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Waterproof Optical Mouse

Thursday 11 August 2005 @ 2:08 pm

Waterproof keyboard is no longer a new computer peripheral, but what about waterproof mouse? :D

Computer peripheral maker, IKEY, has introduced its AquaPointâ„¢ optical, waterproof mouse, which is named DT-OM. The special feature it has to be a industry standard waterproof mouse is the NEMA 4X AquaPointâ„¢.

NEMA 4X AquaPointâ„¢ features a sealed, industrial silicone overlay and robust polycarbonate frame. Its reliable, optical technology allows it to function on most any surface, while its smooth-surface buttons make the unit easy to clean.

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Waterproof Optical Mouse

Put Latest IT News Into Your Website

Thursday 11 August 2005 @ 1:49 am

My News Feeds
I’ve just come across something really cool via Liew’s website. It’s a free service provided by NEWSiness, which generate RSS feeds into JavaScript, so that you are able to integrate it into webpages. In fact, I’ve seen this in some of the websites integrating news RSS feeds on their side columns (like what you see in the pic). Finally, I’ve got mine.

If you would like to display latest IT news from my blog into your blog/website, feel free to cut & paste the following codes onto your sidebar. :)

Powered by:[/js]

As in the code, it will only display 3 latest news. If you would like more news, lets say 5, to be displayed, just alter the number 3 in the code, to 5. This way, you’ll see 5 latest news been shown.

Thanks in advance !! :)

p/s : As suggested by ShaolinTiger, I’ll try to code it using PHP instead of JavaScript from third party. Stay tuned.

TV Show Made For Mobile Phone

Wednesday 10 August 2005 @ 12:08 am

As a fan of mobile phone technology, I am grateful to see the launch of innovative mobile services. The announcement of launching TV show specially made for mobile phone is definitely a good news to me. This TV show will be a total of 25-minutes series, comprising five 5-minutes episodes.

Basically, the story line is about 2 motorcycle racers are competing each other to woo for the same woman. The show is named “Appointment“. :)

“Appointment” is just one early example of what’s being pegged as the next boom in mobile entertainment after music, though some industry observers have doubts about whether users will pay very much to watch TV on a phone’s tiny screen.

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TV Show Made For Mobile Phone

Not Really The First Virus For Windows Vista

Tuesday 9 August 2005 @ 11:00 am

Thanks to FeiCiPet for reminding me the first virus for Windows Vista is not actually the first. :p

Why do I say so? It’s actually the new command shell, codenamed Monad, which got exploited by the virus writer will not be part of the next Windows Vista release, Microsoft announced it last Friday, Aug 5, 2005.

“Monad will not be included in the final version of Windows Vista. So these potential viruses do not affect Windows Vista.” Said Stephen Toulouse, a program manager in Microsoft’s security group.

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Not Really The First Virus For Windows Vista

Mozilla Foundation Turns Corporation

Tuesday 9 August 2005 @ 12:33 am

Mozilla Foundation, the maker of Firefox web browser, will become Mozilla Corporation in the announcement on last Wednesday, August 3, 2005. In other words, it will be a wholly-owned subsidiary that will continue the development, distribution and marketing of Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Don’t worry, dude. Mozilla Foundation ensures you there will not be any big difference after this transformation.

The change will not affect the day-to-day development of Mozilla, with the current system of module owners, drivers, reviewers and super-reviewers staying in place. End-users are unlikely to notice any difference either, though the Mozilla Foundation and the Mozilla Corporation will eventually have separate websites. At the moment, only Firefox and Thunderbird will be developed under the auspices of the Mozilla Corporation; other projects, such as Camino and SeaMonkey, will continue to be overseen by the Mozilla Foundation.

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Mozilla Foundation Turns Corporation Rocked In NASDAQ

Monday 8 August 2005 @ 3:10 pm
Chinese search engine has made a big impact on the US stock market, by surging a spectacular 354%, on the open day.

By an hour after it made its arrival on the Nasdaq, at midday, the share, traded as a certificate of deposit, the certificate ended its first session at 122.54 dollars, almost five times its 27-dollar starting quote.

Oh my GOD, why I didn’t know about this before it went public? #-o Otherwise I’ll be 5 times richer now !! Anyway, it’ no wonder people call Daidu as the Chinese Google.

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