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I Got Fan Sign Too. :-)

Thursday 25 August 2005 @ 5:44 pm

Pretty Penny has done me a nice fan sign. Truly appreciate it. :)

My Fan Sign

The return is something not really fair as she requested a body fan sign from me. :p I have to fulfill this special request because I have seen her special fan sign before. :D

Anyway, if anyone of you would like to create a fan sign for me, it is most welcome. I will create the same fan sign back for you as well. :)

Google Talk Launched !!

Wednesday 24 August 2005 @ 4:01 pm

Google Talk
Ok guys, here is another Instant Messenger (IM) launched in the past 2 weeks. First, we saw Yahoo IM 7.0 2 weeks ago, then the launch of MSN Messenger 7.5 in the previous post, now Google Talk Beta !!

Since the launch of Google Gmail, I started hoping Google release it own IM like Yahoo and MSN do, with email notification. Too many IM So, right after I heard about Google Talk is finally launched, immediately I downloaded and installed it. But then I found that I have too many IM in my PC, since when I on my PC for the sake of chatting? :p

Anyway, Google Talk does not have too many features to play with. The major features are instant messaging, making voice call, sending email and email notification. Don’t worry if you already have Google Official Gmail Notifier installed, the installation process will help you to uninstall it. There is NO smiley or emoticon and the interface is plain and simple, I think this is due to it’s only in Beta testing phase.

Let’s get started with Google Talk now. :)

Latest MSN Messenger 7.5 Released

Wednesday 24 August 2005 @ 6:23 am

Just 2 weeks ago, Yahoo launched their latest Instant Messenger (IM), Yahoo IM 7.0. Today, Microsoft released its new MSN Messenger, MSN Messenger 7.5, to stay in competition.

MSN Voice Clip

I’ve just downloaded and installed it, nothing much different except with some slight enhancement. Among the new features, I saw the Voice Clip, which allows us to send voice clip right through MSN. Of course, you’ll need a microphone to record your voice, and the recipient will need to have either speaker or headphone to listen to it. Sending voice clip is totally FREE.
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Latest MSN Messenger 7.5 Released

Weekly Highlights [Aug 15, 2005 – Aug 21, 2005]

Tuesday 23 August 2005 @ 3:11 am

Quite a busy week last week, couldn’t really blog a lot on the latest stuffs, my apologies to you guys. Somehow, I still manage to attend Penang Blogger’s Gathering on Sunday, August 21, 2005, at Coffee Bean, Gurney Plaza. Almost everybody attended was blogging about it, and I think I’ll be the last to talk about it in the coming days. Sigh… Too many tasks to finish, too little time. Anyway, it was really a good experience meeting up other bloggers and I enjoyed it a lot.

Here goes the summary of what actually wrote last week.

I started off the busy week, with an upgrade of my blog to WordPress 1.5.2, mainly due to a critical flaw found if PHP Directive of register_globals is turned ON. I did a workaround to remedy the flaw before upgrading, by putting in some commands in to the .htaccess file. For me, whenever a new version of script or software, it is always advisable to upgrade for security purposes and for the enhancement the new version got, so I did the upgrade.

A source announced that Microsoft is planning a worldwide public BETA for MSN Messenger 7.5, the next version of MSN Messenger to stay in competition to the latest versionYahoo Messenger 7. Before the next version of Internet Explorer (IE) is launched, Microsoft IE Blog revealed the new logo of IE.

Wednesday, a subsidiary of, launched Maps Beta, a service that shows users an interactive map with street-level images, as a respond to two other mapping services, Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth. On the same day, there was a security alert to users of Windows 2000 and some early versions of Microsoft XP as a new worm has been found, which will shut down the specific OS once infected.

I found an article talking about a Guinness World Record set by a group of 1073 people playing Counter-Strike 1.1 simultaneously in a LAN party in 2004 !!

On Friday, I tried out an interesting piece of software, and shared the experience in using a software called OriMado, which allows you to fold the window in Windows OS by moving the mouse in certain directions.

A source revealed that the entire city of San Francisco of the United State will become a wide scale WiFi zone for free or at least at minimal charges. So, everyone might be able to connect to the Internet from any corner in San Francisco.

Security Flaw In Google, MSN, Flickr And So On

Monday 22 August 2005 @ 12:40 pm

Security flaw found in numerous famous applications from big companies, such as Google, MSN, etc. Applications that affected are namely Google Maps, Gmail, AOL’s AIM Mail, Flikr and MSN Virtual Earth and so on.

This security flaw was actually found in a toolkit for developing those affected applications. The toolkit is called CPAINT, which is used to create applications using AJAX, which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is is an approach to putting more dynamic interactivity into Web applications using a combination of HTML, CSS, Document Object Model, JavaScript, and XMLHttpRequest.

The CPAINT flaw could allow an attacker to execute malicious code on a server running CPAINT, or running an application built using CPAINT

The AJAX approach has been adopted by a number of Web developers, the best known of them being Google, whose Google Maps, Google Suggest, Gmail and other applications use AJAX, although Google has since stated that Gmail is not affected. Other high-profile AJAX-based services include Microsoft’s MSN Virtual Earth, Yahoo’s Flickr and AOL’s AIM Mail. Many lesser-known services have also adopted AJAX, such as Swiss mapping service and invoicing program Blinksale.

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Security Flaw In Google, MSN, Flickr And So On

What? Intel Pentium D Is Actually Two Pentium 4 !!

Monday 22 August 2005 @ 4:11 am

Ok guys, this is definitely a stunning news for anyone using Intel Pentium D processor (actually it is as stunning for everyone else :p ) !!

Intel Corp. recently revealed that its Intel Pentium D processor is actually 2 Intel Pentium 4 cores on the same package !! This announcement was made by Jonathan Douglas, a principal engineer in Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group (responsible for making chips for office desktops and servers) at the conference at Stanford University.

“Intel was unable to design a new memory bus in time for the dual-core chip, so it kept the same bus structure that older Pentium 4 chips used”

“We’re putting two cores in one package; it’s like trying to fit into the pair of pants you saved from college” =))

In fact, Pentium D’s bus could support two separate single-core processors, but it was far less efficient than either the dual-independent buses that will appear on the Paxville processors (Intel forthcoming server chip) or the integrated memory controller used on AMD‘s chips (a true Direct Connect Architecture !!).
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What? Intel Pentium D Is Actually Two Pentium 4 !!

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