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New Version Released : Firefox 1.0.4 & WordPress 1.5.1

Thursday 12 May 2005 @ 12:46 pm

Hey guys,

There are two important upgrade if you are using Firefox and WordPress.

Get Firefox!

The latest Firefox 1.0.4 is released just few days after two critical JavaScript flaws discovered. This new version will have the patch for the flaws found.

Whereas WordPress 1.5.1 is the latest version after WordPress has gone publish with their enhanced WordPress 1.5. This release has a ton of bug fixes, enhancements, and an important security fix found by Thomas Waldegger. For instruction to upgrade to WordPress 1.5.1, please refer to this link.

You can download them directly following the links below:-

Firefox 1.0.4

WordPress 1.5.1

First Warning To Firefox

Tuesday 10 May 2005 @ 2:50 pm

Recently, two dangerous unpatched Javascript flaws have been found. Furthermore, the unpatched extremely critical security holes and exploit code has already been circulating on the Internet, according to sources.

The exploit, discovered by Paul of Greyhats Security Group and Michael “mikx” Krax, makes use of two separate vulnerabilities. An attacker could create a malicious page using frames and a JavaScript history flaw to make software installations appear to be coming from a “trusted” site. By default, Firefox allows software installations from and, but users can add their own sites to this whitelist.

Mozilla Foundation confirmed that users may be vulnerable if they have added other sites to the whitelist. In other words, if you did not add in any site into the software installation whitelist, you are safe from this issue.

Anyway, firefox user can save yourself while waiting for the patch to be released by Mozilla Foundation, by switching off JavaScript in the meantime.

The following are steps to swich off JavaScript:-

1. Go to Tools, then click Options….
2. Select Web Features on the left panel.
3. Deselect the Enable JavaScript box.


Firefox Surpasses 50 Million Download Mark !!

Saturday 30 April 2005 @ 3:57 pm

Yeah !! Firefox has just surpassed the 50 million download mark recently !! <:-P Well, thanks to all your supports to Firefox !!

Go Firefox, go !!

I always believe people will always appreciate the thing if it is good, or better than the rest. :)

So, now who dares to say IE is enjoying more than 90% of the Web Browser share (like what the web developer said in my class)? said that since November, IE’s worldwide usage has fallen 1.62 percentage points to 87.3 percent market share. Firefox, meanwhile, increased by one percentage point to an 8.5 percent global market share.

Remeber, that is last November’s statistic. :)

If you still dare to say, please read this article, IE market share is going downward.

With its first full-fledged release last November, Firefox has shaken up a Web browser market that most analysts had deemed almost wholly mature. For the first time in years, the market share of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has begun inching downwards as Firefox adoption rises.


Really really glad to hear this fascinating news !! Go Firefox, go !!

Better Internet Explorer Soon !!

Wednesday 27 April 2005 @ 12:29 pm

Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 7.0, due for beta this summer, will include improved support for two key Web standards – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and PNG graphics.

I definitely think this is a great news for each and every Internet user because Internet Explorer (IE) is always the culprit for poor Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and PNG graphics support for the past few years. If you are using IE to view this blog, you’ll notice in the YaGoohoo!gle !! post, the picture background is gray in colour, whereas if you are using any other browser like Firefox and Opera, the background of that picture is actually transparent. This is due to the lack of support in PNG graphics by IE. Hope to see this problem sorted out when Microsoft launch the long-awaiting IE7.0 soon.

In a post to the MSDN IEBlog Web log on Friday, lead program manager Chris Wilson confirmed improvements to CSS and PNG support are on the way. “Our first and most important goal with our Cascading Style Sheet support is to remove the major inconsistencies so that Web developers have a consistent set of functionality on which they can rely,” he wrote.

PNG images will get alpha channel support, he said, allowing for transparent images and image overlays. “We’ve actually had this on our radar for a long time, and have had it supported in the code for a while now. We have certainly heard the clear feedback from the web design community that per-pixel alpha is a really important feature,” Wilson wrote.

As for the CSS support, Some developers were sceptical that IE would pass a CSS compliance test known as Acid2. I have just tested recent versions of browsers such as Firefox 1.0.3 and Opera 7.54, and they both failed the test.

Anyway, I cannot be bias to any browser in CSS support, though Firefox is always my first choice for time being.
Let’s hope this CSS compliant problem can be sorted out in all web browsers. :)


Scrub XP

Sunday 24 April 2005 @ 8:08 pm

Tiring of deleting Internet Explorer (IE) History, Cookies and Temporary Files?

Here i recommend a software, which helps you to do the above mentioned tasks and the following tasks as well:-

  • Removes all files from TEMP directory
  • Removes Documents List from Start Menu
  • Empties Recycle Bin
  • Clears Autocomplete Entries and Turns it Off
  • Clears Recent File Lists for Run, Common Dialogs, Recent Documents, Search Assistant, Typed URLs, Paint, Find Computer, Printer Ports, Find Files, Media Player, Previous Tasks, and Real Player

Scrub XP is what you need.


Scrub XP
Operating System(s):Windows XP, Windows 2000

Free Opera 7.54 License

Thursday 21 April 2005 @ 7:12 pm

I know Opera 8.0 has already been released. It has some great new features as well.

Somehow, some of you might not like the advertisement to be displayed regardless Text Ad or Picture Ad on the toolbar of Opera 8.0. If you are still using Opera 7.54, here is a good news for you. You can get a free registration key for Opera 7.54, in order to remove the advertisement legally.

Here is how it works, please notice that this method only works with Opera 7.54.

1. Login to this address. (
2. Key in OJD000MN into the c’t Magazine code field.
3. Fill up the rest of the fields too. :)
4. An email will be sent to you shortly with the registration key.
5. In your Opera 7.54, go Help>Register Opera…>Key in the registration key into the Registration Code field.

You are done !!

Hope you enjoy the ad-free Opera 7.54.

I need to give credit to the source of this idea as well.

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