Windows Really Good (RG) Edition

Wednesday 30 March 2005 @ 3:58 pm

Hey dude,

Have you ever used Windows Really Good (RG) Edition?

Here is a flash introduction.
You should check this out : Windows RG Edition Build 207

It reminds me of Windows 98. :D

Yet another “Don’t Use IE” article

Wednesday 30 March 2005 @ 1:58 pm

No IE !!Well, i hate to write my first article here in a negative way. I was left no choice but to share my views regarding Internet Explorer (IE).

Yesterday my friend told me that this blog was not accessable in his office. He scared me definitely because if no one can access this blog, what’s the point of me setting up my blog. Soon he figured out his IE was crached due to unknown reason (hope it was not because of my blog B-) ). Everytime before i make my post public I tested my blog using 3 web browsers, which are Firefox, Opera & IE. In other words, i’ll make sure every one is able to view this blog perfectly regardless of your web browser.

I always encourage my friends, relatives, colleagues, teammates, classmates, etc etc to use other browsers instead of IE. I’m already fed up of listing all the bad points of using IE, so i’ll not touch it here indepth. Instead i’ll tell you some major drawbacks of using IE.

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Yet another “Don’t Use IE” article

Wh*ck Your Boss !!

Tuesday 29 March 2005 @ 2:23 pm

Tired of listening to the moan of your boss?
Have you ever thought of killing your boss? :D

Find out the 11 ways of wh*cking your boss !! Hahahha ……

Well, don’t say i did not warn you, some of the ways are quite violent, so, under 18 is not advisable to wh*ck you boss. (I do not intend to be sarcastic, because who knows under 18 already have bosses. :D )

Go Wh*ck Your Boss !!

46 Top Freeware Utilitise

Tuesday 29 March 2005 @ 2:00 pm

Okay, here is the links to 46 useful freeware utilitise software you might need in you daily life dealing with computer. I’ve not used all of them in the above link but would really like to recommend you some that i’m using, like:-

    The Best Free Web Browser: Firefox
    This is by far the best browser i’ve used. I gave up using IE 3 years ago when i first met Firefox. You should try it out and i’m sure you’ll love its TAB feature which you can’t find in the original IE. This freeware is highly recommended by me.

    Best Firewall: Zone Alarm
    I wonder why this product is not in the list of 46 best freeware utilitise. I found Zone Alarm reliable and does what it should do all the time. This software is the first i’ll install right after a fresh reinstall of my Windows, even before any antivirus/patches is installed. This because intruders is more dangerous than some viruses, IMHO.

    Best Free Anti-Virus Software: AVG
    Well, for those who has not have a free antivirus in your PC, go get AVG for free. It’s a good alternative to expensive antivirus like Norton Antivirus, etc.

    Best Free Adware/Spyware Remover: AdAware
    Adaware helps you to get rid of spyware and adware from your PC. One feature i like about AdAware is it allows you to scan a particular folder or location. However, i have not tried Microsoft’s Antispyware simply because it is still in Beta phase, it’s no doubt i’ll give it a try when a more stable version is launched.

    Best Free Email Client: Thunderbird
    I’ve been using it since 1 year ago and I’m lovin’ it. If you are only a Outlook Express user, I highly recommend this freeware to you as its better than Outlook Express in term of feature-wise. It has built-in spam filtering and RSS Feed Subcriptions. (Don’t know what is RSS? No worries, you can click here or here for detailed information. By the way, this website is RSS validated and you can subscribe to WiseWit RSS Feed as well.)

    The Best Free FTP Client: FileZilla
    If you need to use FTP software frequently, you won’t go wrong with this freeware.

    Best Free Rename Utility: Lupas Rename 2000
    To those who likes to change your file extensions (for whatever purpose it is, :p ), now no more
    rename *.* *.abc :D

    Best Free Windows Driver Backup: WinRet
    Tired of keeping backup of your Windows drivers? or fed up when you can’t find a suitable driver for yur hardware after a fresh reinstallation of your Windows? This freeware is definitely the one you want to own. Furthermore it backups more than drivers, including system registry, etc.

I always want to thank those freeware developers for making us awesome free-of-charge yet useful applications. Here, i would like to thank them again for their good contribution to all of us.

Thank You So Much !!

I hope you all enjoy those software as well. :)

Yo, everybody !!

Sunday 20 March 2005 @ 1:31 pm

Hey dude,

Here is my first draft blog ever written.

Any idea for me to start my official first blogging article?

HmMmm….. Let me try some chinese characters:


Ok, try some IM emoticon plugin:

:D =))

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