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A Comprehensive Line of iPod nano Accessories

Monday 10 October 2005 @ 11:51 pm

Well, after viewing the official accessories page of Apple’s iPod nano on, I did a search on Google for iPod nano accessories. Then I found one of the most comprehensive line of iPod nano accessories is on XtremeMac.

FS1 High Definition Earphone

In addition to the existing line of official accessories, XtremeMac has 3 major categories, which are :-

  • iPod nano cases – Where you can find arm bands and durable cases.
  • iPod nano charges – Where you can find charges for use in vehicles
  • iPod nano audio products – Where you find nicely designed audio system for iPod nano

Quite a number of iPod nano users complained that the sleek casing of iPod nano is too easily to get scratch, so I think the stylish casing offered by XtremeMac will have a niche market to penetrate. One thing surprised me is that Apple is not selling any car charger from iPod nano on the official accessories page, but no worries, XtremeMac has a total of 3 car charges for you to choose from.
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A Comprehensive Line of iPod nano Accessories

Antivirus On Nokia Series 60 Smart Phones

Sunday 9 October 2005 @ 11:02 pm

We have heard lots of viruses and worms infecting mobile phones nowadays, some even pretend to be antivirus software installed in the mobile phone. Before the situation getting worse, Nokia has come out with a proactive solution which is to install Symantec’s Mobile Security software on its Series 60 and Symbian based phones.

In fact, Nokia and Symantec have come to an agreement to pre-install Mobile Security on Series 60 smart phones.

Mobile Security provide anti-virus protection by closing vulnerable ports. The software’s AutoProtect feature runs a continuing scan that looks for malicious code, and also acts as a firewall. The software can be updated over the wireless network.

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Antivirus On Nokia Series 60 Smart Phones

Google Reader – A Place To Read Feeds

Saturday 8 October 2005 @ 6:56 pm

Google Reader
Well, usually I will avoid writing the same news others have already posted, but this is too big as a news for all bloggers and blog readers as well. Even if I write about the same news, I will try to get as much extra information or links to add some value to my post.

Google Reader

Anyway, Google has just launched its latest service, Google Reader. I lost count how many new services has Google launched in this year. Basically, Google Reader is like a one-stop online feed reader, which allows you to subscribe to any website with any form of feeds (RSS or Atom) then read them online.

I ain’t going to write a review of Google Reader, instead just to give you some idea what are the basic features. Other than subscribing to the feeds that you have known from the website that you visit often, you can search and subscribe to new feeds too. For example, as shown in the following figure, say you want to subscribe to feeds regarding mobile phone, the search will give a list of famous websites’ feeds.
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Google Reader – A Place To Read Feeds

Flash Memory Will Rule, Says Samsung CEO

Saturday 8 October 2005 @ 9:06 am

As we have seen in the post of a Super Laptop, there is a possibility of having 1TB (Terabytes) (1,000GB) of memory and 2TB of storage space for a Laptop. Hence, you probably wont feel surprise when Dr Hwang Chang Gyu, the CEO of Samsung, one of the world’s largest flash memory manufacturer, suggested that laptop hard drives will be replaced by solid-state Flash memory in near future.

In fact, Samsung has just developed an incredible 16GB NAND chip using 50nm (Nanometre) technology. Seeing this technology breakthrough, Dr Hwang continued to suggest that NAND flash technology development continues to double density growth on an average of every 12 months. Hence hopefully by late 2006/07, we will see laptop memory with 32GB of NAND memory, based on nineteen of 16GB flash chips.
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Flash Memory Will Rule, Says Samsung CEO

AMD Subpoenas More Intel Customers

Friday 7 October 2005 @ 7:14 pm

After more than 3 months, we might have already forgotten about the antitrust lawsuit filed by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) against Intel. Anyway, there is something new going on.

We have seen a few companies have been subpoenaed 3 months back. This week, AMD served subpoenas on a few more Intel customers to help in the investigation. AMD clarified that they are not going to sue any of these subpoenaed companies and see those third party companies as victims of Intel’s misconduct.
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AMD Subpoenas More Intel Customers

I Am Going Botak (Bald), Very Soon !

Friday 7 October 2005 @ 4:42 pm

Well, no kidding this time. Within seconds Peter asked me during one of our MSN conversations few days back, I agreed to shave my head along with him and Jason to raise some money for the Penang Hospice-At-Home-Programme. As Peter has mentioned, this campaign is called “Hair For Hospice”.

I knew Peter in the first Penang bloggers gathering I attended in August, 2005. Since then, we have been chatting via MSN quite frequently. I have to admit, within such a short period, he has become one of my close buddies not only on the virtual Internet, but in real life too. Who says we can’t get real friends on the Net, huh?


Gonna miss my hair.

Before I get shaved, just sharing a pic of mine. Can’t really imagine how will I look like. Anyway, compared to Peter’s 42-months worth of uncut hair, my cut-it-every-month-or-so hair doesn’t seem to be a big problem to shave it off. I used to change my hair style every now and then in the past 10 years from flat-top (during Form 2) to samurai look (2 years ago, while The Last Samurai was showing :P ). However, I have not tried to shave my head in my life, so I guess this is the right moment to do it, and for a good cause.

Going bald was not a hard decision, though it sure leaves some side effects to my daily life. I am not a rich guy, but I still have some hair on my head and the guts to shave it. So, why not go for it.
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I Am Going Botak (Bald), Very Soon !

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