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Friday 15 April 2005 @ 12:56 pm

Hi everyone,

I’m so glad finally i got my own domain name,
I bought it just because I hope I can own something that really belongs to me (unless there is another blogger named “sapiensbryan” :D ).

Before I used as my blog’s domain name, was the domain for my blog. I felt it’s better to use my original nick as the domain name for the sake of easy to remember, though “sapiensbryan” is a bit longer. :p

As you can notice, when you type into your web browser address bar and hit Enter, you will be directed to I will still remain this redirection for 1 month, just in case some readers do not know about this Site Update. is my one and only blog, you can safely forget about because this domain name will not be used after 1 month.

So, please bookmark by pressing “CTRL + D” while you are browsing the main page.

From now onwards, remember only :)

Asia’s Braodband Services Hit By Outages

Friday 8 April 2005 @ 11:48 am

It is reported the Asia Pacific Cable Network-2 (APCN-2) is suffering cable failure since April 7, 2005. This cable failure was happened in East Asia.

Source from The Star newspaper
Source from TMNet Streamyx

Until the moment I write this Site News, the service is still interrupted. However, only Asia readers from certain countries like Malaysia, Singapore, etc will have difficulties accessing my blog because the server of this website is residing in the US. Readers from outside Asia regions will have no problem at all browsing it. :)

One thing that makes me wonder is, from MSC (Multimedia Super Corridoor) website, MSC claimed

Malaysia is connected to the major submarine cable systems such as SMW3, APCN, APCN2, FLAG, SAFE and several smaller regional systems. These cable systems land in 4 different locations throughout Malaysia.

by MSC Malaysia

Now only one submarine cable (APCN2) is hit by outages, has made Malaysia’s broadband crawling since April 7, 2005.

Due to this sad incident, i’m having difficulties accessing to major websites residing outside Malaysia, hence, paralyzed me from writing any article here. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. :) I’ll think of other solutions if the problem is not solved by today or tomorrow.

Yo, everybody !!

Sunday 20 March 2005 @ 1:31 pm

Hey dude,

Here is my first draft blog ever written.

Any idea for me to start my official first blogging article?

HmMmm….. Let me try some chinese characters:


Ok, try some IM emoticon plugin:

:D =))

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