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Which Postpaid Call Plan (With Data) By Major Telcos In Malaysia Is Best For You?

Friday 22 August 2014 @ 5:15 am

Sometimes we face a dilemma in deciding which call plan to subscribe when we are changing our mobile phone plan or switching between mobile network providers (a.k.a. telcos). There are so many different packages and bundles available from each telco and it’s really hard to tell which is better. Therefore, here I’m putting all the figures into an organized table for side-by-side comparison and sharing my views on all postpaid call plans (with/without data) from 4 major telcos in Malaysia, namely Maxis, Celcom, DiGi & U Mobile.

Malaysia Telco Call Plans Comparison

I leave Yes 4G out of the comparison even though their user base has been expanding since the launch in 2010 because their WiMax network is not compatible with GSM phones that most of us are using. Besides, I only select call plans without phone bundle in order to keep the comparison simple and straightforward. Please note that only 2 call plans in my comparison are contract based, which are Ultimate Device Plans (24-month) and U Platinum (36-month) by U Mobile. Otherwise, we are free to switch plans at anytime.

Malaysia Telco Call Plans Comparison
Malaysia Telco Call Plans Comparison Full Table – Updated 22/8/14 (Click to enlarge)

Maxis Call Plans

Celcom Call Plans

DiGi Call Plans

U Mobile Call Plans


Main factors influencing your decision

As we can see from the full table above, call plans from all telcos have limited data quotas which make filtering through these call plans a lot easier. Furthermore, we don’t make calls or send SMS as many as we used to, all thanks to the new generation messaging and VoIP (Voice over IP) apps, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger and Skype.

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Which Postpaid Call Plan (With Data) By Major Telcos In Malaysia Is Best For You?

Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack Review

Tuesday 8 July 2014 @ 2:57 am

A few weeks ago, I received a CityLite II Ultra Backpack from Targus for review. CityLite II Ultra Backpack is one of the latest models in Targus CityLite II series that they just launched in April 2014. I’ve been using it daily and truly love it as my primary laptop bag now.

Targus CityLite II Family
Targus CityLite II Series

The latest Targus CityLite II series consists of the following 4 new models (as shown in above picture) :-

  • 15.6″ CityLite II Ultra Backpack (rightmost) RM238
  • 15.6″ CityLite II Max Backpack (leftmost) RM238
  • 15.6″ CityLite II SL Backpack (2nd leftmost) RM288
  • 17″ CityLite II Ultimate Backpack (2nd rightmost) RM319

Prior to using this CityLite II Ultra Backpack, I’ve always thought the free laptop bag that comes with any purchase of a new laptop is good enough for everyday use. I had to change this misconception of mine after using a CityLite II Ultra Backpack because I was impressed with the extra protection it offers and some features that totally worth the money.

Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack (TSB798AP)
Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack (TSB798AP)


Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack, like all the backpacks in CityLite II collection, is designed for travel and everyday use. It is great for business commute, travel, and as a carry-on for airplanes too. The safety lock anti-theft puller system prevents easy access into the backpacks. It’s very effective to avoid unwanted opening of the bag and makes it harder for pickpockets to unzip and steal anything from inside the backpack. This feature provides better safety against pickpockets and thieves especially when commuting.

Anti-theft Puller System
Anti-theft Puller System

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Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack Review

WeChat 5.1 Launched & New Games Introduced

Friday 17 January 2014 @ 3:10 am

Last week, WeChat officially release its latest 5.1 version for iOS and Android in Malaysia, and I was invited to the launch event. WeChat 5.1 packs a few new features including social games that the user can challenge their friends.

As one of the leading social communication apps in China, WeChat is gaining tremendous growth in South-East Asia as well. In Malaysia, WeChat has gained 90% of smart phone penetration in recent years and was in the Top 10 Google Trends of 2013.

WeChat 5.1 & New Games Announcement

With this new release of WeChat 5.1, WeChat is aiming to enhance the users’ social life with the introduction of 4 new social games, a new camera app (StoryCam), and the ability to host up to 100 friends (previously max. 40) in a single chat room. All these new features are of course free of charge and are currently available in iOS and Android. Furthermore, we were informed that a new thrilling speed racing game, Wreckless Racer, will be available in the app very soon.

WeChat 5.1 can host up to 100 people in one single chat room
WeChat 5.1 can host up to 100 people in one single chat room
New Games in WeChat 5.1
Download all the free games under Discover > Games
  • Pencil Pilot – a simple scrolling shooter game.
  • Gunz Dash – Choose your favorite hero and embark on an exciting adventure in a fantasy universe. Speed through worlds and collect coins for a high score in this thrilling 2D animated, endless running game.
  • Craz3 Match – An easy-to-play but addictive game! Line up animals of the same kind for spectacular effects and move on to the next level.
  • 2Day’s Match – A brand new casual puzzle game. Match two tiles of the same kind to clear them.
WeChat Pencil Pilot Game
WeChat Pencil Pilot Game
WeChat Gunz Dash Game
WeChat Gunz Dash Game
WeChat Craz3 Match Game
WeChat Craz3 Match Game
WeChat 2Day's Match Game
WeChat 2Day’s Match Game

Besides these additive games, WeChat 5.1 also comes with a new camera app called StoryCam. Users can add text as description into the photo with this exclusive app. Festival watermarks, filters and real-time location based information are available in the app so the user can further personalize and share any moment.

WeChat StoryCam App

WeChat is not stopping here, now the app has more new features that make connecting even more enjoyable such as :-

  • Edit ‘Favorite Messages’ – Save your favorite text and voice messages, photos and videos to ‘Favorite Messages’. It’s the first cloud-based storage service on mobile social communication apps so the user can view and share again anytime.
  • Register with Email Address – Users have more choices to connect with WeChat now. Just register with a valid email address to start chatting with friends.
  • Gmail Contact Integration – Link to Google account, find out who else is using WeChat and add them to the friends list.

Now I would say WeChat has become a more complete messaging app that not only lets you text and chat but also have more fun sharing pictures and playing games. If you haven’t got it installed in your smartphone, visit for the more information.

Celcom Offers Sony Xperia Tablet Z From RM1438 With Celcom First Data Plans

Saturday 15 June 2013 @ 4:09 am

Sony Xperia Tablet Z will be officially launched in Malaysia on 19th June 2013 but Celcom gets ahead of everyone by offering the world’s thinnest and lightest water resistant tablet from as low as RM1,438 bundled with Celcom First Data plans starting today (15th June 2013).

Celcom offers Sony Xperia Tablet Z from as low as RM1438

Sony Xperia Tablet Z launch at Celcom outlets

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z will be available today ONLY at the following 5 selected Celcom outlets :-

  • Blue Cube @ Iconic, Sunway
  • Blue Cube @ Pavilion
  • Blue Cube @ The Gardens
  • CXP @ eCurve PJ
  • CXP, Kuchai Enterpreneur Park @ Kuchai Lama

The tablet will then be available nationwide on 19th June 2013.

Celcom bundle Sony Xperia Tablet Z with First Data plans

Exclusively at Celcom launch today, lucky customers will stand a chance to enjoy an additional discount of up to RM500 so Sony Xperia Tablet Z could be yours for just RM938! Besides, Celcom is giving away NFC Bluetooth speakers worth RM199 too. Head over to the launch today and you could be one of the proud owners of this latest tablet from Sony and walk away with freebies.

Celcom First Bundle

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is bundled with Celcom First Data plans in either 12 months or 24 months contract. All 3 First Data plans include pay-per-use voice at 15 sen/min for voice and video calls, 10 sen/SMS and 20 sen/MMS to all networks and may be used when SIM card is inserted into a voice compatible smartphone, as the call function is not supported on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z
RRP: RM1,999
Celcom First Data
Lite + Voice
Celcom First Data
Basic + Voice
Celcom First Data
Advance + Voice
Monthly Commitment RM48 RM68 RM98
Speed Up to 1.5Mbps Up to 3.6Mbps Up to 5Mbps
Data volume 1.5GB 4GB 6GB
Contract 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months
Device Price RM1,788 RM1,738 RM1,688 RM1,738 RM1,588 RM1,438
Upfront Payment RM200 RM300 RM350 RM500
Monthly Rebate RM20 x 10 months RM30 x 10 months RM35 x 10 months RM50 x 10 months

Data and pay-per-use voice bundle allows you to switch the SIM card between the tablet and your smartphone. The SIM card can go into the tablet when you need to use only data; Whereas you can insert the same SIM card into a smartphone when you need to make calls.

Celcom First Data plans come with pay-per-use voice

World’s thinnest and lightest water resistant tablet

Inside Sony Xperia Tablet Z, there’s a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage expandable with microSD and powered by a 6,000mAh battery. The latest Snapdragon asynchronous processor offers breathtaking speed and jaw-dropping graphics, giving you powerful computing but without lightning-speed battery drain.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is the world's thinnest and lightest water resistant tablet

On the exterior, Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a 10.1″ TFT screen that gives you a Full HD 1920×1200 pixels resolution display. The brilliant Reality Display is powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, which enhances the clarity and richness of every image. It’s amazing how Sony is able to make it the world’s thinnest (6.9mm) and lightest (495g) tablet in the market despite having all these advanced features. Not to mention the tablet supports the 4G LTE network in our country too!

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is water-resistant and dust proof

In summary, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z boasts a myriad of amazing features:

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor – Super fast performance on the fastest network.
  • 10.1″ HD Reality Display (1920×1200px resolution, pixel density 224ppi) – Large enough screen for you to enjoy all your favourite movies and series in wide view.
  • 8.1MP Rear Camera, 2.2MP Front Camera – High resolution picture-taking and full HD video shooting ensures you don’t miss a second.
  • Water-resistant (IPX5/7 rating) and Dust-proof (IP5X rating) – Bring it wherever you go without worries of getting it wet.
  • NFC Enabled – Share pictures, documents and more in a whole new way.
  • 4G LTE Compatible – Experience the tablet on the fastest network.
Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Why choose Celcom First?

  • Bring your tablet experience to the next level with the best network.
  • It’s Malaysia’s fastest network with the widest coverage.
  • You can enjoy the best plans and rates with Celcom First.
  • Celcom customers always get to be the first to enjoy the most exclusive privileges.
  • Celcom’s many accolades have resulted in various industry awards such as Broadband Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

For more information of the device or the bundled plans, head over to Celcom’s Xperia Tablet Z page. Better still, get to your nearest Blue Cube today to test it out for yourself.

Maxis Win Back Extension For iPhone 5

Wednesday 27 March 2013 @ 5:34 pm

Maxis is now offering new postpaid packages bundled with iPhone 5 (and iPhone 4S too) to existing Maxis customers or users from another network. Under these new Maxis postpaid packages, you’ll get to choose either TalkMore 78 or SurfMore 75 plan and enjoy a lower iPhone 5 price on a 24-month contract. This offer is valid until 31 March 2013 or while stocks last so hurry up.

Maxis iPhone 5 Postpaid Plans

TalkMore 78 plan comes with free 600 minutes for calls and 500 SMS to all operators. The monthly commitment fee is RM78. It does not have any data allocation so if you need data connection you can add a 1GB Mobile Internet plan for RM48/month.

On the other hand, SurfMore 75 plan comes with a monthly 5GB mobile internet allocation and its monthly commitment is RM75. All calls and SMS rates are pay-as-you-use as the following :-

  • RM0.12/min (call to Maxis network)
  • RM0.20/min (call to other networks)
  • RM0.05 per SMS (to Maxis number)
  • RM0.15 per SMS (to other networks)

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Maxis Win Back Extension For iPhone 5

Celcom Offers Samsung ATIV Smart PC Bundled With Celcom First Data Plan

Thursday 24 January 2013 @ 2:35 pm

Windows 8 tablet has become the latest addition to the wide variety of mobile devices offered by Celcom as they’ve added Samsung ATIV Smart PC into the lineup. Samsung ATIV Smart PC is now available from as low as RM1,758 with contract bundling on Celcom First Data.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC

Samsung’s first Windows 8 3G tablet

If you are looking for a Windows 8 tablet, feel free to drop by Blue Cube Sunway Iconic this 25 January 2013 to experience this Samsung’s first Windows 8 3G tablet. At the Sunway outlet, Celcom will give away RM90 Liquipel vouchers to the first 200 customers and FREE Samsung Keyboard Dock & Pouch worth RM550 for the first 30 customers. So, don’t miss this good opportunity to grab the exclusive deal.

Samsung ATIV Smart PC

Samsung ATIV Smart PC is the perfect gadget for professionals on the go as well as casual web surfers who enjoy going online. Samsung ATIV Smart PC packs the features of a PC and the ease of mobility of a tablet to produce a high-end lifestyle gadget with the following specifications:-

  • Windows 8 (Full PC OS)
  • Intel dual-core 1.5GHz Atom (Clover Trail) CPU
  • 64GB Storage, 2GB RAM
  • 11.6” SuperBright Plus with Full HD LED display
  • 8MP rear camera & 2MP front camera
  • 3G network support
  • S-Pen stylus & S-Note application
  • Bluetooth 4.0
Samsung ATIV Smart PC

Windows 8 full PC OS makes the Samsung ATIV Smart PC both a high-performance PC as well as an entertainment media tablet. Capable of switching swiftly between apps along with touchscreen features to help move things around faster, this device closes the gap between work and leisure. Samsung ATIV Smart PC comes with its S-Pen stylus and S-Note application to take advantage of the wide 11.6” touchscreen. The combination of S-Pen and S-Note on the Samsung ATIV Smart PC is making handwriting recognition, drawing, design of cards or invitations a lot easier.

Celcom First Data

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC is bundled with Celcom First Data so users will experience the fastest network on this Windows 8 tablet like never before. From RM1,758, you can enjoy faster speeds, more voice and data value as well as special rebates when you subscribe to any of these Celcom First Data plans:-

Samsung ATIV Smart PC
RRP: RM2,499
Celcom First Data
Lite + Voice
Celcom First Data
Basic + Voice
Celcom First Data
Advance + Voice
Monthly Commitment RM48 RM68 RM98
Device Upfront 12 months RM200 RM300 RM350
24 months RM500
Special Rebate 12 months RM200
(Rebated RM20
x 10 months)
(Rebated RM30
x 10 months)
(Rebated RM35
x 10 months)
24 months RM500
(Rebated RM50
x 10 months)
Data volume 1.5GB 4GB 6GB
Device Price 12 months RM2,108 RM2,058 RM1,998
24 months RM1,958 RM1,858 RM1,758
Voice Plan Voice Calls 15sen/min (nationwide)
Video Calls
SMS 10sen/SMS
MMS 20sen/MMS

Why choose Celcom First?

  • It’s the best of Celcom Territory, wherever you go.
  • The widest network coverage anywhere in Malaysia, indoors, outdoors and on-the-move.
  • The best network quality, be it messaging, voice calls, video calls, surfing, email, etc.
  • Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience with its stable connection

To find out more details about the Samsung ATIV Smart PC bundle plan, visit

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