned 2 months ago, Google Web Accelerator started giving out free download since the beginning of May 2005, somehow stopped accepting new users in less than a month time. Now after almost 4 months, Google once again starts accepting new users. You better be quick, otherwise who knows they will shut down the download link again soon.

Just in case you do not know what actually is Google Web Accelerator, basically it is an application that helps to speed up your broadband connection by sending your connection requests through some speed optimizing processes on Google servers, then send back the requests to you.

Please be noted that, this free service is only designed for broadband users, dial-up connection might not see any speed difference. Besides, it now supports only Internet Explorer 5.5+ or Firefox 1.0+ browsers.
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Google Web Accelerator Re-open For Download

Weekly Highlights [Sep 19, 2005 – Sep 25, 2005]

Monday 26 September 2005 @ 10:33 pm

Within last week, I have a total of 5 friends had their birthdays. So, here I wish them again a Happy Belated Birthday and all the best in their future undertaking.

Here goes the summary of what have I written last week.

After a few days of the launch of Google Blog Search, I shared some thoughts of why actually Google launched such searching service. Of course, those are just my personal thoughts. :)

Google has launched numerous free tools in the past few weeks, last Tuesday Google started giving free donwload of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tools for secure broadband access, named Google Secure Access. Another good news for Internet surfers on the same day, when Opera Software announced the free download of Ad-Free Opera web browser.

I managed to share only 1 article last Wednesday, which is the innovative Pizza Fork and Cutter designed by Miles Kimball.

After we heard the news of free Opera web browser, Mozilla announced its latest FireFox release, FireFox 1.0.7. This new release includes some critical security patches, so, it’s recommended to update you Firefox version. Well known Telco, Sprint, announced the launch of the first Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 based PDA phone in the US, PCS Vision Smart Device PPC-6700.

Upon request, I tried to show a short tutorial of how to create sitemap for your blog using online tools, so that you can submit the sitemap to Google Sitemap in order to boost ranking and traffic in Google Blog Search. After that, I shared the history of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). On the same day, I found out that IE’s closest rival, Mozilla Firefox, has gone pass 90 Million downloads mark !!

I come across a similar website to YaGoohoogle, called From the domain name, you know it is a website that allows you to search in both and under one website.

Now, with the new AdSense feature offered in, a free blogging service by Google, earning money via blogging has never been easier.

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