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64-bit Firewall For Windows

Thursday 7 April 2005 @ 3:43 pm

Another good news for all 64-bit enabled CPU users (especially AMD64 users :) ), Tiny Software, Inc. has released a 64-bit Firewall for Windows, though it is still in beta version.

Tiny Firewall 64 performs native 64-bit protection of the host operating system. All protection of Tiny Firewall 64 is performed at the driver level making all protection of Tiny Firewall 64 active at the boot time before the system processes start.

Tiny Firewall 64 is available in public beta with the final release expected by May 2005. Tiny Firewall 64 supports all 64-bit platforms including AMD64, Intel EMT64 and Itanium.

For more information, please read from their website.

You can download Tiny Firewall 64 here, as well.

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition RC2 Preview

Sunday 3 April 2005 @ 7:08 pm

To 64 bit system users,

Anyone of you thinking of upgrading to or “test-drive” Microsoft latest WinXP Professional 64bit system?

If, yes, then you might want to read this preview.

The conclusion is:

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is a rousing technological achievement, a near-perfect migration of Windows XP Professional to a 64-bit code base that doesn’t sacrifice performance for 64-bit capabilities. But while XP x64 is far more compatible with hardware and software than its Itanium-based predecessor, it is also not compatible enough to meet the needs of average users. Therefore, most XP users should stick with XP 32-bit through at least the end of 2005.

If you’re a technology enthusiast with the right hardware, however, XP x64 offers a chance to live on the edge in a way that hasn’t been possible for Windows users since the HCL-wielding days of NT 4. With XP x64, Microsoft has provided a superb technological base for the next several years, one that will likely become the mainstream computing platform during the Longhorn time frame. Like a faraway land full of treasure real or imagined in an age of explorers, XP x64 is there for the brave and foolhardy.

By Paul Thurrott

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