Review : I-connect View X Laser Pico Projector (iPod, iPhone & iPad Compatible)

Friday 5 August 2011 @ 4:42 pm

Ever thought of having a laser projector that is small in size and light-weight so that you can conveniently bring it around and on top of that being compatible with many portable devices on different occasions? I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector could be the right projector for you.

I was totally impressed with the size and weight of I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector when I first got it for a review. It sports a dimension of 14mm x 60mm x 118 mm and weights only 122g including battery. It looks just like a mobile phone and I’m sure it fits nicely in any adult’s hand, even kid’s!

I-connect View X Laser Pico Projector
I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector

I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector is the first palm-sized projector that is compatible to Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The projector is completely plug-n-play and it works instantly with all these iOS devices. 

I tested the projector with my iPad 2 and found that it only works in 2 modes on iOS devices: 1. Video playing mode (playing video in iPad or online video on Youtube) & 2. Photo slideshow mode.

Playing movie on iPad via the projector
Playing movie from iPad 2

Viewing photo slideshow On iPad via the projector
Viewing photo slideshow from iPad 2

Mobility is one of the main selling points of this palm-sized laser projector and therefore its compatibility does not end with Apple products only. A wide variety of devices with TV-Out function are supported as well, such as mobile phones, digital camera, video camera, etc. This feature is particularly  very useful when you need to view your digital media on a larger screen on different devices when you are on the go.

Using TV-Out From A Mobile Phone To The Projector
Playing Angry Birds on Samsung Galaxy S and project it via TV-Out

Conventional VGA port that we can find on most, if not all, PCs and laptops is of course supported on I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector too. However, a VGA dock is sold separately if you need to use the projector with PC or laptop. The good news is the VGA dock is included for free if you get it now in Malaysia.

VGA Output To The Projector
Projecting via VGA port of a laptop

Instead of using LED bulbs like other conventional projectors, I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector uses the revolutionary PicoP display engine (uses blue, green and red lasers to create an image) to deliver immediate vivid big screen experience with no focus adjustment needed.

Below are the technical specifications in case you wish to know :-

  • Resolution: WVGA (848×480)
  • Brightness: 15 Lumens
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  • Contrast Ratio: >5000: 1
  • Throw Ratio: 1:1
  • Image Size: 150mm-2500mm
  • Charging port: microUSB
  • Battery Life: 90 minutes
Everything in the box
Everything in the box

My take on I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector

Plus points

  • Very portable because it is small and light-weight
  • Using PicoP laser technology to deliver vivid images
  • Compatible to A LOT of portable devices (iPod/iPhone/iPad, mobile phones, digital camera, video camera, laptop, etc)
  • Completely plug-n-play with no setup or software required
  • No focus adjustment needed
  • Good for instant viewing of many digital media, such as photos, videos, documents or games
  • All compatible cables are included : Apple Connectivity Cable – iPod, iPhone, iPad; Composite Cable – mobile phone, camera, video camera
  • VGA dock (worth RM299) will be included free

Minus points

  • Only work in 2 playing modes on iOS devices, video playing mode and photo slideshow mode
  • 90 minutes of battery life is a bit short if you want to watch a full movie
  • Not suitable to use in a bright environment


I-connect ViewX Laser Pico Projector is truly useful for both business and leisure purposes. This laser projector can be used on many occasions, be it on a business presentation, showing photos/videos taken during a vacation, watching movie projected on the ceiling while lying on the bed at night, etc. Projecting digital medias from a wide variety of devices has never been so convenient on a projector like this considering all the plus points listed above. Well, the only concern I have for the projector is the rather short battery life. I hope the supported projecting modes on iOS devices are not limited to only video playing and photo slideshow in the future.

I-Connect View X Laser Pico Projector is available at the retail price of RM1399 (including VGA dock) and can be purchased at Challenger IT Megastore at The Mines Shopping Mall in Malaysia or via TimeTech online store.

Photo Gallery of I-Connect View X Laser Pico Projector

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4 Responses to 'Review : I-connect View X Laser Pico Projector (iPod, iPhone & iPad Compatible)'

  1. - August 7th, 2011 at 12:26 am

    I have looked at the llink to see the price of the product that first look quite cute, but the price is MYR$1,399.00 !! Isn’t too much for this king of nanoprojector ?? And a limited use of course…

  2. Anonymous - August 10th, 2011 at 11:50 am

    nice article.. i like it..

  3. Elsie Luna - August 12th, 2011 at 5:03 am

    I learned a lot by reading your article. I have been reading your blog site a lot in the last few days and contains earned a spot in my bookmarks.

  4. USB 3G - December 5th, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    Do you think this imformation? About  personal estimation, I see this review is fantastic. It take for you necessary knowledge. Thank for share!

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