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HP Drops iPod

Monday 1 August 2005 @ 5:28 pm

Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced on Monday, Aug 1, 2005, HP has decided to stop shipping HP branded iPod media players, which they started selling HP branded iPods in August 2004. Anyway, all warranties on iPods sold previously will still be honoured. HP plans to keep selling the music players until its current stock is depleted, which is expected to be around late September 2005.

“We have decided that selling the iPod does not fit within our current digital entertainment strategy,” HP consumer technology spokesman Ross Camp said.

However, Ross Camp declined to provide further explanation about the reasons for the contract cancellation. Besides, he denied this move will affect HP’s overall entertainment strategy as well. On the other hand, this contract cancellation will result a decline up to 5% of overall iPod sales according to data from Apple.
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HP Drops iPod

Weekly Highlights [July 25, 2005 – July 31, 2005]

Monday 1 August 2005 @ 2:46 pm

It’s another weekly highlights to sum up all the articles I wrote for past whole week. Last week was the week of processors and Windows operating system, I didn’t even notice I wrote 10 articles regarding either one of them.

Anyway, it seems to me time flies in July. It’s another new month now, with new objectives and new tasks to be completed. Let’s move forward.

Last Monday, I posted an interesting real IQ test, which I managed to score 116, out of the impossible 140. :D The test is based on logic, but is furthermore designed to test learning capability, memory, innovative thinking and the ability to simultaneously address several problems. If you are a computer programmer, I think trying this IQ test is a must, as it tests on your logical thinking. :)

I shared a helpful article from ZDNet about a detailed comparison of a total of 10 AMD and Intel laptops available on the market. All laptops were tested on its performance, battery life and peak spot temperature. Other than this, I found a snap shots from MSN Virtual Earth doesn’t show Apple’s Cupertino HQ.

A good news to AMD supports as AMD’s server share surpassed 10% mark of total market share. Good news to Korean too as Pantech launched Korea’s first smartphone, PH-S8000T, which runs Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition on an Intel Bulverde 400Mhz Processor. Meanwhile, bad news to pirated Windows users as Microsoft Corp. released the Windows® Genuine Advantage (WGA) pilot, which will require Windows users to validate their copies of Windows before being allowed to download updates !!

Breaking news from Microsoft announcing the next Windows will not be named Longhorn as planned, instead Windows Vista will be the real name. Besides, Intel Corp. has added three new mobile chips into the family quietly without announcing any statements on the news.

A news about breakthrough technology in microprocessors from Intel announced plans to begin production of their microprocessors built on 45nm process technology in the second half of 2007. Then we took a glance on a few screen shots of the next version of Windows – Windows Vista. Just 2 days ago, we knew Windows users will be forced to validate the copies of Windows before being allowed to download updates. Today, a trick to bypass the WGA validation was released. In fact, just a single code will do the trick. :)

Today, I posted official details Of Windows Vista from Microsoft website. The article shows the improvement on the Windows’ fundamentals such as security, deployment, manageability and performance.

Mozilla Foundation has released a technology preview of a mobile device browser, codenamed Mimimo, that uses the same code base as the popular desktop Firefox browser.

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