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USD$10,000 For An Electronics Magazine !

Monday 25 April 2005 @ 2:48 pm

April 11, 2005, Intel posted a search in eBay for a 1965 copy of Electronics Magazine that featured Intel co-founder Gordon Moore’s thoughts on how silicon technology would evolve. Whoever is willing to sell that magazine to Intel will be awarded USD$10,000.

The issue contained an article by Moore that described how the number of components on integrated circuits was doubling every year. The article became the foundation for Moore’s famed dictum, which has been a favorite maxim of the IT industry for decades. Electronics Magazine went out of business several years ago, though, and copies are scarce.

One day after Intel posting that offer on eBay, David Clark, an engineer in Surrey, England, quickly sent a photo of the well-preserved copy of that issue and response off to eBay. So as promised by Intel, Clark has reaped the chip giant’s $10,000 by selling the magazine to Intel.


Scrub XP

Sunday 24 April 2005 @ 8:08 pm

Tiring of deleting Internet Explorer (IE) History, Cookies and Temporary Files?

Here i recommend a software, which helps you to do the above mentioned tasks and the following tasks as well:-

  • Removes all files from TEMP directory
  • Removes Documents List from Start Menu
  • Empties Recycle Bin
  • Clears Autocomplete Entries and Turns it Off
  • Clears Recent File Lists for Run, Common Dialogs, Recent Documents, Search Assistant, Typed URLs, Paint, Find Computer, Printer Ports, Find Files, Media Player, Previous Tasks, and Real Player

Scrub XP is what you need.


Scrub XP
Operating System(s):Windows XP, Windows 2000

Thumbdrive With Flashlight

Friday 22 April 2005 @ 2:50 pm

FlashLiteWe have seen mobile phone with flashlight, but have you seen USB thumbdrive with flashlight?

ION Technologies came out a thumbdrive model built-in with a LED flashlight, named FlashLiteTM. Nowadays, thumbdrive is more like a key chain for some of us, so, it would be quite useful to have a LED light bulb on a thumbdrive. Who knows you might need that feature one day? :)


Free Opera 7.54 License

Thursday 21 April 2005 @ 7:12 pm

I know Opera 8.0 has already been released. It has some great new features as well.

Somehow, some of you might not like the advertisement to be displayed regardless Text Ad or Picture Ad on the toolbar of Opera 8.0. If you are still using Opera 7.54, here is a good news for you. You can get a free registration key for Opera 7.54, in order to remove the advertisement legally.

Here is how it works, please notice that this method only works with Opera 7.54.

1. Login to this address. (
2. Key in OJD000MN into the c’t Magazine code field.
3. Fill up the rest of the fields too. :)
4. An email will be sent to you shortly with the registration key.
5. In your Opera 7.54, go Help>Register Opera…>Key in the registration key into the Registration Code field.

You are done !!

Hope you enjoy the ad-free Opera 7.54.

I need to give credit to the source of this idea as well.

Intel Ships WiMax Chips

Tuesday 19 April 2005 @ 3:13 pm

Intel just announced they will begin shipping WiMax chipsets to major equipment manufacturers, including Siemens AG of Germany and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. of China, on 18 April , 2005. Products built on Intel WiMax chipset are expected to be launched by this autumn.

WiMax Chipset

For you information, WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and provides data links at distances of up to 30 miles at a maximum speed of 70mbps (megabits per second). WiMax is based on IEEE802.16-2004 standard and is designed to provide wireless broadband Internet access to end-users beyond Wi-Fi range and speed.

[Source 1]
[Source 2]

World’s Most Northerly Wi-Fi Hotspot

Tuesday 19 April 2005 @ 2:16 pm

Setting up a wireless LAN at the North Pole?
Yup, you are correct !

Two employees at Intel Russia recently erected what may have been the world’s most northerly Wi-Fi hotspot–just about 80 miles from the North Pole.


According to Intel, the air temperature of the surrounding is rarely above -30 Celsius. This environment is never an ideal one to computer devices. Besides, there is temparature difference between indoor and outdoor temparatures, in turn, causes condensation to form on the laptop. Furthurmore, batteries power dries up fast in low temperatures.

Intel also points to the experiment as an example of how mobile technology allows users to work anywhere, which I agree with no doubt. :)

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