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AMD Phenom II X4 Set New 3DMark05 World Record

Friday 30 January 2009 @ 2:04 pm

amd phenom X4 logoAMD team has successfully overclocked AMD Phenom II to 6.5GHz from its original 3.0GHz, and subsequently set the new world record of 45,474 for 3DMark05 benchmarking. This new world record was set in recent Consumer Electronics Show on January 10, 2009. On top of the new world record, this extreme text also broke a few incredible “first-ever” records :-

  • First Quad Core x86 processor to break 6.5GHz processing speed
  • Running below extreme temperature at -230 Celcious!
amd phenom II new world record

This incredible overclocked speed at 6.5GHz can only be achieved by using liquid helium, which is even colder than the conventional liquid nitrogen for extreme overclocking. Liquid helium is known to be colder than the vacuum of space in the universe.

amd phenom II X4

Usually, a processor will exhibit a “cold bug”, a situation where the processor stops working, under certain extreme temperature. Even the latest Intel Core i7 won’t perform below -100 degree Celcious. AMD Phenom II didn’t even break the barrier but set a new world record as well!

Check out the video after the jump :-

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AMD Phenom II X4 Set New 3DMark05 World Record

Get Ready For Google Chrome 2.0!

Saturday 10 January 2009 @ 9:49 pm

First of all, Happy 2009!

It’s just the second week of 2009, Google is already giving us surprises.
Things that I’ve noticed so far are Google Pagerank update, change of their favicon (as you can see below) and the release of pre-beta version of Google Chrome 2.0.

Google Latest Favicon In 2009
Google Latest Favicon In 2009

Google Chrome 2.0

The speed of Google Chrome development is awesome, this is only the fourth month since it’s first release of Chrome 1.0. The version I just upgraded mine is pre-beta (Alpha release) Chrome 2.0, which is not available for public download.

pre-beta Google Chrome 2.0
A peak at pre-beta Google Chrome 2.0

This version is a developer preview version where latest features will be included for testing purposes. It could be very unstable at times and might require manual configuration too, but I just can’t stop myself from getting a peak at the features in its next release. On top of my own curiosity, I also feel like sharing this latest news with my readers as well.

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Get Ready For Google Chrome 2.0!

Google Pagerank Update On New Year’s Eve!

Thursday 1 January 2009 @ 3:29 am

Google Present
This is the first post in the year 2009, so it better be good right?
Well, it’s indeed a good one for me, at least. :p

Some of you probably have noticed there was a Google Pagerank update happened on New Year’s eve.
Even the famous Google guy, Matt Cutts confirmed that on his twitter. Haha.

2 of my websites gained, the rest stay the same.
I’m happy for the 2 because one of them is a new project that perhaps will pull in some extra income.
New year must have new resolutions and new targets. So, I take this update as a good start for this year.

Want to know your website Pagerank, you may use this Pagerank Checker.

Any changes to your website’s Pagerank?

Anyway, Happy New Year to my readers!

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