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Microsoft Windows 3.1 Window

Tuesday 7 October 2008 @ 1:41 am

I came across a piece of creative design by French designer John Nouanesing quite some time ago. It’s a window design with Microsoft Windows 3.1 painted on it.

Windows 3.1 window
When the window is opened.

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Microsoft Windows 3.1 Window

The Best Malaysia Political Parody Video!

Tuesday 16 September 2008 @ 11:07 pm

While almost every concerned citizen in Malaysia is waiting for the opposition to form the new government, I came across this video in Youtube. Seriously, this is by far the best political parody video I’ve ever seen. Check it out!

This is an awesome piece of work, right?

How To Turn Normal TV Into Flat Panel LCD TV

Tuesday 23 January 2007 @ 3:21 pm

Dreaming of having a 52″ flat panel LCD TV in your living room like the one below?

Flat Panel LCD TV

Dream no more!
I will show you the tip of how to turn you normal TV into a flat panel TV in one single step!

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How To Turn Normal TV Into Flat Panel LCD TV

Cool Thumbdrives – Chameleon & Humping Dog

Tuesday 12 December 2006 @ 1:56 pm

Getting bored using your normal looking USB thumbdrive?
Want something cool?

Then it’s time to get one of these:

humping dog thumbdrive
Humping Dog


chameleon thumbdrive

Humping Dog will be released in December, 2006, whereas January, 2007 for Chameleon. Humping Dog costs only 998 yen (USD$8.55) each and Chameleon is priced at 2940 yen (USD$25.17). For less than USD$10, I would sure want to get one of the Humping Dog. By the way, who came up with such name? LoL…

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Cool Thumbdrives – Chameleon & Humping Dog

Lego Ice Cube

Friday 17 November 2006 @ 3:56 pm

Want to build your own igloo with ease?

Use Lego Ice Cube then!

Lego Ice Cube

Don’t think you’ll be able to finish the igloo for yourself by the end of the winter. So, why not build for your hamster or something instead. LoL…

Tuesday 24 October 2006 @ 12:51 pm

My first reaction when I first saw this URL was a laugh.

First, we saw YaGoohoogle, but unfortunately the site is already down for months.


Since, is getting famous these days. Now, there is another YaGoohoogle wanna-be, named !! It is pretty obvious that this website is trying to imitate what YaGoohoogle was doing and give you search results from both Google and Baidu displayed side by side.

Anyway, YaGoohoogle has already been taken down, I am curious to see how long will BaiGoo be serving us. :p

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