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Intel New Chipset – 945X

Saturday 21 May 2005 @ 9:35 pm

Intel is expected to officially release its Intel 945X Express chip set and dual-core Pentium D chips on Thursday, May 26, 2005.

Intel, which often uses its annual desktop chip set launches to add new features to desktop PCs. This time they have added to the 945X a higher-performance built-in graphics processor, along with support for faster memory and a higher-bandwidth Serial ATA hookup for hard drives.

The chip set, which follows 2004’s Intel 915 Express—a product the company said was one of its most important in years—will become the backbone for a new generation of midrange and high-end PCs for corporations as well as consumers.

All 945X chip sets will offer dual-channel support for DDR2-667, a newer version of the DDR2 RAM and a 3G bit-per-second Serial ATA connection for up to four hard drives. Today’s 915 Express chip-set PCs offer DDR2-533 RAM and use a 1.5G bit Serial ATA connection.

The 945X chip set also adds support for up to six PCI-Express slots for add-in cards, a 1,066MHz front side bus, and two additional versions of the RAID standard. The addition of RAID 5 and RAID 10 will allow desktops to use as many four hard drives, versus the two-drive setups offered now.

I suppose the launch of this new chip set will certainly help Intel to capture more market share. :)


Xphone IIm From O2

Saturday 21 May 2005 @ 4:19 am

Xphone IIm
O2 today launches the new Xphone IIm, a converged device that incorporates business tools and entertainment features into a Smartphone form factor.

With the latest Windows Media Player 10 built into the O2 Xphone IIm, you can quickly and easily access music and video files stored inside the device with a single touch of the dedicated soft keys located strategically below the 2.2-inch TFT-LCD screen. A dedicated Internet Explorer hotkey further provides convenient, direct access to the Internet.

Xphone IIm offers as wireless modem, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity. However, it is still running on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone edition operating system, instead of the soon-to-be-launched Windows Mobile 5.0.

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Customize Google Homepage

Friday 20 May 2005 @ 10:53 am

Hey guys,

We can now customize Google homepage to look something similar to Yahoo homepage. :)


You can add the following items into the homepage:-

  • Gmail
  • Stock Market
  • New York Times
  • BBC News
  • Google News
  • Weather
  • Wired News
  • Slashdot
  • Movies
  • Driving Directions :-?
  • Quote of the Day
  • Word of the Day

By the way, first of all, you need a GMail account. If you still do not have one, feel free to email me. I’ll send one to you right away, free of charge. :)


WordPress Available

Friday 20 May 2005 @ 10:13 am

Just after 10 days of new WordPress 1.5.1 been released, here comes WordPress


Improvements including the following:-

[General] RSS feed problem
[Optimization] ‘publish’ and ‘editpost’ have different flow in wp-admin/post.php
[General] quicktag “ins” and “del” format datetime attribute incorrectly
[Template] SQL Error with list_cats
[Administration] Broken page navigation links
[Administration] “nextpage” navigation on permalinks with no trailing slash fails
[Optimization] Feeds return 304 when no new posts have been made
[Administration] Call to undefined function: get_bloginfo function

You all can freely download it here.
As well as, take a look of more than 170 bugs been fixed since WordPress 1.5.1.

Guide to upgrade is over here.

Enjoy. :)

Doctor Robot

Friday 20 May 2005 @ 1:32 am

Robot Doctor
A London hospital is to set robots to inspect the patient on the wards, it was announced yesterday.

The robot doctor will tour the wards of St Mary’s Hospital, London, in a pilot project.

The aim of the project is not to confine doctors at St Mary’s to their offices but to enable specialists from far a field to examine patients.

During the pilot project, researchers will assess patient reaction to the robots and also the skills needed by doctors to use them effectively.

“Our robots certainly would never replace all doctors on ward rounds, but they are a communication tool which allows a doctor to have direct contact with their patient if they are unable to get to them.”


VoIP On Nokia Phones

Friday 20 May 2005 @ 12:22 am

SCN Ltd., A United Kingdom-based company, announced Tuesday that they have developed a software solution that enables Nokia Series 60 cell phones to provide VoIP service using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology.

SCN launched its TruPhone Beta version for use with Nokia Series 60 Bluetooth-enabled cell phones. However, Wi-Fi compatibled version will come later.

“You won’t need a special phone or any special equipment,” said Gavin Miller, SCN’s press officer. “All you need is the software.”

SCN uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access points that are routed over IP via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Companies with a large number of employees can establish their own server-based SCN Web telephoning system in an approach that can keep a lid on the number of employees using expensive cellular systems.

So, with this software, people will surely make use of the VoIP feature to avoid paying expensive calls. :)


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