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Sell Your Illustrations Online to Your Target Market in Less Time

Tuesday 22 July 2014 @ 12:21 pm

Creating illustrations can be a lot of fun. The more talented you are, the more your talents are going to be in demand. Of course, when you first get started out trying to sell your illustrations, you might feel a little lost. The good news is there are many opportunities for you to make the most of your illustrations when you look to sell them online. You open up your market to a much wider audience, and you have the ability to make a real name for yourself. In other words, this means learning how to utilize the tools available to you online as well as making the most of your time. Marketing yourself online can be tricky and it can take a lot of hard work. However, with these tools, you can get what you are looking for in a much shorter period of time.


Second Hand Selling Sites

According to Mashable, there are plenty of sites available to help you sell your illustrations online. All you need to do is find the different sites that concentrate on the illustrations you are looking to sell and you are going to find it’s easy to sell illustrations online. The one thing to remember is these sites make their money by taking a cut of the money you are going to make by selling your illustrations. When you set your prices, you might want to set your prices to accommodate for the amount of money the site is going to take as their commission. This way, you are still going to get paid the amount you want to get paid and the site is happy because it’s able to make enough money to stay in business. Keep in mind these sites can take a while for your illustrations to sell, but as long as you put a lot on the site, you are going to have an easy time of seeing a constant income.

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Sell Your Illustrations Online to Your Target Market in Less Time

Time Machine Locker – Android App Review

Thursday 17 July 2014 @ 8:52 am

How many times do you see your smartphone lockscreen a day? I can safely say it’s very very often. Looking at the same lockscreen every time we check our phone is just too boring. Well, thanks to Android being a highly customizable platform, there are some cool lockscreen replacement apps available free in Google Play Store.

Time Machine Locker - Android App
Time Machine Locker – Android Lockscreen App

I would like to introduce an interesting award-winning lockscreen app called Time Machine Locker. This free app is able to automatically identify memorable photos from your social network and other sources using a special algorithm and display the photo on your lockscreen with added beautiful effects. In other words, your lockscreen won’t always be the same picture and you’ll also be surprised occasionally with new photos when you unlock the screen.

Wonderful pictures on lockscreen, always!

Time Machine Locker App Interface
Time Machine Locker App Interface

Time Machine Locker app uses Facebook login for user authentication and the app requires permission to access to your Facebook profile, pictures, some public information, etc. From my experience in using the app, it’s able to analyze my current relationship and memorable moments in Facebook and uses photo of wonderful places I’ve visited and people that I care. I guess that’s why my wife’s photo is appearing very often on my lockscreen and it always puts a smile on my face when I see it. If I come across a picture that I like, I can even share it to my Facebook or cast it to my Facebook friends.

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Time Machine Locker – Android App Review

Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack Review

Tuesday 8 July 2014 @ 2:57 am

A few weeks ago, I received a CityLite II Ultra Backpack from Targus for review. CityLite II Ultra Backpack is one of the latest models in Targus CityLite II series that they just launched in April 2014. I’ve been using it daily and truly love it as my primary laptop bag now.

Targus CityLite II Family
Targus CityLite II Series

The latest Targus CityLite II series consists of the following 4 new models (as shown in above picture) :-

  • 15.6″ CityLite II Ultra Backpack (rightmost) RM238
  • 15.6″ CityLite II Max Backpack (leftmost) RM238
  • 15.6″ CityLite II SL Backpack (2nd leftmost) RM288
  • 17″ CityLite II Ultimate Backpack (2nd rightmost) RM319

Prior to using this CityLite II Ultra Backpack, I’ve always thought the free laptop bag that comes with any purchase of a new laptop is good enough for everyday use. I had to change this misconception of mine after using a CityLite II Ultra Backpack because I was impressed with the extra protection it offers and some features that totally worth the money.

Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack (TSB798AP)
Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack (TSB798AP)


Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack, like all the backpacks in CityLite II collection, is designed for travel and everyday use. It is great for business commute, travel, and as a carry-on for airplanes too. The safety lock anti-theft puller system prevents easy access into the backpacks. It’s very effective to avoid unwanted opening of the bag and makes it harder for pickpockets to unzip and steal anything from inside the backpack. This feature provides better safety against pickpockets and thieves especially when commuting.

Anti-theft Puller System
Anti-theft Puller System

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Targus CityLite II Ultra Backpack Review

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