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Quality Power Bank With Personalized Logo

Monday 30 December 2013 @ 4:18 pm

Sometimes picking the right promotional gift for a corporate event can be a headache, especially when the top management wants the gift to be something practical and useful that the users will use on a daily basis. In this case, power bank with personalized company logo would be a perfect promotional gift in this digital era when mobile power source has become a necessity for most of us who are heavily relying on our smartphones everyday. Smartphones are so powerful these days, it can be used for many purposes like email checking, telecommunication, web browsing, getting in touch on social networks, etc. However, the poor battery life is the main limitation preventing us from continuous usage without having to look for a power source in the middle of the day. A smartphone is only as useful as a paperweight when the battery is completely depleted, therefore a quality power bank is always a good companion for smartphone users.

Promotional Power Bank With Personalized Logo

There are countless types of power bank available in the market nowadays but not many of them are using reliable original battery from reputable battery manufacturers. Mobile Charger is a leading power bank supplier in Malaysia offering good quality power banks with various capacity ranging from 2,800mah to 11,200mah. All power banks supplied by Mobile Charger are using high end original Samsung battery and come with 6 months warranty.

Power Bank Branding Services

Mobile Charger is also offering the following power bank branding services too :-

  • Power Bank Silkscreen Printing – uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image.
  • Power Bank Pad Printing – applied to non flat surface. Tube power bank has to be printed using this method as the surface is round.
  • Power Bank Laser Engraving – create long lasting branding as the logo will stay permanently on the power bank.

Personalize the power bank with company logo is an efficient way to create awareness of a brand or product. Besides, the retention value of quality power bank is very much higher as compare to conventional promotional gifts like pen or notebook. Anyway, only quality power banks are worth putting the company logo on, furthermore a long lasting power bank can definitely give a good impression to the users too. Please feel free to visit and check out their range of quality power banks.

Custom Made USB Pen Drive As Promotional Gift

Thursday 12 September 2013 @ 1:28 pm

Ever since the invention of USB flash drive, pen drive (thumb drives) has become the most widely used computer peripherals that we use it almost every day. However, most of the pen drives available in the market these days are either having a standard rectangular design or the look is not appealing. Ever wish to have a pen drive that is designed by you or in a shape that is unique and special? Now we can have custom made pen drive that can be customized according to the design, colours and shape of your choice!

Custom Made Pen Drive

Custom made USB pen drive would definitely be the best corporate gifts because it gives a very long-lasting impression to the user. The unique design of the pen drive carries your brand and company logo would have easily imprinted in the mind of the users as they will probably use the device on daily basis. I’m sure it’s one of the best promotional products to build a company image.

Custom Made USB Pen Drive

Besides, custom made pen drive can be a memorable gift for special events such as product launching, school alumni gathering, wedding ceremony, etc. Pictures and files can be saved into the pen drive before giving it to the participants during the event. The participants would definitely love it. In this case, the custom made pen drive doesn’t only save the data but it saves some good memories in it too.

IT Gifts Marketing, one of the pioneers in making custom made USB flash drives in Malaysia, is able to create custom made USB flash drives from photograph, 3D design, real object or even from a sketch. The finished product is made of eco friendly PVC rubber. Minimum order is 200 pieces per design and the price is depending on the quantity ordered, pen drive storage capacity and complexity of the design. The company has been in this business since 2009 so look no further if you wish to order custom made pen drive. Please feel free to drop them an email with your drafted design or product photo then they will get back to you with a quotation based on your requirements.

For further information, please visit

Celcom Offers Sony Xperia Tablet Z From RM1438 With Celcom First Data Plans

Saturday 15 June 2013 @ 4:09 am

Sony Xperia Tablet Z will be officially launched in Malaysia on 19th June 2013 but Celcom gets ahead of everyone by offering the world’s thinnest and lightest water resistant tablet from as low as RM1,438 bundled with Celcom First Data plans starting today (15th June 2013).

Celcom offers Sony Xperia Tablet Z from as low as RM1438

Sony Xperia Tablet Z launch at Celcom outlets

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z will be available today ONLY at the following 5 selected Celcom outlets :-

  • Blue Cube @ Iconic, Sunway
  • Blue Cube @ Pavilion
  • Blue Cube @ The Gardens
  • CXP @ eCurve PJ
  • CXP, Kuchai Enterpreneur Park @ Kuchai Lama

The tablet will then be available nationwide on 19th June 2013.

Celcom bundle Sony Xperia Tablet Z with First Data plans

Exclusively at Celcom launch today, lucky customers will stand a chance to enjoy an additional discount of up to RM500 so Sony Xperia Tablet Z could be yours for just RM938! Besides, Celcom is giving away NFC Bluetooth speakers worth RM199 too. Head over to the launch today and you could be one of the proud owners of this latest tablet from Sony and walk away with freebies.

Celcom First Bundle

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is bundled with Celcom First Data plans in either 12 months or 24 months contract. All 3 First Data plans include pay-per-use voice at 15 sen/min for voice and video calls, 10 sen/SMS and 20 sen/MMS to all networks and may be used when SIM card is inserted into a voice compatible smartphone, as the call function is not supported on the Sony Xperia Tablet Z.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z
RRP: RM1,999
Celcom First Data
Lite + Voice
Celcom First Data
Basic + Voice
Celcom First Data
Advance + Voice
Monthly Commitment RM48 RM68 RM98
Speed Up to 1.5Mbps Up to 3.6Mbps Up to 5Mbps
Data volume 1.5GB 4GB 6GB
Contract 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months 12 months 24 months
Device Price RM1,788 RM1,738 RM1,688 RM1,738 RM1,588 RM1,438
Upfront Payment RM200 RM300 RM350 RM500
Monthly Rebate RM20 x 10 months RM30 x 10 months RM35 x 10 months RM50 x 10 months

Data and pay-per-use voice bundle allows you to switch the SIM card between the tablet and your smartphone. The SIM card can go into the tablet when you need to use only data; Whereas you can insert the same SIM card into a smartphone when you need to make calls.

Celcom First Data plans come with pay-per-use voice

World’s thinnest and lightest water resistant tablet

Inside Sony Xperia Tablet Z, there’s a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage expandable with microSD and powered by a 6,000mAh battery. The latest Snapdragon asynchronous processor offers breathtaking speed and jaw-dropping graphics, giving you powerful computing but without lightning-speed battery drain.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is the world's thinnest and lightest water resistant tablet

On the exterior, Sony Xperia Tablet Z has a 10.1″ TFT screen that gives you a Full HD 1920×1200 pixels resolution display. The brilliant Reality Display is powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2, which enhances the clarity and richness of every image. It’s amazing how Sony is able to make it the world’s thinnest (6.9mm) and lightest (495g) tablet in the market despite having all these advanced features. Not to mention the tablet supports the 4G LTE network in our country too!

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is water-resistant and dust proof

In summary, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z boasts a myriad of amazing features:

  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), 1.5GHz Quad Core Processor – Super fast performance on the fastest network.
  • 10.1″ HD Reality Display (1920×1200px resolution, pixel density 224ppi) – Large enough screen for you to enjoy all your favourite movies and series in wide view.
  • 8.1MP Rear Camera, 2.2MP Front Camera – High resolution picture-taking and full HD video shooting ensures you don’t miss a second.
  • Water-resistant (IPX5/7 rating) and Dust-proof (IP5X rating) – Bring it wherever you go without worries of getting it wet.
  • NFC Enabled – Share pictures, documents and more in a whole new way.
  • 4G LTE Compatible – Experience the tablet on the fastest network.
Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Why choose Celcom First?

  • Bring your tablet experience to the next level with the best network.
  • It’s Malaysia’s fastest network with the widest coverage.
  • You can enjoy the best plans and rates with Celcom First.
  • Celcom customers always get to be the first to enjoy the most exclusive privileges.
  • Celcom’s many accolades have resulted in various industry awards such as Broadband Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan.

For more information of the device or the bundled plans, head over to Celcom’s Xperia Tablet Z page. Better still, get to your nearest Blue Cube today to test it out for yourself.

Maxis Win Back Extension For iPhone 5

Wednesday 27 March 2013 @ 5:34 pm

Maxis is now offering new postpaid packages bundled with iPhone 5 (and iPhone 4S too) to existing Maxis customers or users from another network. Under these new Maxis postpaid packages, you’ll get to choose either TalkMore 78 or SurfMore 75 plan and enjoy a lower iPhone 5 price on a 24-month contract. This offer is valid until 31 March 2013 or while stocks last so hurry up.

Maxis iPhone 5 Postpaid Plans

TalkMore 78 plan comes with free 600 minutes for calls and 500 SMS to all operators. The monthly commitment fee is RM78. It does not have any data allocation so if you need data connection you can add a 1GB Mobile Internet plan for RM48/month.

On the other hand, SurfMore 75 plan comes with a monthly 5GB mobile internet allocation and its monthly commitment is RM75. All calls and SMS rates are pay-as-you-use as the following :-

  • RM0.12/min (call to Maxis network)
  • RM0.20/min (call to other networks)
  • RM0.05 per SMS (to Maxis number)
  • RM0.15 per SMS (to other networks)

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Maxis Win Back Extension For iPhone 5

HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini & Sony Xperia Tipo arrive on Celcom!

Wednesday 23 January 2013 @ 4:24 pm

As you’ve just entered the new year 2013, Celcom has already brought in three latest Android smartphones, HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy S III Mini and Sony Xperia Tipo, and bundle them with attractive plans for the customers. It seems if there’s a new phone in town, it’s got to be first on Celcom!

These 3 latest Android smartphones, each for different user segment, are added into the wide range of devices Celcom has to offer. It gives buyers the best smartphone choices paired with the best plans.

HTC Butterfly (as low as RM1,468)

HTC have been doing very well in bringing in their latest smartphones to Malaysia in the shortest time in recent years. Just merely after 1 month after HTC Butterfly’s official launch in Japan, it has finally reached our shores and Celcom is now offering this HTC latest flagship Android smartphone from as low as RM1,468!

HTC Butterfly

HTC Butterfly is labelled as the world’s first full HD smartphone, so you won’t be disappointed with its latest hardware and software:-

  • Runs on the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and 1.6 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor.
  • It has the world’s first full HD smartphone display, 5” wide.
  • With an amazing 8MP camera, you won’t need any other.
  • Equipped with Beats Audio to bring music to life.
  • 16GB storage with expansion card slot supports microSD memory card (up to 32GB).

Samsung Galaxy S III mini (as low as RM588)

Celcom is currently offering Samsung Galaxy S III Mini at a very affordable price from as low as RM588 making it a good mid-end alternative to its expensive but more powerful sibling Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Despite Galaxy S III Mini is offered at a cheaper price, it is still running on the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). On the exterior, it has a 4” Super AMOLED display and sports a similar intuitive and elegant design with Galaxy S III. On the inside, it features some quality hardware too :-

  • Has a 1GHz dual-core processor.
  • Take pictures wherever you go with the 5MP camera.
  • Integrated with S Voice, Samsung’s advanced natural language recognition software.
  • 8GB storage with expansion card slot supports microSD memory card (up to 32GB).

Sony Xperia Tipo (as low as RM88)

Sony Xperia Tipo is priced as low as RM88 by Celcom, making it the least expensive Android smartphone among these 3 latest devices.

Sony Xperia Tipo

Sony Xperia Tipo has a 3.2” Scratch-Resistant display and weighs only 99.4g, so it suits user who prefers a light and small phone. Below are the highlight of its specifications:-

  • It is powered by a 800MHz Snapdragon processor.
  • Running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).
  • 3.2MP camera with 4x digital zoom.
  • 2.9GB storage with expansion card slot supports microSD memory card (up to 32GB).

Celcom First Plan

If you are looking for a Android smartphone, get the HTC Butterfly from as low as RM1,468 (RRP: RM2,299), the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini from as low as RM588 (RRP: RM1,199) or Sony Xperia Tipo from as low as RM88 (RRP: RM499) with any Celcom First Plan of your choice:

Monthly Commitment RM78 RM98 RM118 RM138 RM188 RM208
Voice Plan Celcom First Prime (RM40) Celcom First Premier (RM80) Celcom First Elite (RM150)
Data Plan Mobile Internet Basic
Mobile Internet Advance
Mobile Internet Basic
Mobile Internet Advance
Mobile Internet Basic
Mobile Internet Advance
Data Volume 1GB 3GB 1GB 3GB 1GB 3GB
FREE Data 50MB 100MB 200MB
Advance Payment RM250 RM300 RM450
Device Price (12 months contract)
HTC Butterfly RM1,898 RM1,798 RM1,698
Samsung GALAXY S III Mini RM988 RM888 RM688
Sony Xperia Tipo RM368 RM288 RM208
Device Price (18 months contract)
HTC Butterfly RM1,768 RM1,668 RM1,468
Samsung GALAXY S III Mini RM888 RM788 RM588
Sony Xperia Tipo RM288 RM208 RM88

Why Celcom First? Here are the top 10 reasons why:

  • 3 simple plans with one FLAT RATE for voice & video calls, SMS & MMS.
  • Enjoy more to talk with AUTOMATIC SAVINGS on your calls to all networks.
  • The FLEXIBILITY to switch between postpaid and prepaid, anytime.
  • Payment choice made CONVENIENT for you via reload, online or over the counter.
  • EXCLUSIVE & PERSONALISED customer service always ready to assist you.
  • NO BILL SHOCKS with your monthly commitment already inclusive of IDD and roaming fees.
  • MULTIPLE PLANS for lower, middle or higher usage to suit every mobile need.
  • FREE DATA instantly to keep you surfing, chatting and emailing on the go.
  • Connect with PEACE OF MIND via real-time updates and notifications on your usage.
  • The FASTEST NETWORK in Malaysia that offers superior coverage and quality.

Please feel free to visit the nearest Blue Cube outlet or get more information at

Microsoft Windows 8 Launch & How To Download The OS For Only RM50.

Tuesday 6 November 2012 @ 7:24 pm

Microsoft officially launched its latest and much awaited operating system Windows 8 in Malaysia at Lowyat Plaza last Monday. Windows 8 introduces a beautiful new user interface designed specifically for touch and is designed for a no-compromise experience for work and play across various device form-factors.

Microsoft Windows 8 Launch In Malaysia

The new Metro-style Start screen in Windows 8 is customized with live tiles and provides a fast, easy way to view and interact with all your favorite apps, people and content. Live tiles provide a glimpse into the information you care about most, all at a glance.

Metro-style Start screen in Windows 8

Thousands of apps are already available from the new Windows Store as well as many local apps such as The Star Online, AirAsia, Genting Resort World, iProperty and DiGi. The new Windows Store is cloud connected, which means that your settings automatically follow across your Windows 8 devices and the purchased apps can be downloaded on any Windows 8 device.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Launch & How To Download The OS For Only RM50.

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