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Quality Power Bank With Personalized Logo

Monday 30 December 2013 @ 4:18 pm

Sometimes picking the right promotional gift for a corporate event can be a headache, especially when the top management wants the gift to be something practical and useful that the users will use on a daily basis. In this case, power bank with personalized company logo would be a perfect promotional gift in this digital era when mobile power source has become a necessity for most of us who are heavily relying on our smartphones everyday. Smartphones are so powerful these days, it can be used for many purposes like email checking, telecommunication, web browsing, getting in touch on social networks, etc. However, the poor battery life is the main limitation preventing us from continuous usage without having to look for a power source in the middle of the day. A smartphone is only as useful as a paperweight when the battery is completely depleted, therefore a quality power bank is always a good companion for smartphone users.

Promotional Power Bank With Personalized Logo

There are countless types of power bank available in the market nowadays but not many of them are using reliable original battery from reputable battery manufacturers. Mobile Charger is a leading power bank supplier in Malaysia offering good quality power banks with various capacity ranging from 2,800mah to 11,200mah. All power banks supplied by Mobile Charger are using high end original Samsung battery and come with 6 months warranty.

Power Bank Branding Services

Mobile Charger is also offering the following power bank branding services too :-

  • Power Bank Silkscreen Printing – uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image.
  • Power Bank Pad Printing – applied to non flat surface. Tube power bank has to be printed using this method as the surface is round.
  • Power Bank Laser Engraving – create long lasting branding as the logo will stay permanently on the power bank.

Personalize the power bank with company logo is an efficient way to create awareness of a brand or product. Besides, the retention value of quality power bank is very much higher as compare to conventional promotional gifts like pen or notebook. Anyway, only quality power banks are worth putting the company logo on, furthermore a long lasting power bank can definitely give a good impression to the users too. Please feel free to visit and check out their range of quality power banks.

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