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Install WinXP x64, PC Warranty Voided?

Friday 6 May 2005 @ 12:50 am

Heads up, owners of 64bit PCs that going to upgrade to WinXPx64. If you’re contemplating upgrading your machine to Windows x64, using Microsoft’s tempting “Technology Advancement Program”, which is, basically, a $12 upgrade from XP to x64, you could end up violating your PC’s warranty.

In fact, when you agree on Microsoft’s conditions to get the upgrade, you agree that your PC’s warranty will be voided. In a sense, this is nothing new: PC warranties are often voided in theory if you make any changes to your system. (A show of hands, please: How many of you have never made a single change to your computer?) And according to the eWeek story, different vendors have varying policies on whether they object to the x64 upgrade or not. But it certainly looks as if it’s worth checking in with your manufacturer before you give Microsoft your twelve bucks.

Anyway, clone 64bit PC owners like me, will not be affected, because we are the one warranting the system. :D


Enhancement Done to WinXP Pro x64

Wednesday 4 May 2005 @ 2:17 am

Microsoft have releashed a Word document regarding the enhancements and changes they have done to their newly launched 64bit Windows XP Professional over over Windows XP Professional SP2.

The enhancements of 64bit Windows XP Professional include the following:-

  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP) – 64bit enabled users should know this. It is basically an enhanced security that enforced by both hardware and software to protect against malicious code exploits.
  • Files and Settings Transfer Wizard – Help previous Windows-based computer users to migrate their files to WinXP Pro x64.
  • Internet Protocol security (IPsec) – Ensure private, secure communications over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
  • Outlook Express – Surprisingly in WinXP Pro x64, spell checking is not supported in Outlook Express.
  • Remote Assistance – No Voice Session (VoIP), in other words, voice conversations is not supported. No escalation using e-mail in Remote Assistance too.
  • Remote Desktop – Unicode keyboard input support, Client-side time-zone redirection, GDI+ rendering primitives support, FIPS encryption support, Fallback printer driver and Auto-reconnect.
  • Search Companion – Well, again spell checking is not supported. :-?
  • Windows Installer – This will help you in installing applications.
  • Windows Media Player – Windows Media Player 10 (WMP10) is installed. Microsoft claimed that WMP10 is the most secure version of Windows Media Player and it has been updated to work with the other security enhancements contained in WinXP Pro x64. Please be aware that this WMP10, handles licenses differently than previous WMP.

Those bolded are the enhancements that interest me.
Thinking of installing it to my dust-collecting harddisk.

For more detailed information you can either download the document from here, or visit the source.

Note: Please note that this Word document belongs to Microsoft copyright. :)

Windows x64 Lacks Of AntiVirus Protection

Monday 2 May 2005 @ 12:13 am

I’ve written about the official launching of 64bit Windows XP Professional, as well as the news of Microsoft Servers Migrating To 64bit last week. Unfortunately there are still some obstacles for Windows users to migrate to 64bit, One of the obstacles is lack of support from atleast 2 major antivirus vendors like Symantec and McAfee.

In a statement released to Ziff Davis Internet News, Symantec said it would be “monitoring the adoption of x64 very closely” but confirmed that virus protection on x64 was not yet available.

According to some users of Norton Internet Security 2005 under the newly released 64bit Windows XP Professional, they reveived error message saying “Symantec currently does not sell any consumer products that are certified to be compatible with 64-bit processors and operating systems.”.

The company said its Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.0 will eventually support Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions, but no timeline for full support was provided.

Whereas for McAfee, they have the same idea of 64-bit computing is not mature enough to justify a full anti-virus rollout yet.

Marc Solomon, senior product manager McAfee’s consumer strategy and market group, said the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is initially geared only towards developers, gamers and early adopter enthusiasts. “We’ll go to market as the business dictates. We don’t see consumer adoption for 64-bit operating systems starting very soon,” Solomon said in an interview.

McAfee also do not think the 64bit market will mature until Longhorn ships or a bit after. At that time, there will be more drivers and software targeted at the consumer segment. However, on the enterprise side, McAfee does offer limited support for 64-bit systems. Unfortunately full anti-virus support isn’t expected until 2006.


While 64bit is lacking of antivirus protection, fortunate enough we still atleast have 64-bit firewall for Windows. :)

Microsoft Servers Migrating To 64bit

Saturday 30 April 2005 @ 3:00 pm

While we are realizing the next computer world will be 64bit enabled soon, Microsoft is migrating many of its internal servers to the new 64bit version of Windows Server 2003.

“Our MSN search engine is actually built on several thousand systems running the x64 version of Windows,” Danny Beck, Microsoft Windows client senior product marketing manager said. In addition, “the entire site has been migrated, and we serve 30 million unique visitors every day.”

It’s to believe that 64bit system can definitely improve overall performance of their services. As Beck said, performance of the MSN Messenger servers has improved 10 times since they went 64bit. (But how come I always don’t receive email-received notification? :p )

However, some application like Outlook Express and Windows Media Player will not have 64bit version anytime soon. This is because some applications such as non-memory intensive applications, do not necessarily benefit customers by being 64bit native.

Furthermore, Microsoft’s Beck said most Microsoft applications such as the Office suite will not be available in 64-bit versions until the end of 2006, when the company’s next-generation operating system, Longhorn, is due for release.


64-bit Windows Launched !!

Tuesday 26 April 2005 @ 12:16 pm

64-bit Windows
As a 64-bit enabled user, I’m so glad finally home-use Windows OS has entered 64-bit computing !!

At WinHEC 2005, Microsoft announced it is finally ready to bring 64-bit computing to the mainstream and is shipping x64 editions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The 64-bit versions of Windows were released to manufacturing in late March and will now be available from PC vendors.

However these 2 64-bit OS will not be sold on retail shelves, it will be only as an option for manufacturers selling PCs like Dell and HP, with 64-bit processors from AMD and soon Intel.

64-bit OS will still run 32-bit application like what we all are using today. So, no worries about incompatibility. :) Microsoft expects 64-bit computers to make up a significant number of PCs that ship next year.

However, the current application market still lack of 64-bit applications, even Microsoft’s own 64-bit capable programming environment, Visual Studio 2005, is still in beta at the moment. Once all the programming compilers turn into 64-bit, I’m sure programming compiling will not take as long time as we are suffering now. :)


Here is a Review Of Windows XP Professional x64 edition by cNet.

Anyway, go 64, go !!

Go mobile with 64-bit Technology !!

Monday 18 April 2005 @ 1:28 pm

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) leaded the desktop processors to 64-bit technology last year and now they are going to lead the laptop processors industry to 64-bit with their new Turion64 mobile processor.

AMD Turion64 Mobile

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will take a headstart and a chance for the lead in the 64-bit mobile CPU market with its forthcoming Turion 64, as Intel will not launch its 64-bit mobile CPU until the second quarter of 2006……

In addition, Microsoft will release its Windows XP 64-bit edition this quarter (due in April) AMD Turion 64 should be the only standard to support the version before the availability of Intel’s 64-bit mobile CPU.


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