FemDefence – A Protection Against Rape

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Come across Liz‘s post regarding a young kid was trying to molest her few days ago and I really think girls should take extra care of yourselves regardless daytime or late at night. Be extra cautious walking alone or even in a group, don’t ever say you walk in a pair and you are safe, think what if they are 5 in a group !

I am not here to give you lesson, so I better show you something interesting yet can protect the girls. Coincidentally, I come across an interesting website on the same day I read Liz’s blog entry. The website is about a small device called FemDefence that it’s believed to be able to protect girls against rape !


The project FemDefence is an attempt to contribute to the debate on men’s sexual violence against women in society, using the esthetics of design, and the semiotics of marketing.

FemDefence is a tiny device similar to a tampon which girls can carries the protective device in her vagina. In FemDefence there is a sharp pin which has a penetrating effect on the perpetrator’s penis in the event of a rape. I think the device is quite useful and practical though it’s still an on-going project. To me, the message to be conceived to the public that “Women can protect themselves, don’t bully them !” is rather stronger than the practicality of the device.


There is a video clip in the website illustrating some scenarios FemDefence can be applied so effectively. (18SX, ok!)

I really hope FemDefence to come into the market as soon as possible and create the awareness to all people including bad guys with evil intents !

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